Paramount Reportedly Wants Brie Larson For Future Star Trek Film

Brie Larson

Just because nobody seems to have a clue what the immediate future holds for Star Trek on both the big and small screens, that doesn’t mean that Paramount can’t keep adding to their ever-increasing list of options.

Despite rumors that Star Trek: Discovery spinoff Section 31 had been canceled and further reports that Lower Decks, Short Treks and even Picard could be facing a similar fate, the studio seem determined to continue the cinematic franchise in one form or another. While Quentin Tarantino’s proposed R-rated movie always seemed unlikely, there had been hopes that the fourth installment in the rebooted Kelvin timeline would eventually find a way out of development hell.

Of course, things haven’t been that simple, with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine both signing on for Star Trek 4 before walking away, and even though the latter changed his mind and agreed to return, it seemed as though the project Noah Hawley was working on would be another fresh start for the Enterprise crew.

However, that one has also been placed on ice for the time being, with Simon Pegg admitting he has no idea what his future in Star Trek holds, either. Everything is very much up in the air, then, but we’re now hearing that Paramount have reached out to Brie Larson about a potential role in one of their upcoming movies. According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us a Captain Pike spinoff was in the works long before Strange New Worlds was announced – the studio want a major star to join the franchise and see self-proclaimed sci-fi nerd Larson as the ideal candidate. It’s unclear which project this would be for, but we’re told it’d be an original role.

While the continued uncertainty surrounding every aspect of Star Trek means that nothing can be confirmed just yet, not to mention that the Captain Marvel star has also been heavily linked to one of the upcoming Star Wars movies, it would seem that the behind the scenes turmoil isn’t going to stop Paramount from getting a new installment into production in the near future. And while it’s unknown if Larson would even have time to board another big franchise like this, the prospect is certainly exciting.