4 Reasons You Should Actually Like, Not Hate, Kristen Stewart

Usually when someone is described as “polarizing” it means that sensible people think they’re awful and foolish saps think they’re the greatest. Other times, it can be a matter of acquired taste, someone who seems weird and unlikeable at first and then over time, as you begin to understand what they’re about, becomes more interesting and cool. In other cases, people’s impressions can be forever tinged by what their first exposure to someone is, and they refuse to change their minds, instead steadfastly clinging to their original conclusion because thinking differently is too much work.

I say all this because I think a sizeable contingent of the public has gotten Kristen Stewart entirely wrong. The first moment she seized most people’s attention was as Bella in Twilight, which developed a specific reputation for her as a person and as an actor, and she has been unable to shake this reputation to this point. For a number of us though, she was somebody before she was Twilight Girl. She was that girl in Into the Wild who was so awesome, and then also the young girl in Panic Room we remembered being really good for a child actor, and then in some interesting-sounding indie movie called The Cake Eaters and the enormously anticipated Adventureland, Greg Mottola’s Superbad follow-up. Oh, and she’s in some vampire movie coming out?

That was my thought process at least, back in 2008 when I first learned who K-Stew was—you know, before she was “K-Stew.” So while I can understand hating on the performers in Twilight, because I don’t dispute that the acting is uniformly bad in those movies, with few exceptional moments, I think defining an entire career from one character in a poor blockbuster series is unfair. Not to mention, people who think she’s just some dumb teen actress who’s miserable in public all the time misses out on appreciating a public figure who is seriously punk rock. Like, even more than Jennifer Lawrence, who has far more patience for Hollywood BS than many of us do.

You may think I’m crazy, and that’s fine. Indulge me by hearing me out. Then you can share all the outraged comments you’d like. Or anything else. Here are, summed up, the 4 main reasons I think instead of being decried as an angst-ridden hack of an actress, Kristen Stewart should be celebrated as an alt-celeb badass who is one of the most promising actors of her generation.

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  1. Gracesays:

    I love this so much. Thank you for so wonderfully putting into words what fans of Kristen have been trying to share with people for years.

  2. Pattisays:

    I’ve been on the KS bandwagon for years. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this gifted and unique young woman.

    1. Bettysays:

      Me too, and boy her acting has been sucking more and more as years go by. Unless she takes drama lessons or some kind of coaching, she’ll go on embarrasing herself on screen. The cake eaters was her last “hit” and since then she’s just another tittie shower – fake provocateur – bedroomeyed common actress out there.

      1. Dumbsays:

        Why do you watch her movie ? Why spend money on an actress you don’t like ? Stupid don’t you think !!!

      2. Common Sensesays:

        I got an idea- try WATCHING her movies, not parroting stupid cliches about her you’ve heard your little facebook friends spout since 2011 because you have a raging hate-on for her.

        BBL, gonna enjoy some KStew awesome acting because I actually watch her films before criticizing them.

  3. Tricia dSCsays:

    Bless you for this article. I agree with everything you’ve said 200%

    1. Justinsays:

      Can’t agree with the article at all, especially the part about On The Road. She just seemed like Kristen Stewart, not MaryLou. And poor Garrett Hedlund. If you thought he was good, then there’s really no point in discussing this. They’ve been trying to make him into a leading man for years, but he doesn’t have the charisma or screen presence to pull it off. He was lackluster as Dean, not nearly charming or convincing enough to pull off the role.

      OTR is rotten on RT, it got very bad reviews and the Oscar campaign was embarrassing. They put it in a few art houses but even with a ton of nudity, it failed to attract an audience. Another bomb for Stewart, and badly cast movie that didn’t live up to the novel.

  4. Gracesays:

    Seriously. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s so refreshing when someone “gets” Kristen and is able to eloquently break it down for people to understand. Fantastic.

    1. Deansays:

      The author of this tripe is seriously misinformed. Your comparison of Jennifer Lawrence flipping the bird is way off base. She’s been photographed doing this once, backstage at the Oscars, and she was not flipping off the paps, she was making the gesture at one of her own team. She was giving them a hard time. Quite different from KStew’s world tour of rude gestures.

      When representing a film franchise, she offended the Australian people by flipping the double bird from her hotel balcony while smoking (another bad habit). When she landed in France to promote OTR, she flipped the bird at the airport and booed the legitimate photographers on the red carpet during a photo call at Cannes. They weren’t paps, they were the real press, there to give her movie coverage. There’s video of Stewart saying, “I hate you,” to a single pap, not harrassing her, just merely taking her picture as she walked through a hotel lobby. He remained civil, replying, “I like you.”

      Her reputation is well earned. She’s a foul-mouthed, rude, thoughtless, immature person.

      1. Fellinisays:

        During a bitter cold wave in Europe Kristen also screamed death wishes at paps on the sidewalk in front of her hotel. There’s video of it, and they weren’t being rude at all, they were just taking pics. The pap laws are much stricter in France, they aren’t allowed to be abusive while working, she just was her usual hateful self. I seriously think there’s something mentally wrong with her.

        Since getting caught having an affair with a married director twice her age, she’s shown no remorse. She’s stopped swearing every other word and flipping the bird constantly, but she’s done nothing to show contrition. She does less for charity than any other celebrity I can think of. She trashed her reputation and career, and if you don’t think so, then explain why she can’t get a movie into production.Casting rumors are just that, rumors. Everything seems to fall apart before a start date can be met.

      2. Alexsays:

        Lets talk about this. Kristen tells it like it is, one of the reasons I like her. If she is reacting this way, maybe we should take note.

        Other celebs with respectable careers have responded worse, in physical ways, ranging from throwin

      3. Alexsays:

        (Cont) food to strangulation. Princess Di, fleeing the paps…

        She is not alone in hating the paps. As her fan, I avoid all tabloids. They get right in their faces at the worst times, leaving the hospital, looking up skirts-this has happened to other celebs that led to their physical response.

      4. elliesays:

        has it occurred to you that she feels no remorse? Society at large might dictate that she feel oh, so ashamed for having a fling with a married man, but I don’t see anyone condemning him for his part in it.

      5. Joneseysays:

        Dude you sound like a sheep… People are entitled to act however they want to random a-holes taking pictures of them for money. Think about this: the paparazzi is ALWAYS looking for the shot that will reflect badly upon the actor/actress… especially when there is already negative news out there. They are professional stalkers and it sickens me that their job even exists.

        Contrition? Really? Who does she owe that to? Charity? How the hell do you know whether she has donated to charity or not? Bottom line is, her acting chops are some of the best for her age and that’s ALL THAT MATTERS. She is an actor… end story. She also likes to be herself sometimes. Go figure, the sheep on this website want her persecuted for speaking her mind.

      6. Amysays:

        Dude, fuck off & take your bitter, holier than thou attitude elsewhere. Kristen is HOUNDED by papa everyday of her life, and for the most part handles it better than anyone I can think off when faced with that kind of ridiculous scrutiny. I’d say she’s entitled to a little bird-flipping foul-mouthed mess. Get off your high horse & understand what this article is saying-that she’s human,& shouldn’t be condemned for it.

      7. Deansays:

        Grow up. JenLaw, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, they’re all hounded by the paps, too. I’ve seen dozens of pics of Emma and Andrew G., and they never flip the bird or scream hate speech. In fact, the only one famous for handling the paps so badly is Kristen Stewart.

        Stop making excuses for her bad behavior. She acts like a brat instead of a lady or even an adult. She acts like a 14 year old boy and dresses like one most of the time. Not a fan of that and never will be.

        And of course a fan of hers would resort to cussing. Makes you look like you don’t know how to use your words.

      8. Sioksays:

        wow!! You don’t flip bird ?? You so good. !!Why are you here hating there’s bad behaviour for a grown man ! Hope you don’t have daughters !

      9. ruthsays:

        I hope that mothers teach their daughters that having an affair with someones “daddy” is off limits , in Stwarts case being the role model of millions of Teenagers ,someone should have told her that swearing and all the other crude action are dumb .

      10. M Msays:

        Actually the parents should be teaching their kids about finding real role models…

      11. nanotolerancesays:

        Finally…A voice of reason. Now I can quit wishing death on regular tabloid media readers and keel the fcuk over and fcuking die.

      12. Parents should teach their children to think for themselves, the concept of a role model kind of makes our kids seem stupid. I don’t want my kids parroting ANYONE’S behavior, good or bad. They should learn how to act through experience, no one should have to ‘set an example’. If millions of teenagers actually look up to people they don’t know and tailor their lives to match what they see, then these celebs aren’t the problem. Stop reproducing and making more stupid teenagers.

      13. Vixxinsays:

        You just destroyed celebrity culture entirely (kudos on that, fuck celebrity culture). Why do you think it exists? ALL of them are supposed role models or people we aspire to be.

        Rich, good looking, fawned over. Or scandals, exciting lives and drama.

        The entire celebrity culture is stupid.

        Also, ALL humans parrot their parents or care takers. That’s the point OF parents. It’s human psychology and how the brain works. You’ll never get away from that.

        You can not learn from something you can’t experience, so instead you take lessons learned or not from the experiences those came before you had.

      14. nanotolerancesays:

        Stupid to blame her, she’s young…it’s that married man people should have been hounding.

        She has plenty more mistakes and poor decisions to make in life, just like a lot of us. Any way, on to more pressing issues. The nation’s facing financial ruin. So here’s a tip…dogs taste like pork if they’re cooked right.

      15. Vixxinsays:

        Humans also taste like pork. What’s your point?

        Also, no, she’s old enough to have sex, she should know that affairs are made of insecure asshole people and never work out.
        The married man is just as much of an asshole, neither of them get a pass.

        Celebs are supposed to be demi-gods. They don’t get a pass for being human because they get treated as if they’re past being human. The whole concept of celebrities and why we even care about them is stupid. Yet, here we are. But if Kirsten were just some person of a friend of mine, I’d think the same of her. Insecure asshole.

      16. nanotolerancesays:

        You have no idea what ”hate speech” even is, do you? Aside from a hypocritical, selective outrage magnet for various factions all willing to kill each other.

        Why am I even here, you ask…it’s because I’m on the internet. And I see stupid people. They’re all around me. And they don’t know they’re stupid.

        I’m rethinking the value of taking most of the spoils from ww2. A mountain of wealth quickly turned into a Antares sized star of debt.

        And you fools are sitting here rambling about…ugh…”haters”. That terminology, along with the ”J-Lo” and ”K-Stews”. Seriously, I’m hoping for a plague.

        The nation that uses these words frequently deserve a shower of about 12 Pluto sized comets. Seriously, all of my hate. All of it. A ship of fools.

      17. Common Sensesays:

        Because Emma flips them off behind their backs. Kristen at least is honest about it.

        She doesn’t act like a brat. I hate the bird too, but she has every right to be mad about being stalked, and has handled it better than the extreme case you’re talking about.

        Obviously you’ve also never met a 14 year old boy, or seen one, and seriously, even if she dressed like one, that’s a moronic reason to criticize her…?

      18. ruthsays:

        Seriously ,Stewart is hounded because she betrayed tooo many people. Her selfish action left their mark. After watching her interviews I realize there is nothing behind this woman. She is a typical rude, dumb spoiled HW product. She is “hounded” because she lied lied lied and clings to Pattinson to stay in the news. There is nothing honest about her. Her acting is somewhat mediocre and constipated. Her choice to agree to an affair with a married dude without telling her “soul mate” speaks louder than words ,how easy it is to get away ,while you play victim even after she was initiating the make out session by picking the guy up at HIS house. Hard to believe that there are people finding excuses for such a malicious behaviour

      19. Sandy Cheekssays:

        Have you been living under a rock? She has been hounded for over four years now. The reason is because she was in Twilight, the other is because the media created an image of her being always unhappy, claiming that she never smiles and shit which is simply not true. Another reason are the rabid Pattinson fans, who are usually middle aged and bitter women who can’t accept the fact that he obviously loves spending time with her. She was different when Twilight just came out, she got more rude and more defensive as time passed and her fame grew, when paparazzi started following her no matter when she went, the tabloids creating one lie after another about her private life (pregnancy, marriage, break up etc. etc) and stupid fucks creating hate blogs about her. And when exactly did she “lie lie lie”? And please don’t start that affair shit, she doesn’t have to tell you shit about her private life. It’s not lying, it’s having a private life.

      20. Well said re the affair/private life. I’m not a huge fan of her work but I think that may have more to do with the type of roles she’s undertaken or the type of movie as a whole that she’s in, rather than an indicator of her acting. I loved her in “Snow White & The Huntsman” and “The Runaways”, especially that on, which incidentally Dakota Fanning was also amazing in (though it didn’t surprise me – you could tell from seeing her in the Steven Spielberg alien series “Taken” when she was so small! She was great in that).

        I’m not a fan of the whole Twilight thing (although have watched them all once I found out Michael Sheen was in some of them) but I’ve never read the books, so I may change my mind over time as I read them (got them all for Kindle now, just waiting on a massive “To-Read” list)
        but liked her in the above, so I’ll be interested to see where she takes her career now.
        The one thing I love about the whole Twilight saga/universe (?) is that once again, in a similar way which Harry Potter and Hunger Games have done for example, it’s got youngsters to read and made enjoying reading more… acceptable. Nothing which helps open up young imaginations can’t be all bad!

      21. I love seeing people tossing around such strong opinions based on gossip rags; I have no opinion on Stewart’s personality or character because I DON’T KNOW HER, and neither do you. Find something productive to do, like bean flicking or spaghetti knitting.

      22. Tinesays:

        First of all, the paps started hounding Stewart after Twilight hit it big. That’s around the same time the hate on her began. And majority of that hate was for two reasons: 1) people don’t like Twilight and thinks Bella is dumb. 2) Pattinson fans hate her because she was constantly linked to him (don’t even try to deny this shit. Before the incident w/ Rupert, this is the legitimate reason his fans have for hating her). I’d say though, that for the no. 2 reason, if Rob didn’t keep on talking about his “crush” on Stewart, the tabs wouldn’t have taken ‘too much’ interest on their love lives. Second, I don’t think she’s a typical “rude, dumb, spoiled HW product”. Honey, if she was a HW product, she’d be saying all the right things to make all of you happy. Instead, her answers on interviews are very candid. Not the typical rehearsed answers that we usually get. And have you seen her before Twi fame? She only got defensive when paps started following her around and she became the constant topic on tabloid and magazines. Third, she didn’t got away unscathed after that incident w/ the director. Either you’ve been living under a rock or you’re just oblivious to the insurmountable amount of hate directed at her after the incident. And let me remind you that she apologized to the people involved. God knows what else she did in private to right her wrong. Lastly, based on your argument, I can tell that your hate has nothing to do with her acting abilities. So let me remind you that actors/actresses are human as well. If you want to condemn Kristen for her mistakes, might as well condemn all celebrities. All of them did something wrong at one point in their lives. And if you’re hate is specifically reserved to those who did their other halves wrong, there are a lot of them in HW. Good luck keeping track on all of them. Have a good day.

      23. lucascottsays:

        Lots of celebs get hounded daily, way more than she does in comes cases, and they aren’t consistently rude etc like Stewart is. She’s immature to the extreme. If she’d grow up a bit and stop with the scowling, the rude talk and gestures, the paps would give up because they wouldn’t be getting the shots they want.

      24. RAHSlipTwizt29says:

        Then how do you explain Justin Bieber, or all the other celebrity’s that have been sued by paps for punching them. Now, if I am a pap, I would rather be cussed at and see a middle finger than take a fist to the face. However watching Justin Bieber over react to everything the paps do is quite funny.

      25. Vixxinsays:

        Exactly. Being hounded is part of the damn job description. Don’t get into hollywood if you don’t want to deal with the part that makes the most money. Tabloids.

        Celebrity culture of tabloids is the only thing really keeping the culture alive. People love drama, that’s why news is just that too.

      26. Lesliesays:

        Dear Dean, Fellini, and Justin (we know that you’re really one middle aged woman) – You are the scariest kind of hater because you obviously stalk Kristen’s every move. You go into such detail… Do you research the behind the scenes activity of every celebrity you hate, or is Kristen the only special one? Btw, that was a rhetorical question. No need to reply, we all know the answer is a big fat YES! 🙂

      27. ForwardEarthsays:

        You asked a multiple choice question. How can the answer be YES?

      28. Eilish Mackenzie-Carmichaelsays:

        HOLLA!!! You people freeeak me out. Why do you cear so much about what one person (who you dont know and probably never wil) does.

      29. Eilish Mackenzie-Carmichaelsays:

        btw, that was a rhetorical question also, emphasising how sad and lonely you must be to cear soo much.

