Netflix Reportedly Trying To Lock Millie Bobby Brown Down For 10 Years

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown is going to be regular fixture on our screens for the next few years at least, and more likely decades if she continues her current upward trajectory. Despite only recently turning 17, the actress has two bumper streaming exclusives coming this year in HBO Max’s Godzilla vs. Kong and Netflix’s fourth season of Stranger Things, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Brown has several further projects in the works for the world’s biggest streaming service, too, with insider Daniel Richtman now claiming that the company wants to lock her down for the next ten years. The tipster has been the one-stop shop for any and all information related to the erstwhile Eleven over the last couple of months, offering up all sorts of purported details about her alleged financial and contractual goings-on, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have anything further to share on this occasion, only that Netflix is keen to remain in the Millie Bobby Brown business.

While you can understand why they would want to tie her down to a lengthy contract, she’s also got a couple of movies happening at outside studios, so any sort of exclusivity wouldn’t kick in for a while yet. After all, Brown is attached to lead sci-fi actioner The Electric State with the Russo brothers directing and literary adaptation The Thing About Jellyfish, both of which are in development at Universal.

However, one workaround could be an agreement with her PCMA Productions banner, as opposed to the actress herself. As we’ve seen, Adam Sandler is free to pursue any projects he likes outside of Netflix as long as he’s not producing them through Happy Madison, so presumably Millie Bobby Brown could do the same thing. PCMA already have Damsel, The Girls I’ve Been and the Enola Holmes franchise set up at the streamer, and it looks like there could be much more to come.