Past MCU star reappearing as MODOK in ‘Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania’

Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania may have only just wrapped filming, but already there have been leaks about new characters appearing, from a guest appearance of Kate Bishop to a secret role for Bill Murray and a storyline involving the villainous MODOK. The latter has had a round of rumored castings and Jim Carrey was rumored to play the part, but now a new rumor has been established.

From insider Daniel Richtman, via his Patreon, stated that Ant-Man alum Corey Stroll, who played Darren Cross aka Yellowjacket, will now take on the role of MODOK, an acronym that stands for (Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing.)

While we will have to wait for an official word from Marvel on who will play the part, we can confirm that senior writer Joanna Robinson, revealed in a Still Watching Podcast from Vanity Fair, that Corey Stroll would be returning as Yellowjacket. Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted his helmet as an easter egg in an episode of Loki.

Actors playing two different characters isn’t unusual for Marvel. It happened with Vision, played by Paul Bettany, who originally voiced Jarvis, and most recently with Gemma Chan. She appeared in Captain Marvel as Minn-erva before returning to the MCU as Sersei in the recent Eternals.

So Corey Stroll returning as MODOK isn’t entirely out of the box, especially as the character has been set to appear and will most likely be entirely CGI.

Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantamania releases July 28, 2023.