      30. Tyrell Burghardtsays:

        Maybe you should ask yourself the same question? Why do you care so much about someone else’s opinion on the internet who you don’t know and will probably never meet? Maybe because it bothers you? Now, your “rhetorical” question isn’t quite rhetorical because there are actually answers to it. As much as I like Kristen Stewart, I honestly don’t care what she does, but after coming across this page, I must admit her behavior is pretty immature. Yeah, I’m not hounded by paparazzi all day and night, and I’m not put through all the abuse they give either, but it doesn’t excuse her just like a killer isn’t excused because he was tortured while growing up. Get used to it and act mature, and don’t buy into the self fulfilling prophecy bullshit. Also, everyone talking about, “Oh you’re not perfect so get off her hater” just needs to stop. Last time I checked, there’s this little thing in your mind called a consciousness. Yeah, humans are flawed, but striving for perfection is perfectly possible, and anyone who just accepts negative behavior and dismisses it is just as bad as the person who is committing the behavior. Yeah, go ahead and make a mistake, but learn from it and rebuke others who make the same mistake. I swear, my mom raised me to know these things. I just turned 21, and seeing the things that even my community let’s kids get away with is just ridiculous. It’s this sort of attitude that allows people to get away with actions like these. Still, I like Kristen Stewart. She just needs to work on her attitude about I guess. It’s the people here arguing with each other over her life that really have the problem. Then again, everything I’ve said will just be an afterthought in the minds of whoever will reply to me.

      31. Re Kristen telling a photographer she hates him/them (it’s unclear if she was just referring to photographers as a whole, seeing as it wasn’t yourself observing this. She’s perfectly entitled to be that way and just because a pap is on their own, that doesn’t mean the person being photographed doesn’t feel hounded, because it#s 24/7 and most of them are hoping for the shot that makes them look awful or one which is open to interpretation as to what is going on, because those are the shots which sell fast and sell high. Paps have frequently had run-ins with their victims … sorry – subjects… in the past so you don’t know the whole picture in these situations.

        How anyone can expect actors, musicians etc to keep their cool when the pressure of being watched and photographed everywhere you go, no matter what you’re doing is exhausting, intimidating at times and leaves you with little or no sense of privacy unless you fly in your own plane from a private airfield, live in a house with a fence which is further away from the house on all sides than a long lens is likely to capture anything from (though they will then do flyovers in a helicopter to get their shots), you never go out shopping, sociaising, to play with your kids in a park …. that’s the only way for some privacy and peace, but that’s no way to live – it’s prison! The stress of all that, bearing in mind that for actors, their image is their livelihood as well as the acting, so how they look and are seen is very very important. As a former Bond girl told me at a small event in my home town last weekend, which I was part of the crew for, these days, every picture seems to be online everywhere almost instantaneously, forever (or as forever as we know for now). When some agencies or companies are looking for a “face” for their advertising, they will look online for pictures, perhaps just looking to see what they look like now. So these deliberately awful shots which paps go for and sell to the highest bidder could well be ruining their chance of being considered for a job. Another Bond girl of a different age group was talking telling me how when she used to go out clubbing and it came to getting into a taxi to go home, paps would knock people over occasionally, but barge people all the time just so they could get in close and low down enough to guarantee them getting those inelegant shots of their underwear as they got in the taxi. There are many many more stories like that, as I’m sure you’re aware, but what you can’t understand is just how crushing living like that can be – and neither can I as I’ve never been in that position. So, I think she probably responds in exactly the same way as the majority of the rest of us would at some point or another.

        The only way I can draw a comparision is if everyone in the world HAD to wear a tshirt 24/7/365 which clearly stated what we currently do for a living and all past jobs we’ve had. Then no matter what was going on in our lives, no matter how bad, or upset, or insecure, or ill, or in pain we were; no matter how busy or stressed or tired we were, absolutely anyone could come up to us in the street and take photographs, deliberately shot to humiliate to some degree as thems da money shots, or stop us and insist on talking about a job you finished several years ago, and have expectations of you to always be exactly the way they expect you to be, or else it’s out there in the public domain almost instantaneously and there will be a mob of haters online happy to spread the word and help it reach as far as possible. And there is no respite from it. To someone with a different career, say a former accountant who is now a computer engineer 10 years later, that’s tantamount to someone being able to demand not only that you go back in your head to the accountancy job and talk about it, giving the answers they want to hear in the tone of voice they like, with a smile on your face … morning, noon and night whenever you leave the house. (it’s the closest I can explain what I mean) Paparazzi are rude, thoughtless and foul-mouthed, and behave as if they have a RIGHT to photograph them however, wherever and whenever they like. Taking her picture as she walked through the lobby of a hotel … that’s intrusive and everyone should have the right to say no – but most paps don’t take no for an answer. They couldn’t care less about the actual PERSON they’re hounding for pictures – they just want the money and maybe to get their name known. They’ll go to extraordinary lengths to get shots too. It’s “professional” stalking and the stupid thing is, if it were just two ordinary people in those roles, then there’s legal routes to go down to get it stopped. It’s viewed as unacceptable and there are laws in place to protect people. It’s seen as potentially damaging both mentally and emotionally, which is why there’s counselling available afterwards should someone go through that experience and support groups etc. Yet because someone is famous, not only do people condone it, but they eagerly await the next unflattering or awkward shot to appear in the magazines by the checkouts so they can laugh about it, maybe discuss it with friends and pull the person to pieces as a way of passing a lunch break/journey hope/evening with friends. Not only is there nothing which can be done about it, people seem quite happy with the fact that paps get paid to do it – oftentimes a vast sum of money – they’re making a living doing something which would be illegal if it were happening to someone of a different job or set of circumstances.

        Paps are frequently rude, foul-mouthed, obnoxious and intimidating to the people they photograph, partly because if you manage to make someone feel angry, upset, vulnerable, then they are more likely to lose control, and then Oh BOY do they get the big payday and recognition (or infamy)! Also partly because there’s a certain level of arrogance in a lot of them, stemming from this sense of entitlement to be doing what they’re doing which they have. As if it’s a basic right for them to hound people and bring down their image some, with a photograph, which can always be taken out of context and I guarantee you that those will be the shots chosen to go out to newspapers, magazines, websites and photo agencies, who also hold an archive, so they’re there to be dragged out whenever they can just add that little “edge” to a story.

        Unfortunately, when you have a group of paps together, there’s frequently competition between them because you need to get there first with your shots to sell them for as much as possible before the market becomes flooded with choice and media can drive the cost down. Couple that with the possibility that some feel they have something to prove when around a group like that, and again some paps become more arrogant, rude etc to the person they’re trying to capture on camera. At the end of the day, they may have only left the house or hotel go and buy tampons, or diarrhea tablets – who needs a pack of vultures on your back, snapping away when you feel like that?

        Of course Kristen’s still immature – she still young and learning. I doubt any of us here now can sit back and look piously smug that we’ve never done anything similar, comparable in our own lives. The difference is, we have the luxury of making these mistakes, particularly while we are still growing up, in relative privacy. Certainly we’re not going to wake up to embarrassing photos or video plastered all over the internet and the morning papers, where parents can read and enjoy (sarcasm – not implying anything more by that), where your chidren can see and be teased about how mummy flashed her knickers at the newspaper man, or was sick in a carpark after too much to drink etc etc.

        Anyways, as I’ve said, just because someone is in the public eye or has a public lifestyle, that does not mean that everything about them and every moment of their lives are public property. “Private life” when in regards actors etc doesn’t just mean “outside of work life” … it should mean PRIVATE. We all need a certain level of privacy in order to not feel constantly under attack/seige (when we’re constantly feeling under attack, it’s not unusual to react with anger towards whatever, or whoever, is making you feel that way), to be able to relax, to feel secure in ourselves. Now, privacy IS a right – for everyone.

        (Oh and PS – I’m a freelance photographer, with most of my work being photographing gigs, festivals, independent movies behind-the-scenes stuff and various live events, so I do have some experience around other photographers. Despite the money to be made at it, I have never, nor would I, pap people because I think it’s rude, unpleasant, unnecessary and a complete violation of a person. No matter whether I like or dislike someone famous, I wouldn’t invade their privacy in that way.)

      32. addiesays:


      33. opinion as they say we all have one, (butt) they Stink

      34. ForwardEarthsays:

        Nobody says that.

      35. Martyo78says:

        Flipping the bird is not offensive in any way shape or form m8 , flipping the bird is an affectionate up yours pal! Chill out

      36. Francescasays:

        The reason she booed the paps at OTR in France is because they were all booing her first. There are videos on youtube to prove this.

        However, I agree she shouldn’t have said ‘I hate you’ to that pap that was just standing there, that was uncalled for. But, the majority of paparazzi are extremely rude to her (which you don’t see in the pictures or videos because they cut out so as to just make her look bad) I know this because I have been around Kristen at the same time the paps were there. They were calling her some extremely rude names that I don’t wish to repeat and she kept her cool, just by donning her sunglasses, looking at the ground at ignoring them (in, might I say, an extremely mature way), which is something I admire. If someone had been calling me names like that I would have completely lost my cool and had a proper go at them, calling them every name under the sun. She did not do that which is something I respect. And yes, I know that she does do that sometimes, but after what I witnessed I can honestly say I don’t blame her. Futhermore, while this particular pap at Cannes hadn’t done anything and didn’t deserve that comment you can still see why she said it. Everyone has their breaking point and, it seems, this was hers.

        As for your comment about her ‘immaturity’ I disagree. Perhaps this is because I have simply seen more interviews of her where she shares her thoughts and beliefs in a respectful, interesting way. Some of the thoughts she has shared in interviews have been about some very important issues and it has quite honestly astonished me how clever and mature she can be. Just because she is fairly awkward and finds it hard to express herself in certain interviews does not in any way detract from what a thought-provoking, honest and incredibly real actress she is. The fact that she takes a while to answer and stutters occasionally means that she has really thought about her answer so that she can give the most truthful one. At least she isn’t fake, like many young actresses in Hollywood.

        However, I know that anything I say is most probably not going to change your mind about, just as this article apparently didn’t. Truthfully, it saddens me that you can’t let go of your resentment of this beautiful young women to see what a truly incredible person she is. You are missing out on what is sure to be an incredible journey and an incredible career, that I will most definitely be there to witness at every point.

  5. Kathy Girouxsays:

    You are now my favorite writer! Thank you for noticing what we true Kristen fans have known for years. She is a REAL gem!

  6. Lisasays:

    Everything you’ve said is what I love about her. Thank you.

    1. Rebeccasays:

      It’s sad that you have to go back to 2004 to find a good performance for her. WTTR was dreadful, and she was dreadful in it. None of her indies has ever made a profit, including Adventureland. In that film she plays a girl who has an affair with a married man (so how much real acting ability was involved there?).

      If she hadn’t been in the Twilight franchise, she’d still be making those indies that no one pays to see and she would have faded into obscurity by now. Her own actions in her private life had negated the success of the franchise she was in and made it very difficult for to even get a chance to be in a quality film. Jen, Emma, Saiorise, etc. are getting offered the good roles. They’ve proved that they’re easy to work with and drama-free, not to mention extremely talented.

      1. 1. Not many indies make a big profit.

        2.Jennifer Lawrence’s debut in “Winter’s Bone” a low profit indie earned her an Oscar nod. I wouldn’t put down indies(Silver Linings,anyone?)

        3. She has received more praise for her performances in indies than the “blockbusters”.

        4. Twilight probably hurt her more than helped but she is the same talented actor

        5.I agree, who are her agents? and she needs more indies.
        6. Again, your hate is shining through.

      2. Rebeccasays:

        I’m not putting down indies. Little Miss Sunshine and The King’s Speech were indies, they can make money and win Oscars, the actors just have to turn in good performances.

        Not hate, just the truth. Can you handle the truth? Where are the lies?

      3. That would be your truth,therefore just opinions. I obviously see talent where you don’t and that is my opinion and the person writing this article. And I didn’t have to be snide.

      4. Common Sensesays:

        In your post.

      5. Common Sensesays:

        Jen and Emma are fake as pressed on nails and tell people what they want to hear with big plastic smiles on their faces. THAT’S why they get jobs, cuz it sure isn’t their horrible acting! Drama free? HA. Kristen isn’t dramatic either, but she is honest, and the press eats that up and makes drama. You have no idea what any of them are really like, stop pretending you do and get off your high horse (and get taste- you obviously lack it).

        Saoirse isn’t very up and coming. I can name two, three movies she’s done and she’s never been in a real blockbuster or super successful movie. Ironically, her career reminds me quite a bit of Kristen’s pre-Twilight career, doing less successful but interesting movies till she gets her big break.

  7. Shanesays:

    Greatt article! I have always liked her since Into the Wild.

  8. Have loved this actress for a long time now and am continually amazed at the narrow minded opinions of people that have not seen her other work outside of Twilight. She is seriously one of the best actresses out there now and I dont give a sh.. about her personal life. (and she played Bella just as the character was written, people seem to forget that)!

    1. Carolinasays:

      “and she played Bella just as the character was written, people seem to forget that” ……This right here is the truth & the most honest description of her performance in Twilight! 🙂

      1. CLovesays:

        Totally agree. Have always said that, that Kristen’s acting in Twilight is spot on Bella in the books. Why there are people who’ve read the books missed that or simply refuse to admit it is beyond me.

    2. lucascottsays:

      I’ve seen every movie that Stewart has been in and her acting was decent. Not good, not great, decent. For every role she’s been in, I can think of 5 other actresses that would have done a much better job.

      1. Bubsysays:

        Oh really? 5 other actresses could have played Joan Jett better than her in The Runaways? I can’t think of even one.

  9. Davesays:

    No she’s still insufferable. I’ll be glad when her 15 minutes are up.

    1. Aimeesays:

      You’re entitled to your opinion (though I strongly disagree with it) but you do realize she’s been famous for waaayy longer than 15 minutes, right? She’s pretty much already proven her staying power, and established herself as an actress. She’s not going anywhere.

      1. Daniellesays:

        Especially with her dedicated, strong fanbase, HELL NO she’s not going anywhere! 🙂

      2. Stephensays:

        Her fanbase is a liability. They make her look even worse. Their militant obsession with attacking anyone who doesn’t like her makes people like her even less. Plus who wants to work with someone who has a fanbase that is so involved with every aspect of her life?

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        The people who have hired her to work in the approximately 30 movies she’s been involved in don’t seem to mind that she has an international fan base.

      4. Stephensays:

        She isn’t getting jobs now though is she? The fact that she has a fanbase isn’t the problem, it’s the way they act.

      5. cocoapurlsays:

        Yes, she is getting jobs. She has The Big Shoe and a second Snow White movie. She’s also in talks for Seasons of Dust, with James Franco. Her fan base is loyal and shows their enthusiasm for her projects at the box office. The fan base is not the problem. It’s the rabid haters/detractors that cause problems.

      6. Stephensays:

        The only film of hers that has done well at the box office besides Twilight is Snow White and I suspect that had more to do with the star power of Charlize Theron and Christ Hemsworth

      7. cocoapurlsays:

        You “suspect” wrong. It was Kristen’s fan base that just last weekend put in about 1,500,000 votes in a Best Hero poll for SWATH, for the MTVMAs. It took 3 fanbases, her haters, a robot arm, etc, to outvote her fan base for this. It was her fan base that went to see SWATH 4 or 5 times at the box office. Just read the Forbes article that was just released using SWATH as an example of why she and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are exceptional box office stars.

      8. So how do you explain the dismal box office for all her other non-Twilight films?

      9. cocoapurlsays:

        Why do I have to? She’s been in 6 movies out of thirty that have done about $4 billion dollars at the box office. Her smaller, low budget, limited release movies don’t do as well as her big budget nationally released movies, which is what you can say for just about every other actor working in Hollywood right now. So, why would I have to offer an explanation regarding Kristen Stewart for something that’s common when these types of passion projects are done. Her star power was able to get On the Road finally turned into a film. That, within itself, is prestigious. Nobody expected it do to do Snow White numbers, unless you’re a little delusional.

      10. I’m not the delusional one, but you’re going on about all these Kristen fans turning up for SWATH, but where were they for her other movies. Twilight had a built in fan base, she was not the draw as much as the book itself, then Robert and then to a lesser extent Kristen and Taylor (going by on-line polls, fan activity etc). SWATH had Chris Hemsworth, you can’t deny his box office draw, it wasn’t all on Kristen. Noone is expecting massive box office for On the Road, but it should have done better if Kristen is such a major draw. All three of the Twilight trio still have a lot to prove in that respect.

      11. cocoapurlsays:

        Oh, I will NEVER deny Chris Hemsworth’s box office draw. But, others are quick to deny Kristen’s box office draw. However, it wasn’t Thor fans that bought 6 or 7 tickets to see him be Eric, The Huntsman and everybody in Hollywood knows this and there have been several articles stating this obvious fact. How did Red Dawn do at the box office? Not too good. It didn’t even recoup it’s budget and it wasn’t a limited release. On the Road got mixed reviews and didn’t get any award buzz. It has done close to $9 million dollars at the box office, which is better than Robert Pattinson’s Comopolis did at the box office. It should’ve done better? Okay, if you say so. I think it did well, despite controvery, mixed reviews, and a limited release before a staggered platform release. To-ma-toes, to-mah-toes.

      12. $9 mil on a $25 mil budget, not good. Cosmopolis did better in the US, despite having a smaller release. Like I said, Pattinson still needs to prove his box office appeal, though both Water For Elephants and Remember made a profit, but he still has a lot of work to do. So does Kristen. She is not yet bona fide box office star. Despite how much you (and her publicist) try and say she is.

