Mortal Kombat Blu-Ray Pre-Orders And Release Date Revealed

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat fans who missed out on the chance to see Simon McQuoid’s live-action adaptation last month needn’t wait much longer to get their hands on a physical copy.

Listed on various retailers earlier today, the reboot is scheduled for release on Blu-ray in North America on July 13th, meaning a matter of months stands between you and watching Earthrealm’s finest warriors beating the living snot out of Shang Tsung’s minions. Unfortunately for folks across the pond, where theaters have yet to fully reopen due to COVID-19 and HBO Max is unavailable, distributor Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed a date, though it likely won’t be long before the company provides one.

As for what you can expect to get in physical copies of the martial arts flick, Best Buy’s exclusive SteelBook edition comes with unique art on the inside jacket featuring Liu Kang and Kung Lao and will set you back a modest $36.99. Alternatively, standard and 4K editions are available for $21.99 and $30.99 respectively, and you can check out the exclusive Best Buy 4K Blu-ray SteelBook edition for yourself below.

Despite garnering a lukewarm reception from critics, Mortal Kombat has proven to be a hit for Warner Bros., becoming one of the most-viewed films on HBO Max, even beating blockbuster creature feature Godzilla vs. Kong. That being the case, it’s looking likelier than ever that the studio will greenlight at least one sequel, with previous comments provided by Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim suggesting that this year’s installment could be the beginning of a major franchise.

Whether McQuoid will return to the director’s chair for a second outing remains to be seen, though writer Greg Russo has stated before that he wrote the first movie as the initial chapter in a trilogy. See here for the full story.