Netflix Reportedly Wants Zack Snyder To Direct Their Dracula Movie


The filmography of Zack Snyder would make it obvious that he’s someone who enjoys diving into the realms of heightened fantasy, with none of his nine features to date taking place in anything that even remotely resembles our reality. That could all change in the future, though, especially if he gets around to directing drama Horse Latitudes, which he recently revealed he wants to be his next effort behind the camera after developing it for over a decade.

However, insider Daniel Richtman instead details that Netflix is looking to reunite with the Army of the Dead filmmaker and have him direct their Dracula movie. Of course, we should point out that the project is not currently in active development or even been announced by the streamer yet, with the only word we’ve heard on the latest reimagining for the Count coming from Ricthman himself.

The tipster also recently touted vampires as an addition to the expanding Army of the Dead mythology, so based on his information, the world’s most popular streamer is apparently determined to throw the bloodsucking undead in the direction of Zack Snyder one way or another. In any case, vampires can often be depicted as cool, sexy, stoic and incredibly violent, so based on those adjectives alone, you’d imagine Dracula would be right up the Sucker Punch and 300 director’s street.

Unfortunately, the former architect of the DCEU has yet to settle on his next project, halting his plans to tackle Horse Latitudes due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic making a South American shoot a logistical nightmare, and there’s also his bizarre-sounding retelling of the King Arthur legend set in the American West during the Gold Rush, but fans will no doubt be fully on board for whatever he ends up settling on.