      13. cocoapurlsays:

        lol What’s your point? $44 million dollars on a $65 million dollar budget is not good either. So, does that mean that Chris Hemsworth is not a bona fide box office star? Yeah, Robert’s mainstream, nationally released movies did well at the box office and made a profit. Combined, they didn’t do as well as SWATH. After 6 movies that gross $4 billion dollars at the box office, I beg to differ with you that she is not a box office star. So what if Robert’s indie did marginally better in the U.S.? That just means that they both have a devoted international fan base that’s more interested in their smaller movies. Despite how much you (and her other haters) try and say that she’s isn’t a box office star, she is. We can agree that we disagree.

      14. All stars have flops, including Hemsworth, kristen has just had more than most. I’m not a hater, just a realist. Why her fans can’t tell the difference is beyond me.

      15. cocoapurlsays:

        Bull! This is reality. Kristen has done MORE movies than most her age. She’s done small films and short-films, with first-time directors, that have to be shopped at film festivals to be financed and then get a limited release. Of course they have a smaller box office than her movies with a bigger budget, from a major studio. Twilight was a low-budget indie that turned into a blockbuster, from a mini-major. A flop is a national, big budget, multi-screen release from a major studio (MGM), like Red Dawn, that doesn’t make it’s budget back. Nobody would call The Cake Eaters a flop. That would be completely ludicrous. But, keep comparing apples to oranges. That’s really “realistic.” Why her detractors can’t tell the difference between a low-budget, indie movie and a big-budget national release is beyond me?

      16. Wolfsays:

        Her fanbase voting multiple times still couldn’t make her win. She lost to Bilbo in The Hobbit, a real hero. Snow White wasn’t a hero, she should never even have been nominated. MTV was just pandering to her fans to get them to their website because they totally snubbed her for BD2 and SWATH.

      17. cocoapurlsays:

        So what? I’m not concerned about whether or not she won an MTVMA poll and I’m sure MTV was catering to her fan base. Hmm…I wonder why that is? It couldn’t be because their numbers are in the millions and we boost their ratings could it? I’ll let you work that out on your own. Take Advil for any headaches.
        Also, it took 3 fan bases and her haters to FINALLY catch up to a PORTION of Kristen’s fan base. Most were boycotting and the rest really didn’t care. So, a portion of Kristen’s fan base causes three different groups of people to have to vote non-stop to beat one little Princess Snow. That is HYSTERICAL!!!!! But, you seem proud of it, so I’ll let you have your moment…Times up! The entire cast of BD2 was snubbed, but Kristen wasn’t snubbed for SWATH because, in fact, she was nominated for Best Hero. *smdh* Anyway, I don’t understand the purpose of pointing out that her fanbase voted multiple times when that’s what everybody that was voting did, but I guess somewhere in your mind your comment is valid.

        Of course, Snow White is a hero. The only other character in the category who wasn’t an anti-hero was Bilbo Baggins. Batman, Ironman, and Catwoman shouldn’t have been in the category at all.


      18. Blasays:

        All you do is bla..bla..bla..Hobbit is the worths movie I ever seen waste my hard earn money damn!!

      19. Seannie5says:

        Nope, a lot of it was to do with Kristen. She’s the only actor from Twilight to have box office success. Sorry 🙂

      20. Heathersays:

        Liar. Both Water For Elephants and Remember Me made a profit, and they weren’t big studio, big budget fairy tale action/adventure movies.

        Rob has had more success on his own than she has with SWATH. He carried his two films, one a period picture and one a heavy drama with a tragic ending, not a happy ending. SWATH had a huge promo/advertising budget, and it had Thor and Charlize, both of whom brought in fans. Stewart can’t claim sole credit for SWATH making a small profit.

        And all her other indies have been giant bombs, not even making their production budgets back. No one expects them to be blockbusters, but there’s a difference between having a respectable box office and a total flop. Hers have been total flops.

      21. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        You need to go read the Forbes article about Kristen…

      22. Seannie5says:

        What about how you Rob Pattinson fans act towards Kristen, Stephen? Sending false info to tabloids in a bid to hurt her, and having it backfire when paparazzi throw it in Rob’s face at the airport.. and he still goes home to Kristen!!

      23. She has a fiercely loyal and supportive fan base and anyone hating on her because of this is beyond comprehension.

      24. Seannie5says:

        Stephen, you are here trying to convince people of something that they will never agree with. Just sayin’

      25. S Csays:

        Congratulations, you just described the fanbase of pretty much every famous celebrity out there.

      26. Guestsays:

        Where was her “dedicated fanbase” for On the Road? Welcome to the Rileys? The Runaways? They were all massive flops. Her “fans” are Bella fans. They only go see her films when she’s in a hugely publicized fantasy franchise, like Twilight or SWATH And then they get to see her propped up between 2 hunks who actually carry the movies, or a great female villan like Charlize.

        On her own, she’s a blah. She can’t sell tickets. That’s what producers are looking at. They’ve got her number. She’s not a great actress and she’s not a movie star. She’s plain and ordinary, no special qualities to attract the ticket buying public. Her 15 minutes are almost up.

      27. Tinesays:

        Guest, hate to repeat it for you so scroll up and read the recent comments. But as preview, I’ll say this: If she can’t sell tickets, OTR wouldn’t have claimed that Kristen’s involvement with the film green-lighted OTR for production.

    2. deannasays:

      Obviously, it’s you whose 15 minutes is up. Good riddance.

    3. wait, was this comment made for Jlaw? cause that’s exactly what should happen to her. Kristen has been in the business since she was 9! please explain to me how that is 15 minutes? She’s relevant, always. Jlaw, however, is crazy overrated.

      1. kisssays:

        At least JenLaw can act, is likable and clean and not fake hipster like Kstew with her mouth hanging open who can’t act and looks like white trash. Get a life

      2. Jesssays:

        That’s your opinion. I, however,think that she cannot act at all. She bores me to tears. If you want to call anyone fake, that would be jlaw 🙂 Get a life? Um, sweetheart, you do realize that you’re here, too? Not to mention commenting on an article that it about someone you do not like. I actually have a since reason to be viewing this article.

      3. kisssays:

        If this article is about Kristen then why the hell author is comparing her to Jennifer they are nothing alike they have different career’s and personalites if jen bores you to tears you have poor taste Kristen is not better than Jen in any way yes everybody has different opinion but kristen just isn’t likable to me and cheating proves that and im not intrested at looking at her front teeth every time i try to see her movie

      4. Jesssays:


  10. Pat383says:

    Thank you !!! This was very refreshing to read something great about a great actor because she is like you said

    1. Guestsays:

      She’s unpopular on a worldwide basis for a reason. Here are a few reasons why:

      Kristen Stewart has been named the least sexy actress in Hollywood.

      The ‘Twilight Saga’ actress – who was embroiled in a scandal last year when she cheated on her co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders – earned the dubious distinction in a poll of British men ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday (24.02.13), beating the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Lindsay Lohan.

      A spokesperson for Men’s gadget website Menkind.co.uk, which conducted the poll, said: ‘Our Oscars poll has been a fascinating insight into the minds of British men. It’s shown that sexiness is far more than appearance.

      ‘They were turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don’t want to see unhealthily skinny starlets on the big screen.’

      Kristen, 22, eclipsed ‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah, 47, who ranked second, while troubled redhead Lindsay, 26, came third.

      1. Sioksays:

        They are not men they are just little boys who likes women with FAKE BIG BOOB !!! They vote with their PENTIS. !!!

      2. Alexsays:

        And she was just named one of People Mag beautiful people of 2013. I think she’s exceptionally beautiful.

      3. Guestsays:

        Her PR people made sure she got mentioned in People mag, they had too, after she popped up as the second most hated woman in Hollywood and the least sexiest actress in the world. Those kinds of things damage her already tarnished image.

        Beauty is more than skin deep, and last July Kristen showed the world what her true character was when she was caught lying and cheating with a married man twice her age. Where’s the inner beauty? Sadly lacking.

      4. Alexsays:

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I appreciate this article for mentioning the things I as a fan see in her. I can forgive what happened in July. If you can’t that is your right. But she is not irrelevant to me and her many fans.

      5. Common Sensesays:

        So I take it you also find Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and many many many other women ugly too for their bad choices.

        Or heck, not even cheating. Jennifer Lawrence proudly shames the bodies of other women. Beyonce is a racist and drama queen. Emma Watson is a two-faced hypocritical attention whore. You must also find them homely.

      6. newlife12says:

        Do you really think a British poll of 1000 men is particularly representative of anything?

      7. Debbie B.says:

        “Kristen Stewart has been named the least sexy actress in Hollywood.” Yea, by British men. Like Britain holds any true authority when it comes down to who’s attractive. Oh please.

  11. nattsays:

    She is indeed a good actress and Into the wild is one of my favorites,I wish her all the best of luck in the future!

  12. Thank you so much for finally stating the obvious! Hopefully many people will see your article! Kristen is an amazing young woman and a gifted actress. It is sad to think that so many people are willing to make a judgement of her without really taking the time to explore the things she has done. There are many vocal people out there that choose to demean Kristen because they are jealous and have no other way to bring her down. Unfortunately, they truly ARE vocal and their opinions are readily accepted by people who don’t know any better. I wish there were more people out there that would stand up for Ms. Stewart. Thank you for taking the time to do so!

  13. Annesays:

    Wonderful article, I share the same thought and I’m glad to know I’m not alone. People have decided what you think of Kristen independent qualuqer thing indeed to see a prejudice to her. But she is talented, intelligent and honest and trust in their career choices.

  14. blisssays:

    thank you this is one of the articles that are worth it. I admire kristen so much and love her movies. I totally loved welcome to the rileys.

  15. Great article and I agree with everything you’ve said. She really is one of the best actresses right now and I’ve no doubt that she has a very bright future ahead of her.

    1. Mariosays:

      If she were really one of the best actresses right now, she wouldn’t have been unemployed for the past year and half. And she would have several films lined up instead of nothing. SWATH 2 may or may not ever be made, they announced that they want to do it, but they still don’t have a script, director or start date.

      Jim Sturgess is comimitted to a Kate Beckinsale film that begins shooting June 24th, so he’s hardly going to be able to film The Big Shoe and this other movie at the same time. Data for TBS hasn’t been updated on IMDB since Dec, 2012, but this new film’s data was updated just a couple of weeks ago. So it looks like The Big Shoe has no start date, either.

      If she was an actress of the caliber you claim, she wouldn’t have to take small roles in low budget movies with no name directors and co-stars. Or jump at the chance to be in a movie that’s been kicking around since 2006 with no funding.

      1. newlife12says:

        She’s always been in indies and clearly likes doing them. That has nothing to do with whether or not she’s an actress of high caliber.

      2. newlife12says:

        She’s always been in indies and clearly likes doing them. That has nothing to do with whether or not she’s an actress of high caliber.

  16. Dianasays:

    I have followed this young woman’s body of work after watching her extraordinary performance in Panic Room as a child actor and have loved her ever since for all the reasons you just elaborated in your wonderful article. Thank you so much for being unbiased and not tainted in your opinions by the media and the social network but using facts and feedback from her peers and prestigious people in the industry. Kristen by all standards is an amazing actor, and she just turned 23!

    1. Claresays:

      Where were all those peers and prestigious people in the industry last July? I didn’t see any of them rushing to her defense when she was caught cheating with Rupert Sanders. There are standards, and having an affair with your married director is frowned upon, even in Hollywood. It took months for even Jodie Foster to write her strange piece in the HuffPo, and that wasn’t so much a defense as it was complaining about paps.

      You notice no one from Twilight or SWATH stepped up to defend her. What she did was trashy and showed an extreme lack of character. She didn’t just make a mistake, she deliberately chose to cheat with the husband of a woman who had befriended her. All of you women praising her now wouldn’t be so happy about a 22 year old girl going after your husband, would you? Wake up and smell the coffee.

      1. You don’t know shit.

      2. Claresays:

        And you’re so informed? You can always tell a KStew fan, they can’t follow a logical point of view, and they swear. I guess like attracts like.

      3. You’re right, very few stood up for her. She had to stand on her own two feet and face the music. A very young woman, that handled a situation poorly and gave a public apology. I believe we saw an uncomfortable embrace and a kiss. I saw no proof of an affair. Did she receive any understanding for making a mistake? No she was mercilessly ripped apart in the media,on blogs, tabloids…..I have a daughter and know she will make mistakes. I hope the no one treats her as cruelly as this young woman.

      4. Libertysays:

        Actually, your blind adoration speaks volumes about your own broken or non-existent moral compass. Kristen actions prove to be quite selfish and many lives have been altered because she didn’t choose to say, “No.’ Keep on defending that as you see fit.

      5. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        Your halo is tarnished and leaning precipitously on your head, and you’re very close to be shoved off your holier-than-thou pedestal…

      6. Blind adoration? Are you kidding me? I simply don’t believe this 23 year old woman is the evil monster that you do. How you can tell what my “moral compass” is by one comment speaks volumes about who you are, pious and judgemental. Hope you are happy in that glass house.

      7. Common Sensesays:

        You’re confusing the fans for the haters, such as yourself. Then again, Kristen hate-on stans never were particularly bright or good at this thing called “differentiating”, as that’s the whole reason they see her as Bella.

      8. Dianasays:

        Your entire comment is on her personal life which is not of interest to me and, obviously to the writer, as we are focusing on her as an actor. We know nothing about the truth, only what was being fed to the rabid haters by the tabs and rags who were getting richer by the minute from the misery of another human being who does not deserve it

      9. Byrdsays:

        How easy it is for someone to bash her, when you sit behind your computer judging her from home. You’re perfect, right? You’ve never made a misktake, right? SHE KISSED HIM. GET OVER IT!! Why did you say “She went after a married man”. So he’s innocent? Get outta here with that nonsense!

      10. In what universe does a couple of kisses in a car and a rather chaste embrace by two fully clothed people standing beside a public street –he never touches any hot zones, she never faces or even looks at him–constitute and affair? In the universe of the tabloids, where a “momentary indiscretion” can be turned into a HUGE GIGANTIC CHEATING SCANDAL and keep a dozen tabloids’ budgets in the black for a year. Clare, cheating would have required a motel. There was no motel.

      11. lucascottsays:

        Cheating does NOT require a motel. Anyone that says that likely also thinks that Bill Clinton didn’t cheat on his wife because penis never went into vagina (according to him).

      12. bfg666says:

        We don’t know if Hillary knew it beforehand, so we don’t know if it can be called cheating. What we DO know is that she condoned it by staying with him, so your point is moot.

      13. newlife12says:

        OMG – how ridiculous. Hillary Clinton did not condone her husband’s cheating by staying with him. She forgave him, which is not the same as saying it’s okay.

      14. bfg666says:

        Hah! Same diff. If you accept a situation, then you’re OK with it, period.

      15. bfg666says:

        Please explain how (supposedly) cheating shows “extreme lack of character”… At any rate, I would’ve said the opposite, since it requires balls to stray off the accepted norm in such a judgemental society.

      16. Common Sensesays:

        I never heard of Liberty befriending her. And you act like she screwed him or something. Kissing him isn’t all right, but that was all she did, yet people act like she held his family up at knife point and raped the guy!

        Why aren’t you criticizing a grown man going after a 22 year old girl? Wake up and use a LITTLE common sense.

  17. Stephensays:

    She’s awful, she plays every character the same way, they all have the same ‘ticks’ they all sound like fed up mouth breathers. She is in her 20’s and has yet to play anyone in their 20’s. She keeps going for these promiscuous teenager roles and given her now ‘cheater’ reputation you’d think she’d stay away from them. I’ll be glad when she had faded back into obscurity and stops trying to push her ‘realness’ in our faces, because it’s fake. Hopefully her fanbase fades with her, the teens and 40 something’s are rabid.

    1. Larasays:

      Her fanbase won’t go anywhere. We are here to prove people like you that Kristen Stewart is here to stay and she will stay ’cause she is the actress Hollywood needs. “Cheater reputation”, your argument is invalid man, she was 22 and young people DO make mistakes. Move on. Kristen is nothing but real.

      1. Stephensays:

        Her fanbase is the problem. They are too militant and too overbearing. As far as I know Kristen Stewart doesn’t have much in the way of work lined up, there are a lot of actresses her age that are better and can actually sell a movie. As for her cheater reputation and the ‘young people make mistakes’ line that you are trying to feed me. I think getting a hideous tattoo or falling out of a club drunk is a mistake. What she did was career suicide. Especially when she was already disliked by most people outside of her unfailingly rabid fanbase.

      2. Larasays:

        Then as far as you know, you don’t know her at all. Judging someone because of a mistake, and not a career suicide ’cause her profesional life is fine, doesn’t make you any better. Her fanbase is dedicated and people are always surprised to see that she has a lot of fans behind her ready to take her back and tbh we don’t care about what haters say, we will always defend her. We know what she is capable of and this article is everything we tried to say.

      3. Stephensays:

        Just because you have found one person:article that agrees with you, it doesn’t validate your opinion. There are plenty of reviewed out there that disagree. And her professional life is fine? Tell me more about all the films she is working on now.

      4. Well she’s set to film The Big Shoe around summer time with Jim Sturgess and Elizabeth Banks and she has Snow White and the Huntsman 2 and she’s in talks to join Seasons of Dust opposite James Franco.

