Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE…..SANTA CLAUS!

Alright, this week Remy and I wanted to keep a festive theme for the upcoming holidays and we’ve both already touched upon our favorite Christmas horror movies (Mine here! Remy’s here!), but one question still remains – who is the ultimate horror Santa? There are plenty of killer Claus’, but we’re not happy with keeping them all on a level playing field. Therefore, entering the ring for one final battle will be Santas from Rare Exports, Santa’s Slay, Saint (Sint), and the newly released Silent Night. I know more exist, but the brawl may continue until next week, so we’ll see if a new challenger emerges!

At first glance, you’ve got some serious crazy eyes from Rare Export‘s entry, a fighting advantage from Santa’s Slay contender Bill Goldberg, an undead army of henchman with Saint’s red covered bastard, and a weapons advantage with Silent Night‘s final competitor sporting a skin charring flamethrower. Insanity, skills, zombification, or military grade weaponry – who will be the last jolly ass-kicker left standing when all the Christmas cookies have crumbled and the elves have made their proper bets? This is going to be a throwdown of scale tipping proportions, ruining any plans of a silent night, and instead bringing us an indefinitely deadly night.

Oh yeah, and since Remy and I are total nerds, we’re going to stage this thing like a PokéBattle. Fitting, since I’ve always thought of Remy as the Magikarp in this partnership.

Trainer Remy picks Santa from Silent Night (with Flamethrower Attack)

Trainer Remy picks Santa from Rare Exports (with creepy looking mental attack)

Trainer Nato picks Santa from Saint (with awesome “S” shaped scepter and undead minions)

Trainer Nato picks Santa from Santa’s Slay (With WCW legend Bill Goldberg’s special move set)

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