MCU theory suggesting Tony Stark created mutants gets shot down in flames

iron man endgame
Image via Marvel Studios

The shadow of Tony Stark may continue to loom large over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but given that he’s been dead for over three years both in real time and in-universe, not every major storytelling decision has to tie back to the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist anymore.

You could rightfully join only a couple of dots to get from anything that happened in the Infinity Saga to the erstwhile Iron Man, but now that we’re living in the age of the multiverse, the possibilities are almost endless. With than in mind, one enterprising MCU fan suggested that the culmination of Avengers: Endgame saw Tony will mutants into existence, only for fellow Redditors to shoot it down in a ball of nonsensical flames.

It should be noted that the Infinity Stones do not possess the same properties as a genie’s magic lamp, and bringing back the 50 percent of living creatures who were dusted in the Snap is all you get for sacrificing your life for the greater good. Trying to find a reasonable way of justifying Tony’s last act accidentally bringing the X-gene into the 616 universe, which then ties directly into the big reveal of Ms. Marvel, is a stretch to put it lightly.

The comments don’t exactly hold back either, with the theory holding very little water when placed under even the tiniest bit of scrutiny, while it would also do away with any and all backstories for every single key X-Men character were their origins to be explained away as “hell if I know, I woke up like this”.