Ms. Marvel Will Feature In Both MCU Movies And Disney Plus Shows


After increased speculation surrounding a potential Ms. Marvel series on Disney Plus, the project was officially confirmed during last night’s D23 presentation on the upcoming streaming service. A character that Kevin Feige has wanted to introduce into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time, debuting Kamala Khan on the small screen seems like the ideal way to introduce a character that many MCU fans may not be too familiar with.

While it had been rumored that Mindy Kaling would be involved in Ms. Marvel in some capacity, with the actress admitting that she had met with Marvel Studios regarding the fan-favorite superhero, it was announced that British writer and comedian Bisha K. Ali would be scripting the series and acting as showrunner. Although largely unknown, Ali did serve as a staff writer on the recent Four Weddings and a Funeral miniseries, which was created and produced by Kaling, so she may yet end up having some kind of influence on the project after all.

If the name doesn’t give it away enough, Ms. Marvel is heavily inspired by her kind-of namesake Captain Marvel, with Kamala Khan idolizing Carol Danvers. The ties between the two female superheroes are too obvious to be ignored, and with Brie Larson saying she wanted Ms. Marvel to appear in the Captain Marvel sequel, it seems as though Marvel Studios are establishing the character on Disney Plus with an eye on bringing her to the big screen, as they revealed last night that she’ll appear in some of the films, too.

Kevin Feige has said that Disney Plus will allow the MCU’s movies and television series to crossover like never before as well, so there’s every chance that Carol Danvers could also show up in Ms. Marvel, especially given the obvious connections between the two heroines. Larson already appears to be gearing up to play the character again despite Captain Marvel 2 being a long way away, and having the actress appear in either cameo form or as a supporting character would go a long way to establishing and legitimizing Ms. Marvel as an important hero in the MCU, as well as creating a straightforward storytelling solution to bring her to the big screen.