My Hero Academia Cast Member Says Film Has Important Pandemic Message

Ahead of My Hero Academia’s return to US theaters this month, English cast and crew took New York Comic Con’s largest stage to talk about working on the new film. Joining the voice cast of My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission was the film’s U.S. screenwriter Jeremy Kraatz, who shared why he thinks the film comes at an important moment for fans.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission features an original story not seen in the shonen manga. Flect Turn, the leader of the anti-quirk movement Humarize, is on a murderous spree against quirks, which has turned class 1-A’s internship with the Pro Hero Endeavor Agency into a global counter-terrorism mission. Kraatz, who worked on the English scripts of past My Hero Academia seasons and films, says he’s “excited for everyone to see the characters outside their normal setting… across the globe is really something special.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Ryan Colt Levy, the voice of Deku’s new accomplice Rody Soul. A fan of the series before his casting, Levy called the film “powerful” and “special.”

Kraatz elaborated as to why the film feels so important for fans and beyond, sharing:

”As far as a message, there’s a moment where Ochako says ‘I’m not going to give up because Deku wouldn’t give up.’ Which is such an Ochako thing to say. And like we were talking about, its been a rough couple of years and that is such an important message from the series as whole: not giving up, trusting your friends, being the hero who you can be even if it’s not a super hero.”

Jeremy Kraatz

It sounds like the film is shaping up to be an important milestone for the global sensation. A sneak preview of the film shortly after Kraatz and Levy spoke packed Comic Con’s largest hall.

What else are the cast excited about? “Fights” was a near-unanimous response. “And,” Kraatz continued “one favorite thing about superheroes is getting to see how they use their powers in conjunction with each other, and there’s a lot of fun moments of that in this movie that I just squealed at when I saw them for the first time.”

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission releases October 29th in the US and in other English-speaking markets throughout November