Nato And Remy’s Netflix Watch Instantly Halloween Recommendations: Supernatural Spookers


Alright ghoulies, we’re halfway there! With twelve movies already recommended for your Halloween viewing this season, it’s time we continue our quest to fill our heads with enough nightmare fodder to haunt our dreams for the next five decades or so. We’ve already tackled the “Zombie” subgenre and “Slasher” subgenre, so now it’s time to get all spooky on ya. This week we’re going with Netflix’s “Supernatural” subgenre, which we learned is a broad generalization after scouring the selections. It’s not all ghosts and paranormal haunting stories, but instead a wide variety of films involving dark powers – whatever, we’re not complaining!

Supernatural movies are always a blast because they’re more invading, dealing with forces we sometimes can’t comprehend. I mean, are ghosts real? Of course everyone has their own opinion, but people like Ed and Lorraine Warren made a living by helping people experiencing signs of hauntings. Are we to believe their entire lives were based on nothing but lies? Are there other explanations out there? We’ll never really, truly know – and that’s half the fun of a supernatural movie.

Alright, so let’s take a look at what gems I found hiding in the “Supernatural” subgenre on Netflix Watch Instantly, with the help of my trusted partner Remy, of course!