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The Post-Launch Suicide Squad Blowout Continues With New Action Shot Of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn takes her trusty bat to one of Enchantress' grotesque minions in this new behind-the-scenes shot from Suicide Squad.


Since his time serving as a set still photographer aboard Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie, Clay Enos has become a welcome part of the DC Extended Universe, working across both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and, more recently, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Capturing Task Force X’s best moments from behind the scenes, Enos’ Twitter feed has been transformed into a hive of activity over the past few weeks – not unlike the photographer’s rollout of BTS shots from Dawn of Justice – and the latest tidbit to emerge welcomes Margot Robbie’s bat-shit insane Harley Quinn into the limelight. Trusty baseball bat in hand, this action shot in particular sees the Clown Princess of Crime do battle with one of Enchantress’ grotesque minions – known as the Eyes of the Adversary – and it’s small wonder why the image was never released officially.


Of course, Warner Bros.’ marketing push for Suicide Squad was such that after the deluge of clips, teasers, promos and full-length trailers, there wasn’t much more left to see by the time the villainous offshoot graced theaters in August. Part of that can be put down to the contentious editing process behind the scenes, which has resulted in scores of Suicide Squad deleted scenes, many of which unsurprisingly focus on Jared Leto’s Joker.

As for Clay Enos’ photo rollout, even if the photographer is finished up with Task Force X, there’s always Wonder Woman to look forward to in 2017. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad landed on Digital HD last week, and will soon be making its way to Blu-Ray and DVD on December 13.

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