Milla Jovovich Says She’d Love To Return To The Resident Evil Franchise


Resident Evil makes its return to theaters in 2021, but not at all as you know it. Director Paul W.S. Anderson, who adapted Capcom’s beloved survival horror IP into six feature-length films released over the span of more than a decade, officially wrapped his involvement with the franchise in 2016 with The Final Chapter, bringing Alice’s crusade against the Umbrella Corporation to an end. While her husband might consider his time with zombies, apocalypses and evil pharmaceutical companies concluded, however, Jovovich is of a different mind entirely.

Speaking with in a recent interview to promote her new effort Monster Hunter, the actress revealed that she first got involved with Anderson’s original film because she was “such a big fan of the game.” Eager to pronounce her adoration of the series, she continues to say:

“I would always love to go back to the Resident Evil universe. I think it’s such a fun place to be in, and it’s such a great reality. I would love to be a part of it again.”

Resident Evil

Whether such a reunion will ever come to pass is anyone’s guess, of course, though at the very least, Jovovich would have little choice but to play an altogether different character if she did indeed return, what with next year’s reboot said to follow the original games more closely. As most fans will likely already know, Alice was created specifically for Anderson’s hexalogy and doesn’t appear in Capcom’s source material.

Whatever the outcome, it seems the actress is keen to give those working on the reboot well wishes, concluding with the following:

“I know whoever is doing it is going to have an amazing time on it, because it’s a really fun world to be a part of.”

As for her current projects, Jovovich returns to the box office tomorrow, December 18th, with the aforementioned action flick Monster Hunter. See here for the latest teaser trailer and watch this space for further Resident Evil updates as the reboot continues to take shape.