Research shows audiences think Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ should be canceled

Image: Warner Bros.

The ever-controversial figure of Ezra Miller has loomed over Warner Bros. and the upcoming The Flash for a few years now, and data now suggests audiences believe the film should be canceled.

The list of controversies around Ezra Miller is almost too lengthy to truly comprehend, with their misdeeds being highly publicized and deeply troubling. Assault, harassment, burglary, and speculative relationships with an Indigenous activist have been cause for alarm over the last six months.

Now, data from Morning Consult has given a much clearer picture on how theatergoers feel about each individual controversy and how much it affects their feelings on a film being released. Adults were asked what the most appropriate action would be for each of the issues, with four options given.

The allegations of grooming children in particular stood out as a major cause of concern. 49 percent said it would be reason alone in their mind to cancel and never release a film. With all of the allegations put together, it is overwhelming clear of the tricky position the film is in. 33 percent support postponing the film so it could be reshot with a different actor / actress in the “all above” scenario.

What this data would mean in the hands of Warner Bros., though, is anybody’s guess. Ezra Miller’s recent apology could be enough for Warner Bros. to go full steam ahead, but the current backlash against the studio adds other layers to the conflict. Whether or not Miller will end up doing any promotional tour work for the film is likely front of mind, with Warner unlikely to cancel a $200 million movie.

The Flash is currently scheduled tenuously for June 23, 2023 release date.