One Piece Film: Strong World Will Air In Select Cinemas Around The US This November

One Piece is one of the longest-running and most popular anime series of all time. Approaching its 1000th episode there is a lot to celebrate and Toei Animation plans to do it in style by hosting exclusive screenings of classic films in the franchise for American fans this November.

Toei Animation in collaborations with Fathom Events announced that they will be holding screenings of One Piece Film: Strong World in theatres throughout the US on November 7 and 9.

On the 7th, the screenings will be the English dub of the 2009 film, with the subbed version being screened two days later on the 9th. The screenings will include the US debut of the 2011 One Piece film One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase.

Right now, there are no further details on these events but if you plan on checking them out check out if your local cinema will air the films as they will only be available in select cinemas.

One Piece is set to air its 1000th episode on November 14 more than 20 years after the franchise first began. If you’ve yet to check out the show or are looking to relive the action of the Straw Hat Crew then check out this watch guide to follow along with everything the universe of One Piece has to offer in the best order.