      5. Larasays:

        Snow White 2, The big shoe, and Season of Dust, to come. And no again, every single person that worked with her or only met her say the same thing : she is the realest person they ever met. Jodie Foster, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck and the list is long.
        Anyway, people that hate Kristen have always the same argument, nothing new here but we won’t change our mind about the girl that we follow for years now and we won’t stop defending her, like it or not.

      6. cocoapurlsays:

        The Big Shoe
        Snow White 2
        Seasons of Dust

      7. Seannie5says:

        ‘What she did was career suicide. ‘

        LMFAO! Stephen, you are killing me! Your bitterness and desperation is TO THE MAX!!!

      8. twc21says:

        Stephen: I always find it amusing when people like you come on a blog to negatively comment on a story and then is offended when others give valid info to explain the things you’re commenting on. You’re certainly entitled to your negative opinion but please base it on facts instead of personal hate and anger. Kristen made a mistake and apologized for it. Have you never made a mistake in your life? If you haven’t then maybe you shouldn’t be wasting your time writing on blogs…you need to be healing the sick and raising the dead.

      9. Velma Holmessays:

        I’ve counted five of your downer comments so far. If you do
        not admire Kristen’s work and dislike her fan club what are you doing on a site dedicated to her where you know that you will meet us whom you term militant. If you love someone then you defend them the best you can. Some are young and do it harshly paying you back in kind. But some are educated, smart people who are more peaceable but no less firm. Do you enjoy butting your head against a brick wall? Because that’s what we are a defensive wall between the people whose intent is to bash Kristen. Since you want none of her nor of us may I kindly suggest you let your fingers walk the other way the next time you see one of her sites. There. That nice enough for you?

      10. Apparently this young girl must have something going for her to have you sitting at your computer obsessively typing away on an article about someone you dont like. If, as you say, she is such a terrible actress and person, maybe your best bet is to follow one of your favorites on their articles and post your admiration for them. As you can tell here, the more people put down and cyber-bully this young actress (whom you dont know and never will), the more defenders she gains. People are fed-up with the treatment of her and are standing up for her and behind her. And that, my dear, is what a true fan is supposed to do.

    2. deesays:

      What are the characters she’s played the same way? Give us specifics or you’re nothing. Your comments show that you are ignorant and have not watched her movies but just jumping in the bandwagon of the haters.

      1. Stephensays:

        This is exactly what I am talking about. Why can’t her fans handle any form of criticism? I mentioned that every character has the same ticks, playing with her hair because she’s finding it hard to express emotion and needs something to do, same with the stupid signs that she does and clicking of her mouth. Her characters are mostly promiscuous troubled teens in one way or another.

      2. cocoapurlsays:

        I have no problem with what you’re saying. It’s just not the truth. She doesn’t mostly play troubled, promiscuous teens. Bella wasn’t promiscuous. Her character in Speak wasn’t promiscuous. She wasn’t promiscuous in The Cake Eaters and she wasn’t “troubled.” She was dying and wanted to have certain experiences before she did. She wasn’t troubled or promiscuous in Zathura. So, what you’re saying is factually incorrect.

      3. Seannie5says:

        hahahaha Stephen is foaming at the mouth :p

        Kristen is awesome!!

      4. Velma Holmessays:

        Because complete strangers and would be enemies have no business criticizing the people that we love,( Rob and Kristen,) for their own petty amusement. You are not a fan. You are more like a boy in charge of the hazing at a military school. Go harrass someone over a wrinkled uniform or something why don’t you. And straighten up and quit whining each time you meet resistance. You ARE in enemy territory you jackass!

      5. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        If you made any sense, we might be able to handle criticism…but just blind, jumping-on-the hate bandwagon irritates us…spouting garbage without any real reasons or proof just doesn’t cut it…

    3. Carolinasays:

      The so called “cheater” reputation is ridiculously unfair to her as an actress! She should be judged on her work and her talent, not on her personal life who is nobody’s business!

      1. Stephensays:

        She made her personal life up for public speculation when she cheated in public and then apologized publicly. Maybe it is unfair to judge her in this, but in Hollywood, image and talent are a package deal. If you’re not liked by anyone it doesn’t matter how talented you are.

      2. Seannie5says:

        Ohhh Stephennnnnnn, Kristennnnnn is amazinggggggg!

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        Obviously, it’s not true that she’s not liked by everyone. You’re actually arguing with her fans. That’s a completely illogical statement.

      4. Velma Holmessays:

        You are not everyone, Weren’t you just acomplaining about this HUGE “militant” fan base that is so devoted to her?

    4. ‘She keeps playing these promiscuous teenager roles’ In Panic Room she played an 11 year old who suffered from diabetes, in Speak she played a young girl who was raped, in The Cake Eaters she played a young girl with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare disease that currently has no cure, in In The Land of Women she plays a girl who has to deal with her mother’s breast cancer, in Welcome to The Rileys she played a girl who had no other option other than stripping because her life was very difficult, in Adventureland she played a girl who has a troubled home life and who resents her father for remarrying soon after her mother’s death. So you’ll see, no she does not play a promiscuous teenager all the time, and as for her fading away yeah I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon. So suck it.

      1. Stephensays:

        How eloquent and mature of you. In Adventureland she sleeps around with and including a married man. In The Land Of Women, she also goes for an older guy. On The Road…well. She’s easy in Into The Wild.

      2. I can assure that I am in fact mature than you because I don’t spend my time arguing with people over actors that I dislike. If there’s an actor that I don’t like I just ignore them I don’t go and read articles and post comments about her because unlike you I actually have a life 🙂

      3. Stephensays:

        No, I stated my opinion and everyone else started this ‘argument’ with me and commented on my opinion.

      4. Tinesays:

        Gee Stephen, you’re the one calling out people for being immature when they are being anything but that. If you are so mature, why can’t you discuss calmly with the people here without calling everyone who replies to you a “fan who can’t take a negative opinion on Kristen.” As far as I can see, most replies to your statements were mature and reasonable. If there’s a loophole to your statements, people are going to argue with you. Just like you argue with people who you think are illogical. Also, if you can’t handle an argument, may I suggest that you don’t visit message boards anymore? Because there is a reason why reply buttons are placed under every comment. And if you’re so adamant to not argue with people and have everyone agreeing to whatever you say, best that you go to sites where they spend their time stalking Kristen/her fans and hating on her/them. That’s…really mature. Maybe it’ll suit you.

      5. Velma Holmessays:

        Well said, Nadia, well said Every now and then we all run into people who are a horse’s a$$. When that happens you just have to stand back and wait for them to empty their gut ot they wander off. The horse, Stephen, isn’t going anywhere. He’s really full of it and he likes to move, sort of spread it around. If he was a real horse he’d be spattered to his knees by now, but he does seem to be having a good time. He aint looking for nothing but a good time, as the song goes, and it don’t get better than this. All of us earnest well intentioned fans will just have to wait until he runs out of gas. hahahaha.

      6. Seannie5says:

        Oh Stephen, you give yourself away…. trying to sound on the fence until you just cannot take it any more lol

      7. Velma Holmessays:


      8. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        Hey, moron, you know these are film roles, don’t you? You do realize that actors in real life aren’t the roles they play on screen, don’t you? C’mon……

  18. Hanna Jonessays:

    I think there are many young actresses better than Kristen Stewart and they don’t get the value that Kristen gets. I havent seen anything ”AMAZING” in this girl yet.
    I’d rather pay to see JenLaw, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Saoirse Ronan. here are truly amazing young actresses that deserve notoriety and success.

    1. Well, at least, just like us Kristen fans. you promote what you love and not spew hate on her. I get it because I love Kristen and not fond of Jenlaw. Saoirse or the other actresses you just mentioned.

    2. cocoapurlsays:

      Good thing the article says that she’s ONE of the best. See, you can still have an opinion. Also, I don’t there’s anyone more deserving of her success than Kristen. She’s worked her ass off since she was 9 years old, sometimes 3 or 4 movies a year. She deserves the rewards from her work ethic.

    3. Janicesays:

      I agree with you, Stewart isn’t in the same class as JenLaw or Saoirse Ronan, or Emma Stone or any other number of young, talented actresses. They are the ones who are getting offered the good scripts, while Stewart can’t even get auditions for Lifetime movies. Her career is down the drain, and no matter how much Ruth floats rumors about upcoming movies, they don’t pan out.

      Stewart had to either drop out or was fired from Cali, Focus isn’t happening with her, again, no one really knows why. She was never offered Lie Down in Darkness, the producer had to make a statement to clear that up after Ruth tried to say she had the part. No married actor wants to work with her, and I don’t blame them. She has more baggage than JFK and she created every single bit of it with her bad behavior.

      1. davidsays:

        Kristen is not in the same class as the actresses you mentioned….she is in a unique and special class that gives her the freedom to pick and choose her projects without the pressure of having to work because of financial reasons or the need for fame and adulation. She can drop out of projects if she feels they are not proceedimg as planned.

    4. Let's Be Truthful...says:

      Hmmm…I thought you were willing to give her a chance after reading this article?

  19. Carolinasays:

    FANTASTIC article!! Thank you so much for understanding Kristen and putting into words what we’ve known about her for years now! She’s young, incredibly talented and has a very bright future ahead of her. She’s a unique gem and loved by a broader base than people think, who are also incredibly loyal. The media has been ridiculously unfair to her and you just nailed it in the head! 🙂

  20. kisssays:

    This “article” is pathetic. She still can’t act and STOP comparing her to Jennifer Lawrence because they are nothing alike and never will. Kristen only can wish

    1. Jesssays:

      Jlaw is a joke! The only reason she won an oscar was because of Weinstein. Her ‘fall’ at the oscars was fake, she’s incredibly rude and narrow-minded, her ‘jokes’ are offensive, she’s quite pretentious, and her distaste for skinny people is repulsive. She also called Jesse’s OCD issues, ‘quirks’. Is her brain the size of a peanut? Sorry that you obviously can’t differ from the crowd! You’re so typical, it’s quite funny. Just follow your little herd because you aren’t able to think out of the lines and cliches. How sad, truly.

      1. kisssays:

        You are a joke. JenLaw’s first nomination had nothing to do with Weinstein so she is better than your idol already. I prefer someone like Jennifer (and she apologised for that comment) than someone who is FAKE, cheater and try hard like Kstew who is 23 years old and has brain of 12 old immature brat

      2. Oops, getting a little defensive, are we? This is what’s wrong with Jlaw and her fans. Meh, not entirely surprising. Might be time for you to get off her tit 🙂 Leo is so much better than her too, and he doesn’t have an Oscar.

      3. kisssays:

        i mean Leo is a guy not a girl so maybe you should compare with someone else but you are not better than me so we should end it here and stop debate. you don’t like Jen i don’t like Kristen i am here because author compared Kstew to Jen and thats it(and i don’t agree with that, they are nothing alike). peace

      4. Sandy Cheekssays:

        I still don’t get how she won the Oscar. Every single nominee in that category was better than her.

  21. Dakosays:

    I really don’t understand why some people insist on Kristen Stewart. she’s awful, terrible performances, drugged face … the most she will be in a few years is the new Lindsay Lohan or perhaps die before 26

    1. Whatevssays:

      You’re a heartless human being.

    2. davidsays:

      Wishing death on somebody who has not done anythimg wrong to you, and frankly, on anyone, is just pure evil and that is what you are. Karma will find a wayto get you whoever you are.

    3. Dionsays:

      She is one step away from the next Lindsey Lohan. All she needs is to get caught at the airport with some weed. She was photographed on the street in LA with a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, and the friend was clearly smoking a hand rolled joint. Not even trying to hide it. That kind of arrogance and disregard for the law will catch up with her sooner or later.

      Her friends have also tweeted pics of her house with a bong on the kitchen cabinet. People dismiss pot smoking, but who knows if that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Drugs would explain the dark circles under her eyes and weird behavior.

      And no one has wished her dead. They’re merely saying that is she keeps on the way she’s been going, anything could happen. It’s not like she’s a walking advertisement for good, clean living, is it?

      1. cocoapurlsays:

        You’re following her and her friends pretty closely, huh? I bet you dream about the day that she’ll get “busted” for having a joint in her pocket. lol You would have a good chance at not seeing a bong on her table (How’d you know it was her table again?) if you weren’t stalking her friends. GET. A. LIFE.

      2. Dionsays:

        Her hipster friends are the ones who put their private pictures on Instagram and tweet about them, you don’t have to go looking for them, they put it out there.

        She’s her own worst enemy, I don’t have to dream about anything, she brings it all on herself. Why don’t you get a life and stop trying to whitewash a girl who has said over and over that she doesn’t care what people think about her?

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        Like I asked before, why are you following her “hipster” friends on instagram? I’m not very familiar with instagram. When people post pictures on the page don’t you actually have to seek them out, or actually go to their page? If she is her own worst enemy, then why are you so concerned about the consequences of the choices she makes in her life? Why are you even reading this article? You are HEAVILY invested in her life, obviously.

        I’m not trying to “whitewash” her and I don’t need to. I don’t give a damn what Kristen does with her friends or even who her friends are. I don’t care who she sleeps with or who she’s in a relationship with. I DEFINITELY don’t know what the table in her house looks like…stalker.
        What does the fact that she doesn’t care what people think about her (thank God) have to do with anything? Try to stay on topic. I do have a life and part of it is being a fan of Kristen Stewart’s work. So, that’s why I’m here. Why are you here?

      4. S Csays:

        Well, the people who claim to hate her dedicate a lot of time in stalking her and her friends. In some cases, they know more about her whereabouts than the actual fans.

      5. Michaelsays:

        Well said Cocoapurl. It is scary how she is stalked maliciously and stalkers using this to judge her and make their own movies of her personal life. I really feel for Kristen and pray for her safety.

      6. Dionsays:

        Why attack someone for having an opinion about KS when she’s said she doesn’t care what people think about her?

        Why not criticize her “friends” who post private pics of her home and life online for all to see? There is a privacy setting for Twitter and Instagram, but her friends put it all out there for the world to see. That’s attention-seeking behavior, which is why so many people think KS is a hypocrite. She claims to want privacy but participates in her friends broadcasting photos of her private life. Two-faced.

        I don’t stalk anyone, their pics are retweeted by people I do follow.

      7. Sandy Cheekssays:

        She wants privacy, yes, she doesn’t want to be hounded by a group of
        creepy stalkers with cameras, people who are rude and intrusive. Her friends behave just like many other people do, they share pictures on a social network, big fucking deal. They hang out and do normal stuff friends usually do together. In most of them, you can’t even see Kristen. It’s not their fault these imbeciles are obsessed with her and stalking her friends just like the people you follow do.

      8. Dionsays:

        BS. Her friends ignore the “private” setting and post private pics on purpose. They want the attention. They are lowlifes and are using her fame to try and get famous themselves. It’s very obvious.

        It’s also obvious that she does nothing to stop them, in fact, it looks like she encourages them. That’s what makes her a hypocrite. You also don’t claim you’re a rebel and then sign on to do ads for perfume, get paid to sit in the front row at fashion shows, and sign on to a franchise instead of doing the indies you claim to love. Her actions don’t match up with her words, but it seems to have all caught up with her now and the world is seeing her for the fraud she is.

      9. Sandy Cheekssays:

        Sigh. Her friends posting pictures on a social network is just what it is – people posting pictures on a social network. Obsessed imbeciles could just stop stalking them and do actually something positive and useful with their free time. How does it look like she is encouraging them? By not forbidding them to do something every other person does? Like I said before, Kristen isn’t even in most of those pictures. Why would she forbid them to post pictures of themselves? They have every right to do so. Please provide an example of her stating that she is a “rebel”.

      10. Tinesays:

        It’s funny how people don’t only want to dictate what Kristen or any celebrity does. They also want to control what their friends do. What next, control the people they randomly pass by in the street? Are you seriously suggesting that Kristen’s friends should stop socializing with the rest of the world because they’re friends with a celebrity? If friends of celebrities need to start acting a certain way now too to appease the public, these celebrities will start hanging out among themselves. The truth is, she can’t control her friends or whoever. No one has to. She refuses to speak about her private life in interviews, that’s her prerogative. But can she tell her friends to act a certain way? No, that’s not her prerogative. On the contrary, I think people should be worried when Kristen starts dictating her friends on how to act.

      11. Sioksays:

        You jealous of her hipster friend , why want to know about kristen so much ? Close your eyes and ears and don’t go to her friends instagram , you dumb

      12. Sandy Cheekssays:

        The sad thing about this is that I am a fan and I don’t stalk her friends on instagram, the fact that you do is just pathetic.

  22. Good Articlesays:

    Nice! One thing that really opened my eyes up about her was how she loves acting so much that she agreed to take a pay cut while filming On The Road. She loved the book, and acting in it so much she did that. Most other actors would demand MORE money. Not her!

  23. cocoapurlsays:

    I love this so much. You’re in my head, writer. Get out of my head! I agree 100% with everything you said.

  24. This is an excellent review of Kristen’s strengths. I have to disagree about her acting in Twilight. She played the part as Stephenie wrote it. You can match her expressions and reactions to the the exact passages in the books. It was actually a remarkable effort. And she is a remarkable talent and individual. Truly authentic. Thanks for a great piece.

