Netflix Added 1 New Movie And 2 New TV Shows Today

The Rain

If you’re a Netflix subscriber who regularly tunes in to new content, you’ve probably already got a gigantic list of movies and shows backlogged. And thanks to the platform’s never-ending additions to their catalog, that’s unlikely to change anytime particularly soon. August alone has already brought with it a smorgasbord of new things to check out, such as Jim Carrey in perhaps his most dramatic role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the Heath Ledger medieval flick A Knight’s Tale, and the often forgotten Adam Sandler movie Mr. Deeds, among others.

Of course, many subscribers are probably still trying to get through the new shows added last month. Most notably, The Umbrella Academy dropped its extremely popular second season on July 31st, and with 10 lengthy episodes to binge, some people will probably be putting off any new content until they see how the Hargreeves family fares in their crazy new adventure. But Netflix is eager to add even more stuff for you to watch today, and out of the three new additions, there’s a highly-anticipated show you’re probably going to want to add to your list right away.

The post-apocalyptic Danish drama The Rain is seeing its third season hit Netflix today. This excellent science fiction thriller series has captivated audiences worldwide with its tale of viral rainfall that leaves a group of survivors traveling across Sweden and Denmark seeking a cure. If you’ve never watched it, you’ll want to give it a look once you finish up The Umbrella Academy.

The Rain

For more, here’s everything that released today:

  • Nasha Natasha – Documentary about Natalia Oreiro.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Season 4) – A new chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The Rain (Season 3) – Post-apocalyptic show set in Scandinavia.

If you’re not really feeling anything that came out today, you can always head through here to see some of the other stuff arriving on Netflix throughout the remainder of August. And, as always, watch this space for more on everything coming to your favorite services each month.