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News of ‘The Flash’ sequel has ‘Batgirl’ lovers rolling their eyes

Ezra Miller's controversy continues to cast a shadow on 'The Flash'.

The Flash sequel ignites Batgirl comparisons
Image: HBO / Warner Bros.

The revelation of a sequel to The Flash being greenlit a solid nine months prior to its cinematic release has many fans up in arms again over the fate of Batgirl.

The merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery coincided with a remorseless scythe being wielded across countless projects across DC and Warner’s most famous properties. The cancelation of Batgirl has yet again reared its ugly head, as fans have been incensed yet again following a report suggesting The Flash has already guaranteed itself a sequel.

Despite the near-endless list of controversies surrounding Ezra Miller’s personal life, The Flash is full steam ahead. Turns out you can own a cannabis gun farm, allegedly assault patrons at bars, and steal from people and Hollywood studios will still see you as an ideal candidate to play a children’s character.

Twitter is without equal in their disgust of The Flash’s sequel news, and are immediately wondering why Batgirl got canceled but the Scarlet Speedster has been able to live on.

The same report also suggested Henry Cavill’s return for a new Superman movie, but again, why not actually focus on releasing films that had already finished shooting?

Some are taking the potential upcoming DC slate with a pinch of salt, with Batgirl being used as an example of even finished projects never making it to life. Out of DC’s many planned projects since 2015, eleven projects never made it past the initial announcement stage.

The Flash’s greatest enemy may just be its own star, with surveys done in the last few months suggesting audiences do not think the film should be released due to Miller’s alleged misdeeds.

The Flash is set to release June 23, 2023, with the eyes of the world on what the promotional tour will consist of.

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