Newly Released 911 Call Details The Moments After Kevin Hart’s Car Crash

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has been the talk of Hollywood ever since his horrific car accident last weekend. Now, a newly released 911 call (which you can hear over on TMZ via the link below) from the actor’s home has surfaced, detailing the events of what happened after the crash.

On the phone, an unknown woman states that the comedian has been in an accident and needs immediate medical treatment. She says that he was “not coherent at all” and that he “[couldn’t] move.” The call was placed at 2:13 AM and the woman claims that the accident happened 20 minutes prior, although it’s believed that the crash actually occurred closer to 12:45 AM.

As you may’ve heard, Hart has since undergone major surgery on his back. The 40-year-old is said to be in severe pain following the successful procedure but thankfully, he’s expected to make a full recovery following extensive physical therapy.

The crash occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning in Malibu Hills, California when the Plymouth Barracuda belonging to the celebrity ended up in a ditch after veering off of Mulholland Highway. Hart wasn’t driving when the accident happened, but still sustained serious injuries that ultimately required hospitalization. A third person was also in the vehicle, but she emerged with only a few bumps and bruises. It’s speculated that speeding may have contributed to the incident, but that remains to be confirmed.

From what we understand, Hart was able to exit the wreckage on his own and was then picked up by his personal security team. They eventually decided to call 911 and have him transported to a hospital and judging by what we know now, it definitely looks like they made the right decision there.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly when he’s going to be back on his feet, but with his wife and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at his side, it hopefully won’t be too long. Until then, though, we all wish Kevin Hart the best on his road to recovery and can’t wait until he’s back on the big screen again making us laugh.

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