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MCU fans split on the prospect of seeing more from the 838 timeline

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Thanks to the earth-shattering revelation made in the Ms. Marvel finale, Kevin Feige’s complete and utter lack of interest in the Inhuman race has become ever clearer, with the intergalactic oddities one step closer to being completely eradicated from Marvel Cinematic Universe canon and continuity.

That being said, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness did at least confirm that the cosmic cabal of superpowered beings exist in the alternate 838 timeline, with fans suddenly demanding justice for Anson Mount’s Black Bolt after he previously held the distinction of headlining the worst-reviewed project of the entire Marvel Studios era.

Rampant rumors continue to speculate that John Krasinski won’t be returning for the Fantastic Four reboot and X-Men casting news is imminent, which would put the 838 Illuminati in a curious position. Over on Reddit, one fan put forth the prospect of seeing standalone adventures set in the world taking place concurrent to the MCU, but the reaction was less than unanimously positive.

For one thing, it would be incredibly confusing to have two versions of Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, and Captain Marvel running around at the same time, not to mention completely unnecessary. 838 has been introduced and established within the context of the multiverse, so there’s no reason why future film and/or TV projects couldn’t return for a brief visit, but those Phase Four criticisms would hardly quieten down were Feige to focus attention on an entirely separate set of MCU adventures outside of the 616 universe that’s been our storytelling bread and butter since the summer of 2008.

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