    1. Sarasays:

      SO agree with you here! Kristen can’t play what’s not written. She has to be Bella, and to do that it needed to be awkward and unsure. She truly pulled that off considering.

      1. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        Totally agree with you beammeup and Sara…I saw the movies before I read the books and can’t imagine anyone else playing Bella…awkward and unsure…absolutely…and her subtle transformation to a bad-ass vampire…

      2. S.Lsays:

        (This is in reply to all the people above in this particular thread, not just Sara)

        I’ve read the books, and while I am not saying that Kristen is a bad actor nor is she a bad person, I did not love any of the acting in the Twilight movies, especially hers and Edward’s. Bella in the books was not defined as awkward and unsure. Yes, that was a small part of her, but that was not her only attributes. In the book she is also loyal and determined and hot-headed at times, she is a kind soul who struggles with occasional insecurities, albeit perhaps a bit more than the average person. She is an outcast who has come to accept her role in life long before she meets Edward, the vampire who should terrify her and repulse her. She is intuitive and natural, she protects and loves her family and friends, even helping some characters in the books sometimes when their feelings shouldn’t even matter to her after some of their selfishness and their teenage dramatics. She has remarkable bravery in the situations she is thrown into, especially for someone her age and personality. She is excitable and bouncy at times, and grief and despair filled at others. Bella’s awkwardness and unsureness are no where near the whole of her personality. To say that to be Bella that one must be awkward and unsure as if those are the only expectations and the main noticeable characteristics of her character is to demean and undermine her character. Bella has always been a badass, and I think that the Twilight series is one of the many book series which have been portrayed badly in their respective movies.

  25. Melaniesays:

    All I have to say is that im fan 100% she’s captivating, and I’m anyways anxious about what she’s gonna do next. I’ve never felt like that for any other artist out there. She’s great…

    1. Uupssays:

      I’m always ***

  26. Hanna Jonessays:

    as I said, I’m not a big Kristen Stewart fan, but I will give her a chance after reading this article and I hope change my mind about her. What movies she will do this year?

    1. You should try watching Speak, Into the Wild, Panic Room and On the Road. She’s supposed to be filming The Big Shoe with Jim Sturgess and Elizabeth Banks this year.

    2. deannasays:

      You will not be disappointed. She has a unique acting approach that is realistic and believable and it is always about the character, not her. That’s why she was so amazing in Speak where her character did not have a lot of dialogue but she was very effective in showing realistically the emotions of a 14yrs old girl who was raped using non-verbal actions.

      1. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        And she was mesmerizing in Cake Eaters…

    3. Gingersays:

      It doesn’t look like she’ll do any movies this year. Sturgess has signed on to do a film with Kate Beckinsale instead of The Big Shoe (which just seems to be in limbo. No update on it in the past 4 months).

      She’s not doing Focus, and if she does have a part in SWATH2, it won’t even start filming until 2014, they don’t have a script yet. Rumors about her being cast in things pop up, but that’s mostly due to her full time PR person working overtime to make it look like she still has a career after her cheating scandal last July with her SWATH director. His wife finally filed for divorce, after counseling didn’t work. She’s the one who has my sympathies.

      1. janesays:

        and you know this because…..I am amazed at how many of you speak as though you were in authority of all information. Ginger, do you get your information from HL perhaps. I am a fan of Ms. Stewart’s acting abilities but I am I bigger fan of her courage and grace. Its difficult to get up when one makes a mistake and stumbles but doubly so when everything happens with the public sticking their noses into everything. She has handled herself with courage and acceptance. She does not need my forgiveness. She owes me nothing. Rob has forgiven her and thats all that matters. She’ll do just fine. I look forward to many more movies. As to the matter about her not working, well as you must have read somewhere she’s a multi millionaire and that didn’t come from winning the lotto. She should take her time and choose wisely. She can afford to. As for you who can’t stand her thats ok too. So keep your bloomers on and don’t be such a bitter person. You have my sympathies and I hope things get better for you soon. I really feel bad for your lot in life.

    4. cocoapurlsays:

      She’ll be doing The Big Shoe this year, either before or after Sturgess’s other summer project. They did say that other movie’s start date was penciled in. So, we’ll see which one he does first. His fan site says the start date for The Big Shoe is June 17th. There really doesn’t need to be an update because that’s a few months away.

    5. Let's Be Truthful...says:

      Thank you Hanna Jones for being willing to give her a chance! You should be commended for having an open mind…

  27. cocoapurlsays:

    The Yellow Handkerchief and The Cake Eaters – two very different, but outstanding performances. Even when she was a kid, The Safety of Objects – she was so impressive.

  28. Stephensays:

    I can see that having an opinion is not allowed among the fans of Kristen Stewart. I think they needs to come to the realisation that not everyone likes her and calling people names or attacking them is not helping her or their cause. Good luck to her, with a fanbase like this, she needs it. If I was ever going to give her another try, consider it ruined.

    1. Kaysays:

      No, actually, we all accept the fact that not all people like her. Most of the time, it’s fans of her boyfriend (pretending to be fans of her) who attack people. Many of the them have 15-16 accounts pretending to be fans just to make her fanbase look bad. But of course you wouldn’t know that because you obviously like to comment on things where you do not know the whole story.

      1. Harrysays:

        When are Kristen fans going to accept that Kristen is not liked by most people, not just Rob fans? People just think she’s miserable, untalented actress and now a cheater as well!

      2. Celestesays:

        The majority of the general public doesn’t know or care who she may or may not be dating. For many of them, the first time they heard anything about her was when she was caught cheating with Rupert Sanders. That’s all they know about her, that she’s an actress and a cheater.

        Not everyone in the world saw Twilight. Very few people paid to see her indies. She’s disliked because she has one expression in movies and one scowl and finger for the paps. She lacks warmth, she appears arrogant and smug, none of those are attractive qualities. She sets a horrible example for young, impressionable girls. There is really nothing to recommend her.

        She’s a dropout, she refused to go onto college although she’s had a year and a half off, she smokes everything, she has a foul mouth, she hangs out with trashy friends, she does no charity work, what is there about her to admire?

      3. Seems like you are NOT one of those who caught wind of her when the cheating scandal broke LOL You are a joke!

    2. Seannie5says:

      lol, Kristen is crying! Oh wait, she doesn’t even know you exist 🙂

    3. Tinesays:

      If you read the comments and replies before yours, you’ll see reasonable and logical responses from her fans. The thing is, some people state their opinion because that’s how they really feel. And some opinions are stated as rudely as possible because that’s what it’s about: they just want to insult her. But if you call replying to comments (such as what I am doing right now) fans’ way of silencing your opinion, you are wrong. There’s a reason there’s a reply button. If you are not willing to engage in a mature argument w/ the reasonable fans here, then, sure – call all her fans immature and shallow. People only see what they want to see. If you want to count the reasonable ones out, go ahead. And speaking of seeing only what you want to see, what about those people who calls Kristen a whore, white trash, and such? Aren’t you going to call them out as well? As far as I know, irrational hate can be as bad as blind love. Just saying. Lastly, if you are to establish your judgements on celebrities and artists based on their fan base (as you mentioned), you will be missing out on a lot of things. Crazy people are everywhere and in every fan base. Good luck living in isolation. But whatever, I guess you won’t be missed.

  29. Rominasays:

    Kristen is so ‘amazing’ that even have a movie to make this year, she left Focus because Will Smith didn’t want her, Ben Affleck left because he didn’t like her too and all she does is take drugs, drinking and partying with friends. She’s dirty. Meanwhile others young actresses are gain space and respect they deserve. stop trying to make Kristen Stewart happen, she is the least person who deserves success in Hollywood, she is miserable.

    1. Sweetheart it’s you who sounds miserable, if you don’t like her why are you reading things about her? Obviously you don’t have a life I see, try getting a hobby maybe that will make you less miserable. Do you live with her that you know she does drugs? Oh and she was the one who walked out of Focus and you’ve obviously haven’t heard Ben praising her. She has The Big Shoe this year and Snow White, another big franchise, next year.

      1. Mariosays:

        What else is Ben going to say? “My wife and I decided that since there were already ugly gossip articles about Kristen cheating with me that we didn’t want to go through a whole year of that, so I’m just dropping out.” You have no idea what the truth is, but that is one reality.

        She damaged her reputation and is finding it hard to get big name co-stars. Jim Sturgess has nothing to lose, he’s not very well known, but even he is opting to do a movie with Kate Beckinsale and put The Big Shoe on the back burner. His movie starts filming June 24th, according to Deadline and IMDB. TBS has no real start date.

      2. ‘You have no idea what the truth is’ why don’t you take your own advice? Do you know Ben personally that you know what he was thinking? No, stop making ASSumptions.

    2. dianasays:

      How old are you…12? You make unsupported conclusions and observations that can only come from an uninformed, biased and inexperienced juvenile.

    3. WOW, you must know her pretty well, right? You her friend? Do you work with her? Are you her ‘drug dealer’? nah, didn’t think so. assumptions, assumptions. I sure hope people do not do to you what you’re doing to her. Though, clearly, they must because you had to have learned it from somewhere. You wouldn’t be here if Kristen Stewart didn’t already ‘happen.’ Try to apply just a little bit of logic to your comments! It will take you far in life 🙂

  30. Seannie5says:

    I think she is wonderful! She’s beautiful, hugely successful, incredibly rich, has some amazing friends (that piece Jodie Foster wrote about her was heart warming), endless strength and obviously a fair share of talent. Not to mention she has been dating the target of many girls fantasies for along time now, and he obviously loves her a lot. I dare say this is the reason for the spiteful, jealous and ultimately redundant commentary from some of these girls.

    Go Kristen! I love that she is not vanilla. People obsess over her. The people hating on her spend more time on her than they do on their favourites. That is her ultimate power, it ensures that she will never fade away. Boring, she is not!

    1. Troysays:

      I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of Kristen Stewart. She’s unpopular worldwide because of her behavior. Who cares that she’s rich? She always seems so glum, she doesn’t seem to enjoy her riches or her life. She’s stalked by the paps and can’t get a job. None of her indies ever made a dime, she owes her fortune to the Twilight franchise, which is just a joke.

      As for fading away, she won’t have a film in theaters before 2015 at the earliest. In Hollywood, if you take that much time off, you’re toast. But maybe she isn’t just fading away, maybe the directors and producers who run Hollywood are trying to send her a message, “go away, we’re not interested in you, we already have good actresses with good personalities who can attract an audience, like Jen Law and Emma Stone.”

      She’s made herself irrelevant.

      1. cocoapurlsays:

        I don’t think Summit and Lionsgate think the success of Twilight is a joke. In fact, I think they bank on it and are quite successful because of it. I think Will Smith has taken five or six years in between projects. Is he toast? Also, I’m pretty sure that The Big Shoe is filming this year, with Susan Sarandon and Elizabeth Banks. She’s so “irrelevant” that this little blog has gotten over 20,000 hits since it was posted. lol The most this particular writer has ever gotten for any article on this blog. Hahaha Keep writing, though. You seem to be convincing yourself of something pretty big.

      2. Troysays:

        Susan Sarandon is not attached to The Big Shoe, so that’s another role that has to be recast before they can begin. It’s not ready to shoot in June.

        Maybe you saw the article last week that pegged Gwyneth Paltrol as the most hated actress? You know who was number 2? You got it, Kristen Stewart. People just can’t stand her and it’s not because they’re jealous of her Oscar or her talent. LMAO. She’s just unlikable. Ever think people are reading this article to get a good laugh? I know I am.

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        Susan Sarandon and Elizabeth Banks are attached to The Big Shoe and the role doesn’t have to be recast for June. Even if by some remote chance you had some knowledge that others don’t. It wouldn’t be hard to recast Susan Sarandon’s role. Yeah, I read a tabloid rag poll that listed just about every female that is successful in Hollywood as hated. hahaha I think Kristen is the highest paid actress in Hollywood and Gwynny is #2 or #3. Nevertheless, that kind of goofy survey doesn’t have anything to do with box office success, i.e. Iron Man for Gwyneth and SWATH and Twilight for Kristen. So, your points are all…pretty lame.
        A more realistic statement would be that she has just as many passionate haters as she has passionate fans, which is fine. She doesn’t have to be liked or loved by everyone. When you try to be loved by everyone you end up being untrue to yourself. If you want to convince somebody that you read this article for a laugh, then by all means go for it. I’m not impressed by your pseudo-nonchalance. lol

      4. Troysays:

        You are wrong. Susan Sarandon dropped out of TBS a long time ago. Go look at the IMDB page for the movie, her name is not listed there.

        You can keep repeating misinformation, but that doesn’t make it true. Susan has 4 films in pre-production, and TBS is NOT one of them. Go look at her IMDB page, you’ll see. You are wrong. TBS is in limbo right now, not fully cast, and not ready to film in June.

      5. Alexsays:

        The Twilight franchise earned over 2 billion at the box office with a budget of 350 mill. Just a few fans ha ha

      6. cocoapurlsays:

        How in the world can you be “unpopular worldwide.” That is such an oxymoron. lol

      7. Common Sensesays:

        I don’t think you know what an oxymoron is.

      8. Alexsays:

        Wait, isnt that Kristen Stewart who has been pap’d and fan pics tweeted constantly, showing her at concerts, bowling, golfing, surfing, and presenting/attending award shows? Yeah, poor Kristen. I wish she wasn’t stalked so much but do you know why she is? Because people are interested in her.

      9. bfg666says:

        Yeah, uh, so? Does it make it OK for paps to circle around her like desert vultures waiting for their prey to collapse? I don’t think so.

      10. an-advertisingsays:

        i hate kristen stewart

      11. Common Sensesays:

        Nobody cares. Seek a life.

      12. bfg666says:

        If you were hounded by the paps like she is, I’d be curious to see how well you do at enjoying your life…

      13. Elizabethsays:

        She has just finished filming something, is starting another film in a few weeks, both set to be released next year.. Next year is 2014, not 2015 isn’t it?…

        Futhermore, independent movies never make that much money, I know this because I am in the industry and have worked behind scenes on a multitude on independent films. Perhaps, you should stop talking about things you know nothing about.

        Continually, every actor/actress that has worked with Stewart have all said what a genuinely, real and talented girl she is. They have all spoken about how much they admire. Moreover, there are many interviews with many actors and directors where upon they have all spoken about how much they wish to work with her.
        I don’t think that Hollywood aren’t interested in her, I think it is quite the contrary really. I mean, if they didn’t like her why would they invite her to the Academy Awards?

      14. Common Sensesays:

        Then why are others with equally “bad” behavior (Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, etc.) so revered? Her behavior is pretty all right from what I’ve seen. People’s real issue is her honesty, so unused to it in a culture that prefers celebrities plastering big fake smiles on their faces and telling the little people what they wanna hear. And the other, people are nor very bright and hate her for Twilight because it’s the “cool” thing to do, and aren’t intelligent enough to differentiate her from her poorly wrritten character.

  31. Kaysays:

    I agree with everything completely except the jlaw part. I find her very fake and distasteful. Nothing like the realness of Kristen. If you want to talk about bad fans, It’s hers that try to shove her in everyone’s faces.

    1. Amysays:

      You have to be joking, because no one is more fake than oh so “real cheater” Kristen Stewart hahaha You Kstew fans are really embarassing OMG pathetic

      1. Whatevssays:

        And you going to an article about her and reading the comments of her fans isn’t?….. okay then

      2. cocoapurlsays:

        Kristen made a mistake. A mistake we never should have been privy to, but some asshole took pictures. She was wrong, apologized for it, and everyone actually involved has moved on, or is trying to. She not’s the first person in the history of the world to make this kind of mistake. So, why is it, that almost a year later, when anyone praises her talent does it get brought up? What did she do that was “fake?” She made a mistake and owned up to it. She didn’t play the victim. She met all of her professional obligations. She went on talk shows to promote her movie where she was called a “trampire.” She did her job. So, that makes her fake? She never claimed to be perfect, or a role model, and everybody makes mistakes. Don’t they? How would you like to be beat over the head about a mistake you made in your life for the rest of your life by people who don’t even know you and weren’t involved?

      3. Amysays:

        Hmm there are photos of her “mistake” all over internet that is the only reason she made a statment(her publicist wrote it) if there wasn’t evidence she would probably still cheating idk she seems like coward and is immature but you can like her idk

      4. cocoapurlsays:

        Wow, you’re gifted! So, not only can you read Kristen Stewart’s heart and mind and know what she would be doing in any given scenario, but you must have some super secret insider that tells you that her publicist wrote her apology. lol Yeah, it takes a real cowardly person to stand up, take ownership of her error, face a very judgmental and abusive public, and try to carry on with her life. Of course she’s immature. She’s just barely in her twenties. That’s something she can change about herself. What are some of her detractors going to do about their immaturity? Everybody needs to work on something. Thanks for giving me permission to like somebody that I already like. You’re so generous with your superiority.

      5. Viggosays:

        She was 22, and she’d been working on sets with adults since she was 12. it’s not like she’s some farm girl who’s never been out of Georgia. She was smoking and drinking and acting like an adult from her early teens. She was sexually active with Michael A. from her teens, she knew the score and she knew married men were off limits. She chose to cheat, no excuses after the fact please.

