Netflix Reportedly Wants John Cena In Army Of The Dead Franchise

John Cena

It probably infuriates Dave Bautista to no end given that he’s made it perfectly clear he’s got no interest in sharing the screen with either of his former in-ring rivals to have made a splash in Hollywood, but his career has run almost in parallel to that of John Cena for sixteen years since the two grapplers both scooped their first world championships at WWE’s Wrestlemania 21 event.

As well as facing off in the squared circle on numerous occasions during a period where they were positioned as the two biggest stars in the company, they’re also now a part of major comic book franchises thanks to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s The Suicide Squad respectively, ironically after Cena took the role of Peacemaker that James Gunn had written specifically for Bautista.

Cena would follow Dwayne Johnson’s lead in boarding the Fast & Furious series, but Bautista turned down the opportunity in order to pitch Gears of War to Universal instead. Both tackled R-rated comedy, though, in Blockers and Stuber, and also took the family film route in Playing with Fire and My Spy. Not only that, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Netflix was developing a prequel for The Witcher long before Blood Origin was announced – that the streaming service is eying Cena for a part in the expanding Army of the Dead universe.

It wouldn’t be a shock if it were to happen, either, given that Zack Snyder’s filmography has featured no shortage of bulging biceps over the years, and Bautista obviously didn’t make it to the end credits of the first outing. Army of the Dead already has a prequel and an animated series on the way, too, with a live-action continuation virtually guaranteed to get a green light sooner rather than later, whether Cena’s involved or not.