Michael Kills A Dog In New Halloween Deleted Scene


As you’re probably well aware of by now, Michael Myers from the Halloween movies is capable of some pretty terrible things, but while the man has been known to stick a knife into many an unsuspecting human, this deleted scene from David Gordon Green’s recent film serves as a sad reminder that even household pets aren’t safe from his rampage.

The video starts off with the young Allyson Nelson going on a jog, while John Carpenter’s ominous score plays in the background. Her run is brought to a halt, however, when she notices a dog hanging from a neighborhood tree. After taking in this distressing sight, Andi Matichak’s character jogs on, looking visibly disturbed, while Michael looms in the distance.

Green hinted at this scene in an interview with Collider last year, explaining that he felt the sequence was interesting in its own right, but didn’t really fit into the film as a whole.

“We had a few scenes that were cool in their own right, but just didn’t work with the pacing of the movie. And so his first presence, even before his first human kill in the first cut of the movie, which was way too long and had pacing problems – we had to try to massage and figure that out – it was actually a pretty interesting scene of Allison on a jog and sees this dog hung upside down in a tree.”

Though the moment was ultimately cut, Michael has been a noted dog-killer ever since his first big screen outing in the 1978 Halloween, which featured a scene where Myers chokes a local canine named Lester to death.

In any case, the dog-hanging sequence will be one of several deleted scenes available on the home release of Green’s Halloween. Among this unused footage, you’ll also find an excerpt that confirms the fate of Allyson’s boyfriend Cameron, as well as a scene that pays tribute to the famous shower sequence in Psycho. You can find all these bonus clips and more when the film comes to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 15th.