        As for maturity, she reverts back to the childish game of “keep um guessing” about her private life. She defiantly appears on red carpets in sexually charged/sheer dresses. Her disrespectful turn at the Oscars. She uses Gossip Cop as her not so covert PR mouth piece. The bumbling and now lack of any upcoming projects (aside from Part 2 of the one that got her into trouble). She spends all her time looking like a dirty high schooler at a kegger.

        She and her team seem pretty immature and not very good at what they do. Nne of their approach says Stewart is a professional who is maturing and growing.

      6. I believe it was Jennifer Lawrence flipping the bird at the Oscars. What did Kristen do?

      7. Common Sensesays:

        exactly. But Jennifer could punch a puppy and they would still ignore it or call it ADORABLE, and gush about how “quirkly” and “honest” she is. Kristen could frown a bit walking down the street and she deserves hell.

      8. cocoapurlsays:

        What in THE HELL are you talking about? What “disrespectful turn” at the Oscars. She had the AUDACITY to show up, even though she was hurt, limp out on the stage with a smile on her face, and present an award. I think the last “disrespectful” thing she did was clear her throat while she was on stage. ??? Get out of here with that.
        It’s SO UNUSUAL for a teenager to act grown, smoke, and drink. No teenager ever does that! That damn Kristen Stewart is so unusual.
        How in THE HELL do you know that Kristen Stewart was having sex with Michael Angarano? Did he give an interview or something where he detailed his sex life because I know she didn’t.
        I’m pretty sure that everybody who cheats is sure that cheating is wrong. However, sometimes people do things that we know are wrong. Nobody is perfect. So, I’m not going to sit in judgment of Kristen Stewart because that would make me…a HYPOCRITE. LOL
        I won’t even respond to all of that Gossip Cop BS.
        Kristen wore some gowns/outfits that were designed to be sheer, like many other actresses. I don’t know how “sexually charged” they were. I guess that would depend on who’s looking. I thought she looked beautiful and classy.
        I don’t blame her for saying “keep them guessing.” We don’t have any right to know about her personal life. I actually think that’s a very mature answer. Guess away.
        If you don’t like Kristen Stewart, then stop reading articles about her. Problem solved.
        dewould depend on who’s looking.

      9. Common Sensesays:

        You seem like coward and is immature but you can hate her and spout words you don’t understand about her idk

      10. Angelasays:

        No, she didn’t make a mistake. She deliberately CHOSE to cheat with a married man, and the husband of a woman who had befriended her. It’s not like Liberty was a stranger, Kristen KNEW her. That makes it even worse. Is that the way you treat another woman who has been good to you?

        She created her reality, it is what it is, don’t try to excuse it away as a “mistake.” It was wrong, it was stupid, but she chose to do it.

      11. cocoapurlsays:

        A mistake is an error in judgment. An accident is something that happens that you have no control over, like dropping a plate or accidently hitting somebody in the head with a ball. Her choice to cheat was a mistake. A mistake that many people make. She apologized for it and everybody involved is moving on with theirs lives. Of course you don’t treat anybody poorly, if you’re thinking clearly. That’s why it’s called a mistake.
        I already said that she was wrong. Yeah, it was stupid. She’s human. Now what? It’s also none of our business.
        What reality did she create exactly? A reality where she’s the highest paid actress in Hollywood, just coming off the success of a multi-billion dollar franchise, loved by millions of fans anxiously awaiting her next project, friends and family that love her, and well-respected by many critics and peers. Can I create this reality, too? It sounds great to me.

      12. Common Sensesays:

        That’s not what fake means. hahahah, calm down. You KStew haters are really embarrassing OMGOSH pathetic.

        You sound extremely threatened by Kristen.

    2. dianasays:

      She.won best actress because of the political maneuvers of Harvey Weinstein, and that is common knowledge in HW but do not openly discuss.

      1. Amysays:

        ohh of course you have knowledge in HW keep trying her 1st nomination had nothing to do with Wainstein and that proves that Academy likes her and her acting so get lost Krisbian

      2. deannasays:

        FYI…I am not a Krisbian (not a negative) Just saying the truth.

      3. F is for Fakesays:

        What a crock. If Harvey had that much power then all of his movies would win all the awards. Jen won because she’s massively popular. She won all the awards, from the Golden Globes to the SAG, and the Screen Actor’s Guild is not controlled by Havery W. or anyone else. That’s the actors voting for other actors.

        Jen is a star and she’ll be one long after people have forgotten who KStew was. KS fans are so jealous of Jen’s success that it’s funny. Too transparent, diana. You’re not fooling anyone.

      4. Dianasays:

        I am not tryingto fool anyone. Just telling it like it is. Harvey’s political machine in HW is well known and they flex their muscle when Harvey needs it as in the case of JLaw’s best actress win for SLP

      5. Common Sensesays:

        If that helps you sleep at night, lol. It’s definitely JLaw fans who act so threatened by Kristen, despite them obsessively calling her a hasbeen.

    3. Seannie5says:

      I like Jennifer, she is a talented girl, but i personally prefer Kristen, and that is my prerogative. Nobody is forcing anybody to like her.

    4. Common Sensesays:

      ^THANK YOU. Jennifer is an unsophisticated, talentless hack, and ironically everything everyone says they hate Kristen for they love in or ignore in Jennifer (expressionless, rude, etc.). She’s a stepford smiler and will say anything to make people like her. She knows she lacks talent, so she relies on running her mouth and trying her best to be sexy (and does so often by shaming the bodies of other women because she knows she will be agreed with, not called out).

      However, I do give her kudos for being one of the very few people to kinda stand up for Kristen making a mistake. Stars using their popularity to help out others is good.

  32. J. Smithsays:

    I really had no idea who Kristen Stewart was and I had not seen any of the Twilight movies until this past Nov. (only did then for my niece). After I saw the first I recognized her from Panic Room when she was age 10 / 11. Jodie Foster mentioned once that she had her 11th birthday while filming. I was intrigued by her performance from a then child to a young adult. After watching several of her movies and interviews this winter, via youtube, I have developed a great respect for this talented young actress and will continue to follow her career. I’m not a “twi-hard” or even a twilight fan, but I have become a huge Kristen Stewart fan. As for her “awkwardness” in interviews, I just want to say, from a 42 year old woman’s perspective “Thank YOU Kristen for being you”!!!! As women, at whatever age, we should have the right to be ourselves without the pressure to always please.

    1. RosieMcPhsays:

      I am on a similar boat as I only watched Twilight by accident on cable but something about her captures an audience be it haters or admirers. After seeing Twilight I reverted & started watching her previous work – Speak & Cake Eaters are among my favorites and Runaways. rude or not it is hard not to re-act with papz are in your face 24/7. Being young is a flimsy excuse but it is that and I admire her on and off the cam. As for her so called affair no one truly knows the full story & I don’t judge Anyone, famous or not. I am 52 and as you get older you can’t be bothered with BS so I say to Kristen “keep on & carry on” as she has said “Haters will hate”!

  33. Guestsays:

    In my opinion, Stewart was a good (and very promising) child actress. She was good in “The Safety Of Objects”, “Panic Room” and “Speak”. But, unfortunately, (again: in my opinion) she lost whatever she had (for now?).

    I think it only becomes clear, when you watch more than one or two of her movies. She really does play her roles very similar to each other, although they aren’t written that way. Someone else already mentioned her “ticks”, but I think it’s more than that. I never forget that I am watching Kristen Stewart. And she cannot convince me with her more emotional scenes (like the parking lot scene in “WTTR” or her speech in “Snow White”).

    I don’t believe this will hinder her career in the future since she has a(n overly
    invested, sometimes even scary and) big fanbase. As long as she is willing to do “Popcorn” movies, she will be perfectly fine (and there is no shame in that). Her Indies have (almost?) never made profit, so her fans don’t seem to follow her movies blindly, though. I kind of hope she gets professional help to improve her acting. I think she could be so much better. She has chosen some intriguing projects in the past and people who don’t watch her movies, because of her involvement, missed out on some interesting stories.

    (I apologize for my bad English and I hope it was made clear that I’m talking
    about my personal opinion.)

  34. Grace Krisbiansays:

    God bless you for making this article … Thank you so much… All Krisbians thank you for making this :’)

  35. Yeah, lets just forget the whole cheating on her boyfriend with a married father of two young children. She’s not “real” at all, she’s as fake as it comes.

    1. Yeah we’re talking about her CAREER not her personal life which has nothing to do with you. As for her being fake I actually admire what she did after ‘the scandal’ she accepted her mistake and learned from it. She’s never claimed that she was perfect or that she was a role model. Even though she may have been partly wrong I blame the married man twice her age more as he should have known better.

    2. Suzsays:

      since when is making a mistake ‘fake’ if anything, you bringing that up makes her MORE real. you’re contradicting yourself.

      1. LOL How does that make her more real? She’s a lying cheater, that’s fake!

      2. deesays:

        Making mistakes is part of being human and that is reality pure and simple. Owning up to your mistakes and apologizing shows strength of character. To err is human, to forgive ddibine

      3. hollybearsays:

        She only admitted it because she got caught! Who know how long it had been going on or how long it would have gone on if she hadn’t been caught? She doesn’t get credit for admitting something we already knew.

        And her public apology was an even bigger mistake, dragging more people down in the dirt with her instead of respecting their request for privacy. As usual, she made it all about herself and who cares who else got hurt in the aftermath. This is why people don’t like her. She’s the epitome of self absorbed and selfish.

      4. gabrielsays:

        And you know this because you’re God??

    3. Idiotsays:

      What is it to you ? Why don’t you call the cheating father ! If that’s make you feel better go take care of his children ,you think her boyfriend care the answer is NO ! He is in bed with her every night

  36. daloveleesays:

    Is there some campaign that Kristen Stewart is running for that so much media effort is being created to convince readers who are potential movie goers to like Kristen Stewart. Maybe people don’t like her because they don’t like her acting nor her fake “I’m too cool for Hollywood” but I make Hollywood movies and so I pretend to be anti establishment in order to appear cool. That attitude is supposed to mean she is a good actress..and she is not. So the force feeding by the PR machines to convince us she is a terrific actress is not working.

    1. Seannie5says:

      nobody is forcing you. It’s you who goes looking for all of this. You only know about this article because you lurk on Kristen twitters. It drives you mad to see her get any praise. You live for negativity about her, and when you don’t get it you have a tantrum. Kristen isn’t going anywhere, which means you are going to be very unhappy for a long time. She owns your ass. lol

    2. Velma Holmessays:

      dalovlee.. please feel free to read my1st coment to Stephen Please apply it to yourself as well. If you like brick walls keep coming impact is always immenent. However it IS your own energy that causes the sore head.

    3. Samsays:

      I agree 200%. Kristen has always employed a full time PR person, to run along behind her and try to clean up her messes. She’s had to publicly apologize at least 3 times for either swearing in front of small children at ComicCon, comparing being photographed to being “raped,” and of course, her lewd public display of simulated sex on a public road with her married, father of two director.

      She’s a high school dropout who blamed her teachers for letting her down, she’s been photographed smoking pot in public, she has the most low life, trashy friends who are part of her PR game, posting private photos online and playing games with her small fanbase. She comes across as a text book narcissist. Look it up.

      1. Jensays:

        Greg you realize your precious Jen Lawrence was pictured smoking pot not that long ago?

      2. My, you seem quite knowledgeable about Miss Stewart. You have to be carrying all kinds of hate to find obscure articles about her so that you can toss out comments ripping her apart. I have seen most of the things you are talking about and did not have the same perception, at all. You “haters” are in every comment section. You don’t have to like her as an actor but your hate goes waaay beyond this.

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        No. Actually, what she did was compare being stalked by paparazzi who engage in criminal behavior to sell pictures, even when she asks them to stop (something like no meaning no), to being raped. She apologized to anyone who she may have offended, but her analogy was pretty dead-on. Also, she hugged and kissed a guy in public. How is that lewd? It was inappropriate. It was wrong. She made a mistake. However, there was no “lewdness” involved.
        She’s not a high school dropout. She has a high school diploma and was home-schooled, allowed to do independent study, and tutored.. A high school dropout is someone who doesn’t finish high school. Excuse her for having an opinion about her own life.
        How do you know so much about her friends? How are do you know anything about them being “low-life?” Do you know them?
        She was pictured smoking pot on her 18th birthday. She is now 23. That was five years ago. Get a life!
        Do you what a narcissist is? It’s a person who is so in love with himself that he ends up drowning in his own adoration. Kristen is the least narcissistic famous person I’ve seen. She doesn’t expect anything from anyone. She acts for the love of acting. She doesn’t have any expectations for the outcome. She lives below her means. She drives the same truck she had five years ago. She gives to charity. She shows up at red carpet events, wears glamorous clothes, and then immediately takes them off and puts on her street clothes. She’s a regular person, with an extraordinary job.

    4. Davidsays:

      PR or not, Kristen has millions of fans who respect and admire her as an actress. The response and comments to this article is proof of this. Her fans do not need PR tactics to be convinced that she is terrific. We have known this for a very long time. If you don’t like her as an actress that:s your prerogative but stop hating on her and promote who you love someplace else.

  37. Rominasays:

    You are not Kristen Stewart fans, you are SICK, obsesseds thinking you are helping her, a girl who clearly doesn’t have any future in movies because she’s the most awful person that exists in hollywood. and her fanbase too. I hope you all disappear in a few years.

    1. Seannie5says:

      lol Poor Romina! You are spechul!

    2. You sound like you’re sick obsessing over someone you supposedly hate, just go get a hobby and how about you disappear you little troll?

    3. whateversays:

      shut the fuck up, jesus fucking christ. don’t be such a hypocrite beause you’re acting obsessed by commenting. go get a life or a hobby and stop spewing hate.

    4. Gabriellasays:

      If that is your hope, then prepare to be disappointed. Clearly, your intense hatred of her is clouding your brain and now you:re foaming in the mouth. Relax…come back in a few years and we can compare notes.

  38. Bobsays:

    She was amazing in The Runaways, she was playing as Joan Jett and she got all of her mannerisms perfectly without hamming it up.

    1. Let's Be Truthful;...says:

      Absolutely, Bob. Many of her haters continually say she is one-dimensional in her roles, but I agree with you. She plays real people without hamming it up, as you said.

  39. Tammysays:

    Kristen played Bella different to the books. She’s much softer in the book, but Kristen put her own personality in it too much. Both very different.

    1. dianasays:

      I think that book Bella was a lot more lovestruck than movie Bella. Kristen played Bella as a clean/blank slate to allow the female fans to project themselves into the Bella character onscreen. This is a big reason that Twilight appealed to the female fans. For Kristen it is all about the fans and not her.

  40. Audreysays:

    Good article, but Kristen Stewart doesn’t work for me. try again

  41. Elizabeth Geoffreysays:

    Kristen is an extraordinary individual . It takes special person/fan to stand by her. Per Forbes article: she has an impressive fan base. That is the kind of pure star power that is all too rare . She could easily make tons of money if she creates her label on merchandising…I certainly will buy & support her;).

    1. Libertysays:

      Too bad Balenciaga doesn’t agree with you. They signed her on to hawk perfume for one year, and when the contract ran out in January, they didn’t renew it. They’re replaced her in their perfume ads with a snake.

      And she can’t get any other endorsement deals. People who are caught behaving so stupidly in public, cheating with a married man, aren’t exactly the kind of person you want to represent your brand. Most people have higher standards than to want to support someone with such low morals.

      And in an ironic twist, the new director of Balenciaga is Alexander Wang, a very good friend of Liberty Ross.

      1. cocoapurlsays:

        Can you provide a source stating that Kristen’s Balenciaga contract ended and they didn’t renew it? I can provide a statement from Balenciaga stating that they are very happy with her representation of Balenciaga and perfume sales are excellent. Also, every Balenciaga jacket and pair of shoes she wears immediately sells out. Excuse me, but wasn’t Elizabeth Taylor a HUGE perfume spokesperson? How many people did she become involved with while she and they were married throughout her lifetime. The fashion industry, of all industries, couldn’t care less about who Kristen Stewart is sleeping with. If Ozzie Ozbourne can represent Pepsi, then Kristen should have no problems in life. lol

      2. Libertysays:

        What’s the date of your statement from BAL? I’m willing to bet it’s prior to January, 2013, because that’s when they chose to not pick up the option to use her for another year. So, your statement is old news. The fact that she was dropped and they’re replaced her in the ads with a snake is new news.

        And please don’t compare Elizabeth Taylor to KStew. Taylor was a living legend for her talent and beauty, and she married the men she slept with. See the difference? The pubic will get behind a love story, but not someone who just cheats with married men for kicks. That’s trashy.

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        I’ve never read anything so stupid in my life! She married the men she cheated with, so that makes her special. HAHAHAHA Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. They’ve done plenty of ads for Florabotanica without Kristen. That doesn’t mean her contract’s been cancelled. Once again, provide your source that Kristen’s contract wasn’t renewed.

