Netflix’s Live-Action Pokémon Film Will Reportedly Tie Into TV-Series

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The Pokémon franchise is set to get plenty of new content with its newly formed partnership with Netflix and according to reports, this will include a brand new live-action film.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Netflix was working on a live-action tv series set in the world of Pokémon, along with a film, but now it seems the two will tie directly into each other.

According to the outlet Illuiminerdi, sources confirmed to them that the live-action movie is currently being developed that will tie into the series, however, it has no relation to the previous live-action Pokémon film Detective Pikachu, being referred to by the source as a reboot.

With this being the only information of the film there isn’t any indication of what its execution will look like, though with Netflix’s clear plans to bolster a successful Pokémon range on their service, the commitment is a good sign for fans of the franchise.

While most video game-based films are the most well-received, Detective Pikachu was an overwhelming success grossing over $433.9 million worldwide. While the streaming service won’t see these same figures, the film will likely be one of the most anticipated additions to the service.

Recently Netflix announced their next venture into producing traditional Pokémon films with the Secrets of The Jungle movie which will come to the service on Oct. 8, 2021. There are no details of when the live-action movie could come, however, if this does prove to be true we’ll likely find out more over the coming months.