New Twilight Project Rumored To Be In The Works At Netflix


After close to a decade in the cultural wilderness, Twilight appears to be on the verge of a comeback, which is either exciting or absolutely terrifying depending on how you feel about the franchise. The fanbase went into raptures at the announcement Stephenie Meyer was gearing up to unveil new novel Midnight Sun last year, and the author is even threatening to write another two stories set in the same world.

On top of that, The Twilight Saga has been dominating Netflix’s most-watched list, accounting for 50% of the Top 10 as recently as a few days ago, with old and new viewers alike checking out or revisiting Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and two-part finale Breaking Dawn, and the five-film series was gathering plenty of buzz on social media for good measure.


A new rumor claims that the streaming service are developing a new Twilight project, but no details are provided other than it’ll be either a movie or a TV show, so it would be an understatement to call it vague at best. Realistically, should it happen then a reboot or Midnight Sun adaptation would be the most likely avenue, seeing as a large number of the original cast members have sought to distance themselves from the sparkly vampire story since it ended, not least of all Robert Pattinson.

Summit Entertainment might not be too willing to hand over the rights, either, with The Twilight Saga the production company’s five highest-grossing movies ever. Then again, the outfit has been a subsidiary of Lionsgate since 2012 so the decision might not be in their hands, and it’s not as if Netflix doesn’t have an endless supply of cash to draw from.