      4. Libertysays:

        Did they have her represent them at Fashion week in Paris or NY this year? No. Have they stopped running ads that she appears in? Yes. Was there an announcement that they renewed her contract? No. Has she done any photo shoots or appearances for them? No.

        You don’t need more proof than that. They didn’t renew her contract. Deal with it.

      5. cocoapurlsays:

        In other words, you have absolutely NO PROOF of what you’re saying and you’re guessing. Got it!

      6. Libertysays:

        In other words, you’re one of her delusional fans who can’t deal with reality. Got it! Everything is not roses and lollipops. Balenciaga dumped her, Cali dumped her, Focus dumped her, LdiD dumped her, Universal is stalling on SWATH2, even Jim Sturgess bailed to do a different movie. The Franco movie is so far a rumor, unconfirmed, and if it does happen, that’s a script that been kicking around since 2006. Usually the reason scripts languish for so long is that they aren’t very good.

        Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have several films lined up because they’re the ones who are being offered the good scripts. They hot and she’s not.

      7. newlife12says:

        Liberty – Here are 4 articles that confirm she is still with Balenciaga. The last article is from Time Magazine. All of these articles are from May 2013; the Time article from the 24th of May.

        I don’t even care about this whole thing very much, but you are so smug in your opinions and judgements, it just makes me want to post this. You are wrong.





      8. Common Sensesays:

        Meanwhile, nerd-appealing, untalented Emma Stone is quickly fading into obscuring and twice-untalented, bigmouthed, people-pleaser and proud body-shamer JLaw buys her way into film roles.

        She hot and they not. Lol, I see why you’re so butthurt over this- you sound like a 10-year-old boy who secretly is upset he can’t bang Kristen even if she wanted him.

      9. Common Sensesays:

        Taylor was a spoiled, average looking hack who felt entitled to sleep with her best friend’s man. CLASSY. How old are you to be so naive?

      10. Lizzysays:

        Some of you people make me sick. You are just a plain hater. Get over it already. Its not your life and Rob and Kristen have moved on.

      11. Elizabeth Geoffreysays:

        Hi Liberty!. My bad… I meant her own label since she has the pure star power.. I did not mention anything about endorsement or representing other ppl creative work. She loves Nicholas work and it make sense if they let her go when Alexander joined in due to creative indifference. I would agree with Alexander . That does not mean Kristen is bad. Sales was up!. Kristen is more on quality not quantity. Liberty’s factor is just reason for haters.

      12. Libertysays:

        In case you don’t get it, both Kristen and Nicholas are the losers in this Balenciaga deal. He’s not longer working for them and neither is she. They’re both currently unemployed. This is nothing to be happy about.

        And of course it means Kristen was bad. If they had been happy with her work, she would still be under contract with them.. They would be running her ads instead of ads with a snake in them next to the bottle of perfume. Sales must have dropped off after November, because they cut her loose. And some of you need to learn the difference between “hate” and statement of fact. It’s not hate to say she’s no longer working for Balenciaga, it’s just the truth.

      13. newlife12says:

        Except that it isn’t the truth. She is still with them, as evidenced by my post above. You really are a hater, which is pathetic. How can you be so emotionally invested in someone you don’t know?

      14. Common Sensesays:

        Indeed. It takes a very angry, deeply insecure individual to invest so much time in hating one person who doesn’t even know they exist.

      15. Common Sensesays:

        that’s funny because Elizabeth Taylor sure had no problem selling perfume. And she famously cheated. And Marilyn Monroe? Her face is on every purse.

  42. snovasays:

    I don’t hate on Kristen Stewart. Clearly she “made a mistake” when cheating on Robert with that married man, whatever. I loved Panic Room and that is pretty much the only movie I liked of hers. I cannot say anything about her future, but there are a lot of people more talented than Kristen, at that age.

    Jennifer Lawrence is overrated, yeah, I agree, but I like her more and I bet you Kristen Stewart fans didn’t even know what kind of power Harvey Weinstein had before Jennifer Lawrence won. It’s kind of pathetic. Would you call Meryl Streep’s or Renée Z, Nicole Kidman and many more actors “bad actors” because of Weinstein? They have to have talent. Read Jennifer’s reviews, critics’ are the first ones that decide. Jennifer’s performance in Winter’s Bone had nothing, NOTHING to do with publicity. She was filming a movie during the promotion of it, and still she got nominated, being unknown in the industry.

    Kristen has to redeem herself big time or she’ll always be the girl who runs her hand through her hair in every movie, does that thing with her feet in every movie and is not convincing. I’m sorry.

    I dont like neither J-Law or K-Stew’s personalities, but acting-wise, Jennifer is better. It’s the truth and she has reviews and awards to back it up.

    I’ve seen Adventureland, The Runaways, In the Land of Women, Into the Wild, which happes to be one of my faves, but Kristen does not show diversity in her roles. Don’t judge Jennifer’s work on Hunger Games, Winter’s Bone(have you even watched it?), Hunger Games and especially not SLP. Watch Like Crazy, The Poker House or the Burning Plain.

    Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Chloe Moretz, Rooney Mara, Elizabeth Olsen are good actors. Kristen is a good actress too, she has to prove herself more.

    BUT DO NOT look up to them. Look up to:

    Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett, Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange. THOSE ARE AMAZING ACTRESSES. LOOK UP TO THEM GIRLS 😀

    1. cocoapurlsays:

      What are you even talking about? lol What thing with her feet? I notice that people nitpick Kristen and hyper-analyze her more than other actresses. Every actor has personal mannerisms that they carry with them from role to role. You know why? Because they’re human! Why do you think people are able to imitate Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Chistopher Walken, Denzel Washington, etc. They all have consistent mannerisms that are distinctly their own. Does that make them bad actors?

      By the way, I LOVE Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Alfre Woodard, Angela Bassett (although I prefer her stage acting to her film acting), Viola Davis, Katherine Hepburn, but none of them are my role models. I also love Kristen Stewart’s acting and I actually prefer her realism on camera to the theatrics of Angela Bassett. Kristen is a gifted film actress because she’s just able to be and it doesn’t feel like she’s acting. She’s just existing as this fictional person and completely immersed in their world. I think that’s fanastic to be that natural with the camera. Marlon Brando had that. Jimmy Stewart had that. Kristen has that.

      1. snovasays:

        Sure. Compare Kristen to Marlon Brando. Maybe it’s true. You Kristen fans really are nuts. Seriously. Get a f’cikng life, ok? I don’t overanalyze anything. I work as a fucking nurse, I don’t even have time to do important things and you think I overanalyze Kristen Stewart’s performances? No. Every single movie, effing hands through hair. Is that an amazing trait? Hell to the no. That is nothing to compare to Robert De Niro’s smirk. That’s something he does with his face, not with his hair. Stupid to even compare that. Oh gosh. You know, whatever. Not a lot of people follow this site but of course, as soon as Kristen Stewart fans see a site praising her, cause clearly that doesn’t happen very often, they attacked it and defend her.

        She’s a good actress. But please, for the love of God, do not compare her to legends when the majority of her work that is known is in fantasy movies. Pleaasse!

      2. cocoapurlsays:

        Yeah, I already did compare Kristen to Marlon Brando, but thanks for giving me permission to do so….O_o. Uhh…who cares what you do for a living? You’re a nurse, therefore it’s not possible for you to nitpick? lol
        Once again, who cares if she touches her hair? People do that in real life. Why does that bother you? Is she playing a character that’s not supposed to touch her hair and she does it anyway? Oh, I see a smirk is superior to touching your hair. He does the same thing in every movie with her face and she does the same thing in every movie with her hands…I see your point (although neither one of them really do the same thing in every movie). *cuckoo*
        She’s not just a good actress, in my opinion. She’s a great film actress. I’m not crazy for having a different opinion and if you seriously can’t participate in a civil and mature conversation than shame on you…nurse.
        I would like to see her expand her acting experiences to stage because she’s already done television. She’s only going to get better as she becomes more well-rounded and more life experience.

      3. Lizzysays:

        Why are you so angry? And how do you know Kristen Stewart fans are nuts, unless you read alot about her? I’m always suspicious of people who get so angry with and her fans. We get it. You don’t like her. Why get so angry if people disagree with you? Why do you care if people want to look up to her? I love Laura Linney, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain, but I also love Kristen Stewart. Different roles for different people and there is nothing wrong with fantasy movies. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them.

    2. dominicsays:

      You started your comments with “cheated on Robert” and to me that is a dead giveaway of your true colors. You have already judged her and sentenced her. Her personal life is not for discussion just because she is an actor who admitted and apologized openly for a momentary indiscretion and has shown courage to live her life inspire of the horrific hatred and unjustified condemnation from people who know nothing about the truth of what happened

  43. Jesssays:

    when everyone likes a particular actress, it gets very boring. that’s another thing i love about Kristen. She causes controversy and that is a very good thing. you know what they say: even bad media is good. not that she asks for it, cause she doesn’t want that but people are drawn to her one way or another. she elicits strong emotions in people whether good or bad. you love her or you hate her and that’s a very okay thing.

  44. Not buying thissays:

    Meh. I don’t agree with you. Her acting is mediocre, below the acceptable standards. Too many flaws at a physical level, like little acting canes she relys on to get the scenes done. She cant mantain the dramatic tension and just let it slips away with facial ticks. She’s not unique, there are thousands of girls like her, young women driven by angst and a repressed sexuality to name some. I think her bubble is overrated just because she dared cheating on her bf with a married men and some people consider that soooo unique and real for a young HW starlet, like she must have guts to do such a thing and therefore, she embodies everything what ugly, not confident and impressionable women would like to be.

    1. deesays:

      I have noticed that when her detractors and haters can’t come up with convincing reasons for their hatred of her acting skills that they always use her personal life as their last resort to bash her. We understand that not everybody will like her work, but it is laughable when they extend their criticism to her personal life. This just shows their desperation and severe meltdown in trying to sabotage Kristen’s career.thank God for articles like thus

      1. Hannahsays:

        You want to talk about her lack of acting talent? Fine. She never closed her mouth during the entire length of SWATH, she was all teeth, all the time. She breathed through her mouth, gasped and grunted continually.

        She had very little dialog, but what she did have, changed accents. She had one confused expression the whole time, and her “rousing” speech was delivered as if she was asking directions to Starbucks rather than trying to rally her people. Her whole performance was a joke. Most people were rooting for the Queen.

        And Kristen doesn’t need any help in sabotaging her career, she did that all on her own, well, along with the married director she got caught cheating with. How else do you explain the fact that she can’t get good scripts and no one wants to work with her?

  45. truthsays:

    ok first of all, no one is forcing you to write a mean comment on here, and 2nd of all, why are you reading this if you don’t like her? I love Kristen because she isn’t fake. and why are some of you giving her a hard time just because she isn’t working? last time I checked, Rob took a break also. and she’s allowed one also. she’s made 30 films in 11 years. let me see you do that. cut her some slack. I find her refreshing, and my support for her won’t fade.

    1. Valentinesays:

      It’s easy to make 30 films when you’re only in them for 10 minutes. Check her screen time for Into the Wild, Jumper, etc. She wasn’t the star in those films, she had a tiny part. And she’s not taking a break, she’s unemployed.

      She’s would be working if she could get a job. That’s why she’s jumping at the chance to do low budget indies with no name actors and directors. There’s no prestige involved in playing a foot model in a fetish flick. The studios know what the image she’s created for herself is, and they don’t want to be associated with her.

      Even Universal is stalling on a SWATH sequel, which doesn’t make sense. If they think they can make money on a project, they throw their resources at it, and they aren’t doing that with SWATH. They have no script, no director, no budget and no start date. Just a press release. I’m not holding my breath.

      1. Alexsays:

        IMDB lists her upcoming roles in SWATH 2, the Big Shoe w/E.Banks and J. Sturgess, and Lie Down & Darkness (beating out other big name actresses for that role). I look forward to seeing her future work. She lights the movie screen.

      2. Valentinesays:

        That’s a case where IMDB simply hasn’t updated the page to reflect what the producer said, which is that she wasn’t offered the role. That was simply her PR agent, Ruth, trying to make it look like she had the part, but she doesn’t.

        The Washington Post had the real story: Kristen Stewart not yet cast in ‘Lie Down in Darkness’ By Jen Chaney

        Stewart: not definite for “Lie Down.”
        Earlier today, it looked like Kristen Stewart had won the coveted lead in “Lie Down in Darkness,” the adaptation of the William Styron novel. Now it appears that hasn’t happened just yet.

        …reports of Stewart’s casting are premature, the producer issued the following statement: “While it’s exciting to see all the interest the project is generating, the film is still in the pre-production process and no offers to cast have been made as of yet.”
        So please STOP repeating that she’s got the part. She doesn’t.

      3. Alexsays:

        I was not aware of the WA Pst article written Aug. 2012. I found it and it quotes a source (no name) saying no decision has been made yet. Today, 8 months later, IMDB shows she is attached to the role. I don’t know about IMDB’s habits for updating, or if the typically post based on movie agents “wishful thinking” but that seems like a flaky practice for the likes of IMDB.

      4. Valentinesays:

        Well I’m going to trust the statement the producer issued. He makes it clear that she was not offered the role.

        IMDB is very lax about updating project news until films go into pre-production, and LDiD isn’t there yet. But Ruth did a great job of putting the story out that KS had been offered the role, she earns her money leaving the wrong impression in the mind of the public. The role is not hers.

      5. Alexsays:

        Actually it was her agent, ken Kaplan that was quoted as saying casting is premature. The only reason I spoke up was to point out she does have work coming up-so 2 movies are confirmed and I guess I’ll accept IMDB doesn’t update for 8 months. Even without the 3rd movie, she has 2 movies she is attached to. That isn’t nothing.

  46. Penny Morrisonsays:

    I have always felt that Kristen is judged by her awkward public persona rather than her talent. People like to worship movie stars because they smile and look pretty for their public, even if they are horrible human beings in real life or have little to no talent. She is herself 24×7, which I find refreshing. I wish I had the guts and confidence to stand up for myself and ignore public opinion at her age. That’s something to admire, not that she can balance on 5″ heels while smiling for the camera.

  47. Rogersays:

    I personally have tried several times to like Kristen Stewart, but everything about her is bad, has an nasty personality and is overrated.

    I think there are much more interesting names in Hollywood to look. Beautiful young actresses, talented and graceful. Kristen is a joke

    1. Just sayin'says:

      See, that right there shows how prejudiced you are, she can act and she does not have a nasty personality as you claim, unless you are a papparazzi that shouts at her nasty comments.

  48. Matt Csays:

    I find her to be very interesting and I agree she brings something different both on and off-screen,more realistic and unpolished and I like that. I saw her years ago in Into the wild and since then I’ve seen some of the indies you mentioned before and after Tw and she’s really talented. And for someone shy I understand where she’s coming from in the interviews I’ve seen. Many other shy/serious actors are also uncomfortable in a red carpet or “selling” to the press and it’s on set where they are in their element,which is the important thing imo. Some are too obsessed and too hard on her for the twilight thing. In the end it’s just a popcorn movie like any other. It doesnt give opportunity to perform with that source material and corny lines. And of course, there are always tons of women that automatically hate the chick that dates the popular guy. Which means press adding fuel, writing millions of articles pointing out all the “defects” of the girl in question and lots of overexposure. Both things together and you get tons of bad press that distorts your image and make some people have a very fixed and many times unfair opinion about you. Not everybody is going to like every actor but I think with time and less scrutiny she’ll shed most prejudgements.

  49. cristina kozainsays:

    Love Kristen Stewart, I do not see Bella in kristen, do not look at it with prejudice! She is not the princess stupid Hollywood. It is a nice girl, great person, an actress incredibly talented! It has a lovely personality, is authentic and sweet!! Look at Kristen unprejudiced and meet the actress more honest this middle, without any artifice, it is just what it is!!

    1. Isabellesays:

      Not sure what kind of fairy tale you’re living in, but her public persona doesn’t match your sugar-coated version of her. I wouldn’t call a woman who had an affair with her married director “nice” or a “sweet.”

      She’s too self entitled, arrogant, and too cool for school. And she has a lot of growing up to do, and in need of a lot of humility. When she’s spewed crap like this for years, people shouldn’t be so surprised at her cheating and lying:

      1. “You don’t need to give reasons for the things you do- you just have to do what you want. And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what’s right for you. You have to do it and not be ashamed of it.”

      2. “If you follow your heart, you’re never going to regret anything, even if you completely mess up constantly.”

      3. “Sometimes you have to be selfish to get what you want and move forward in life.”

      Everything is about her, about what she wants. She doesn’t care who gets hurt, as long as she gets to do what she wants to do. those are her own words.

      1. Alexsays:

        She also admitted she made a mistake and apologized publicly.

        How do we know she wasn’t the victim of sexual harassment? That was her her boss.

        I don’t know what happened but you (and many others) want to paint her in the worst possible light.

        What we do know is she said it was a mistake and she is sorry.

      2. Isabellesays:

        No, at the time of their affair, Rupert was not her boss. Filming had ended a long time before that and the sequel was still up in the air. And at the time, it was thought the sequel would be more of a prequel, focused on The Huntsman and how he got to where he was in SWATH. Rupert was set to direct however.

