Michael B. Jordan Reportedly WB’s Top Choice For DCEU’s Green Lantern


As one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular characters since making his debut in 1940, it must be a real source of frustration for Warner Bros. that when most people think of Green Lantern, their mind immediately turns to 2011’s major box office bomb, with star Ryan Reynolds making sure that the movie has remained the butt of many jokes for the last few years.

Of course, a reboot was first announced in 2014, but Green Lantern Corps never made it any further than that. There’s an HBO Max series in development, but the plan is still to reportedly introduce another member of the intergalactic law enforcement agency onto the big screen via the DCEU. Recent rumors have claimed that Hal Jordan will be HBO Max’s Green Lantern and John Stewart will fill the role in the movies, while there’s also speculation that Zack Snyder wants Ryan Reynolds to shoot some new footage for his reassembled version of Justice League.

Right now, then, things still seem to be a bit up in the air for the property, but the latest report comes from tipster Mikey Sutton, who says that Michael B. Jordan is the studio’s top choice to lead Green Lantern Corps as the aforementioned Stewart. Of course, any big name franchise would love to hire an actor of his caliber, and while there was talk that he’d previously met with WB to discuss Superman, he’d be a solid choice to play the ring-bearer if he was interested in getting back into the superhero business.

In any case, whether it’s him or someone else in the role, there’s almost unlimited potential for a new Green Lantern movie if it manages to avoid the many mistakes made by the previous version. And with the DCEU in the midst of a creative resurgence and an expansion onto HBO Max, a new take on the famous hero will no doubt be near the top of WB’s list of priorities.