Millie Bobby Brown Reportedly Wants To Play Enola Holmes Until She’s An Adult

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

Netflix’s smash hit family-friendly mystery Enola Holmes was one of the platform’s biggest success stories of last year, securing an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 91% and becoming one of the streamer’s most-watched original movies ever after being viewed by 76 million households in the first four weeks after it was added to the library.

Director Harry Bradbeer was enthusiastic at the prospect of launching a multi-film franchise, admitting he’s hoping that the remaining five books in Nancy Springer’s literary will all be adapted for the screen, while star and producer Millie Bobby Brown is also more than on board with the idea. There’s been a lot of chatter recently that Enola Holmes 2 has started to move forward behind the scenes at Netflix, too, with insider Daniel Richtman now reporting that the star wants to keep playing the title heroine until she’s an adult.

Of course, that seems to be stating the blindingly obvious given the desire on Brown’s part to repeatedly return to the role. If we’re talking a legal adult, though, then the actress turns 18 in less than ten months, and if Richtman is referring to the drinking age in the United States, then that would be February of 2025, and not even Netflix could churn out five Enola Holmes sequels between now and then, so Brown is evidently going to be sticking around as Sherlock’s kid sister for a while.

Then again, many studies have indicated that people don’t reach mental adulthood until anywhere up to their 30s, so maybe that’s what the tipster is referring to, but by then you’d imagine Brown would have long since aged out of playing a teenage sleuth. Either way, we’re virtually guaranteed at least a handful of follow-ups as Netflix continues to bank on the Enola Holmes brand.