        Some have suggested that the affair was really Kristen’s way of gaining power over Rupert to get him to change the focus back to Snow White and not do a Hunstman prequel, where she would only have a small part. As the director, he would have a lot of imput on the story and script, much more than she would have at that point. And she’s proved over the years how ambitious and competitive she is.

        She proved she wasn’t in love with Rupert, so either she did it as a way to influence him or she did it for cheap thrills. Either way, nothing to admire there.

      3. Alexsays:

        I agree with the statement ” nothing to admire there.”

        I’m not a movie industry expert, so I could be wrong about the director being the supervisor of actors. I was pointing out in this situation, he seemed to be in the leadership role, and as you said, made decisions that could affect her in the sequel.

      4. Isabellesays:

        He did have more control over the script for the sequel than she did, but he was also a first time director. She was actually much more powerful overall than he was.

        She was part of a billion dollar franchise and already had a fanbase. SWATH was his first feature film, so in Hollywood terms, she had more power than he did, except that she didn’t have the ear of the suits at Universal as much as he did.

        I have a feeling her people had already tried to talk Universal out of a Huntsman-based sequel and lost that battle, so she went after Rupert to change his mind. Too bad it backfired on her so badly.

      5. Alexsays:

        I don’t think it’s my place to judge her personal life and wish to get past this. This is all speculation, you have your view and mine is different. If she is the diabolical mastermind you accuse her of being, which I don’t think is the case, but if she went after the director as you say, it didn’t backfire. She is still cast, while he is out. I think you give her too much credit.

        I’m still a fan and I think this is blown way out of proportion.

      6. Isabellesays:

        OMG, how can you say her affair with Sanders didn’t backfire on her? She trashed both her personal and film reputation. Wives of respectable directors don’t want their husbands to work with her, same with actors, and the proof of that is that she can hardly get any work.

        Almost no one came to her defense, which speaks volumes. If she were so loved within the industry, where were those people to speak up for her? Salles was particularly silent, as was Garrett Hedlund, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize. Nobody from Twilight defended her, and they made 5 movies with her.

        She’s not getting offered good scripts. Those are going to JenLaw, Emma Stone, etc. Do you seriously think if she had anything going she would take a small part in a foot fetish flick? With a no name director and co-stars? Her career is in the toilet and she put it there.

      7. Alexsays:

        We’re not going to convince each other and I am okay with that. Peace.

      8. Common Sensesays:

        because those two are sucking up (or down) as fast as they can to grab any script that will bring them the most attention and money. She did nothing. She isn’t a climber like those two.

      9. Common Sensesays:

        Even if she was genuinely sweet and nice? You’re very, very naive to think one bad choice (and a kiss, not fullblown sex as you are pretending) erases her whole personality or defines her. I take it you also despise Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Angelina Jolie, Sienna Miller, etc?

  50. Emilysays:

    I love you! Thanks for this artical!

  51. Seb Nestasays:

    Of course dating a “heartthrob” and becoming envied by girls and tabloidd fodder plus leading the first successful (& divisive)franchise for girls doesn’t make things easy for anybody but she adds something very different of what it’s usually offered by Hollywood and it’ll play in her favor.

    1. Bennettsays:

      The author can’t just blame being in Twilight as a reason for people disliking her. If that were true, all the actors in the franchise would be hate and they aren’t. Just her. With good reason.

      Her acting is wooden, the mouth breathing and blank stares in SWATH earned her some of the worst reviews I’ve ever read. The movie is Rotten on RT and universally, critics panned her performance as unbelievable and laughable. The reviews were worse than for those of Twilight. Her personality is not shy or introverted, she’s just innately unlikable.

      1. cocoapurlsays:

        SWATH has a fresh rating with top critics; it always did. Obviously, millions of people disagree that she’s “innately unlikable.” So, who are we supposed to believe? She has earned a cult following and an international fan base. There must be something likable about her and her performances to many.

      2. Amysays:

        No, it doesn’t have a fresh rating with top critics, they’re at 56 % which is still ROTTEN. KS fans are either seriously misinformed or they just lie. But it’s easy enough to check, so don’t bother again.

        She has a cult following because she played Bella and so many of her fans can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality. She has no real following, or some of her indies would have turned a profit, but no one goes to see them, not even On The Road, which was based on a huge book and had a lot of nudity, two things which normally would insure success.

      3. cocoapurlsays:

        So, the millions of fans that she has aren’t real? hahahahah Okay. But HER FANS are the ones who can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality. So, fans of Chris Hemsworth are his fans because they love his inner child? They’re not fans of his because they see him as Thor.
        So, nudity equals box office success? Bull! It’s the exact opposite. If that were true, Shame and Hunger, with Michael Fassbender, would’ve been blockbusters of Titanic proportions. On the Road did almost $9 million dollars at the box office with a limited U.S. release that was released in a staggered platform release. It didn’t show in multiplexes and was hard for many of her fans to get to see. It did about as well as Cosmopolis, which had a similar release and platform.
        Oh, the top critic rating finally dropped from fresh on RT for SWATH. My bad. A whole four points from fresh, huh? I guess that means that it got mixed reviews from top critics that were mostly positive.

      4. Dianasays:

        The majority of the OTR box office is overseas, not US. In the US it can’t even make a million. And it was release last May, four months earlier than Cosmopolis, so it’s had 4 months longer to earn money.

        The two films are indies but there is no comparison, one is intellectually much more challenging than the other road picture. No one ever thought Cosmopolis would draw large crowds, it’s a thinking person’s picture, and those are always too complex to find a mass audience.

      5. davidsays:

        There are millions of what you called “thinking man’s” movies that did a lot better in the B.O. than Cosmopolis which was dialogue heavy and was so convoluted that people saw it as an elutust

      6. Dianasays:

        Nice you say that but you provide no examples. Please name 3 dialog-rich, intellectual films that were huge box office hits. I’ll wait, and good luck with that.

        You may be unaware, but Cosmopolis got great reviews, is Fresh on RT, and made over 50 “Best of 2012” lists. Critics loved it, and many people who saw it also appreciated it. It got the longest standing ovation at Cannes, over 8 minutes, of any film shown there last year. Until Cronenberg decided to do it, the novel was considered unfilmable, but he did a fantastic job and it will only gain fans in the coming years.

      7. Common Sensesays:

        Oh, I’m sure the fact that the critics were biased and ready to tear her a new one for her sin of starring in Twilight had nothing to do with that.

        She’s innately likable in how fresh and honest she is, and obviously you don’t like that. Fine, but stop pretending she’s horrible just because you have an irrational dislike of her. And actually WATCH her movies- she has range and talent, but unlike most actors her age, neither stays too wooden nor hams it up.

  52. Read Mesays:

    Well written!
    There are more than four reason to not hate on her, but you picked the top four reasons.

  53. Gregsays:

    Jennifer Lawrence is the best of her generation, such badass actress. and Emma Stone is one of the most promising actors of her generation. so keep trying Stewart is one of the most mediocre actors now

    1. cocoapurlsays:

      It’s always the most “mediocre” that gets nominate for a BAFTA, wins a Best Actress Award from an international film festival, is part of ensembles that get nominated for SAG and Gotham Awards, and gets nominated for 4 Young Artist Awards, beginning at age 12. Yeah, we’ll keep “trying.”

      1. Carolinesays:

        KS wins awards that fans can vote online for. The BAFTA was sponsored by a phone company in the UK, Orange, and it wasn’t a real BAFTA, it was another fan vote, like the popcorn MTV awards. She can’t get a SAG or Oscar nomination.

        And Lily Collins, Saoirse Ronan, Amanda Seyfried, Hailee Steinfelld, Emma Stone, Mia Wasikowska, Emma Watson, Rooney Mara, and Ellen Page are all more talented and more interesting that Stewart. Here time has come and gone. She peaked before she was 16.

      2. cocoapurlsays:

        This comment is so incredibly stupid. I can’t even…So, her peer nominated BAFTA isn’t real because her win was based on votes from the public? Bwahahahah Somebody please tell James McAvoy’s publicist the same thing because his exact same fake BAFTA keeps getting brought up in print interviews he gives as an accomplishment of some sort. I don’t know what his team is thinking. I guess they didn’t consult you on that.

        Also, she already has a SAG nomination as part of the ensemble for Into the Wild. I guess that doesn’t count either…in her detractors’ minds.
        Excuse me, but she won her BAFTA (the fake one HAHAHAH) at eighteen and she won her Best Actress Award for Welcome to the Rileys when she was 20. How does that equal peaking at 16 again?
        It’s great that you love those actresses. I do, too. But, I think Kristen Stewart is much more interesting to watch.

      3. The industry nominated her, according to Noel Clarke who was the previous winner before she received the award. And the British public voted for her out of the others. Check your facts before you accuse it of just being the public voting her in.

      4. Carolinesays:

        The public voting for the fake BAFTA wasn’t confined to Britain. It was an online vote, which is why she won, because her fans in the US voted for her over and over. It’s the only way she wins anything. She’s very disliked in the UK, especially by men. They find her the un-sexist woman alive. They did a poll that her fans didn’t get wind of.

      5. Sandy Cheekssays:

        Yeah, because the opinions of these sexist fucks who reduce women to their “sexiness” matter to any sane human being.

      6. So she may not be sexually objectified by men in the UK. That has nothing to do with her acting, which is what people would have voted for, in order for her to win the BAFTA which she did. Stick to the topic, ok?

      7. The beauty of Kristen?! … She does not care about fame. Kristen Stewart can be compared to Leonardo di Caprio. Scansonato dall’accademy (when interested in them), but with so many films on his shoulders, they will be remembered in the annals.

      8. Lily Collins? You can remove the list of the best actresses.

    2. First of all, nobody here judges Jennifer (nobody has written that she is a bad actress because it is not)

  54. Amazing point of view, and i agree , i been watching kristen since panic room, and i think she’s amazing, so serios and nice and funny in her own way,thank you for wri
    iting this.

  55. Lynsays:

    Thank you.

  56. You get her! How refreshing.

  57. Lizzysays:

    Fantastic! Thank you for highlighting so many of the reasons why Kristen’s fans love her.

  58. Jamiesays:

    This is ridiculous. Kristen Stewart doesn’t deserve to be praised like this. She doesn’t show any ounce of talent in any of the movies that I’ve seen. She is disgusting, and helped break up a family. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on here works on her team, or were paid to put up this article to praise her.

    1. Jamie, there is a saying … the accuser is always the worst, because it hides something worse…..

  59. Lesliesays:

    Thank you for writing this article. I am in agreement with everything you wrote. For me, she jumped off the screen Into the Wild and I’ve followed her career ever since. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Oh boy, I was just reading through some comments. It’s nice to see so many supporters, but those that disagree with your assessment are quite amusing and scary. They write diatribes about her every move (personal or otherwise) as if they were there. They say the don’t like her, yet they just read a very lengthily article about her. They’re also able to critique her acting ability and spout off box office results for each of her movies. Good grief! I don’t even know what to say about theses people… I hope Kristen has good security.

  60. Dulcesays:

    this is awesome. you Get IT. Kristen Stewart is awesome because she is Kristen Stewart and fuck everyone else. She is real, she is not playing the “love me, I’m charming and smiley and shit rainbows” card so many actresses play today. I’ve never been a fan of anyone until I saw this woman in into the wild and adventureland, and until I saw her talk about her work. 4 FOR YOU GLEN COCO

  61. DougKsays:

    I am so glad to see this! Beautifully done. I first saw Kristen in Catch That Kid, keeping ahead of two guys fighting over her. You mentioned The Cake Eaters, and she was stellar in that. As well as the psychotic older sis in Zathura. When she was chosen for Twilight, I wasn’t surprised.
    So why in the heck do people hate her? That’s all news to me. She has to endure taunts and the Stalkerazzi every day, and she’s never allowed to do anything back? I say she rocks. To paraphrase Thomas Wolfe, there is no rationale for all this idiot and blind malevolence; they hate for the sake of hating.

  62. Lizsays:

    Excellent article. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. Her performance in Speak absolutely blew me away. She has impressed me time and again with her ability to project emotion in such a way that you feel what the character is feeling. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next and I’m glad someone finally wrote an article that gives her the credit and recognition she deserves for her work as well as her “realness” (for lack of a better term).

  63. Happy Couplesays:

    You’ve captured some of the amazing things about Kristen that her steadfast fans have always known. She can act, she is different, and I believe she is truly earnest in her desire to perform on screen but not in her personal life. I became a fan after seeing her in Speak and really liked her in the Twilight movies as well, even if that is an unpopular opinion.

    I am glad you took the time to praise her, I read so many uniformed, careless articles describing Kristen using trite, overused characterizations that are the opposite of what I see. It amazes me how many times something snarky and untrue will be written about Kristen on Twitter, blogs and Tumblers by someone who has a one second glance at her work or is repeating sensationalized gossip, because they think it’s cool to put down a celebrity. Hating on Kristen Stewart for absolutely no reason, is a social media exercise with a life all its own, and it is a perfectly glaring example of social media not enhancing self expression, but instead creating a new type of dumb down follower.

    1. dinasays:

      You just verbalized perfectly my feelings about Kristen and the horrific and malicious bashing that has been going on in the social network. I pray that Kristen continues to stay strong and live her life fully knowing she has people who truly love her: Rob, her family, friends and millions of fans who will ALWAYS support her and stand by her.

      1. like mother like daughtersays:

        Everything what goes on here was brought on by the selfish Trash Kristen Stewart, she didn’t think twice in starting an affair with a married guy , she didn’t care that this man had children and a wife and as much as he is guilty she made Sanders believe she is free to go. I never support anybody who is so selfish, but I realize she is just white Trash like her mother who cheated on her husband while he is battling cancer

      2. Tinesays:

        Really curious here:
        1) Why are you so sure that Rupert did not instigate whatever happened between the two of them?
        2) Why are you so sure that everything you just said is the truth despite your lack of knowledge about the real happenings in said people’s lives? Some of the fans here discussed the incident w/ the director in passing, just to point out that Rupert is just as accountable as Kristen is or that Kristen apologized to the people involved. Which, for me, is true. How do you know that you are telling the truth and not assuming something out of the little that you’ve heard, read, or saw (FYI, no matter how many the pictures were, you cannot depict what happened before or after it was taken. And that is what you are talking about in your statement – the specifics of something that you know nothing about). Based on your musings, it would seem that you’ve spent time formulating your hypothesis on this subject matter.
        3) Who are you and why are you better than everyone else that you get to call someone you do not know personally, “a white trash like her mother”?
        4) How is her personal life related to her acting skills? 5) And if you do not like her as a person, do you really have to be so downright rude?

  64. Beatricesays:

    I am surprised by the fury with which WOMEN judge this girl. We are discussing here his talent, not his personal life. But, as several people mention it now admire that girl much more than four years ago. Adults do not even outperform much mud, unfinished, at least, in a rehabilitation center or sucidio. I honestly thought that taxes not overcome. That girl has courage, is authentic, need not be the girl barbie Hollywood, for many fans love her. I have met girls comments, who have felt different, and identified with it. Where’m female solidarity? where are the words desobligantes for Mr. married boss chasing his subordinate? I think the decision to Universal says it all. And hope that the truth will come out in the light, hopefully also great successes for this young and talented actress. I hope also that those who judge, especially women, do not make any mistake in life, and some to be close

    1. Heidisays:

      Where was Kristen’s female solidarity when she had an affair with Liberty Ross’ husband? Liberty had recommended KS for the part of Snow White, and had worked on the set with her. She knew Liberty, and her 2 kids. But that didn’t stop her from having an affair with Rupert Sanders, did it?

      When KS can explain that, then we can talk about “female solidarity.” KS is not the victim. You should be expressing your sympathy for the injured party, Liberty and her two kids, who are now part of a broken home.

      1. I think it is you who is the hurt party here…it’s 2013, almost a year later move on already!
        And this article talks about her proffessional life, not her personal one…have an opinion about that, since it’s the only thing for public consumption

      2. Heidisays:

        Kristen Stewart invited the public into her private life when she chose to cheat with a married man in public. If she didn’t want people to comment on her private life, then she should have taken care to KEEP it private.

        Instead she chose to conduct an affair on the side of a public road where anyone could see her humping a man twice her age. Disgusting. Then she followed it up with a public apology. That INVITES comment. Grow up and stop making excuses for her.

      3. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        Why don’t YOU grow up and quit hammering on someone over and over again? When will you be satisfied that she’s been punished enough by you holier-than-thou types who think you’re judge and jury? When something awful happens to her? You’re pathetic and disgusting and your comments INVITE venom thrown right back at you.

      4. where are the valuessays:

        Stewart will ALWAYS be remembered for what she did and whoever supports that is a lowlife . It could had be your father or BF , I wonder what u would say. Stewart exposed herself to be scum with no empathy for the children and no respect for Liberty. She made herself available , picked the guy up from his house, who does that? Only a coldhearted Biatch with nothing in mind then herself

      5. please people, it says more about you than about her that you’re still hung up on this nearly a a year later. You are all hypocrites, as far as I’m concerned. Believing tabloids at face value. And you call ‘Robsteners’ sheep? The ONLY one who’s opinion counts when it comes to her seems happy as a clam to me….you’re nick talks about values? Where’s you’re outrage with the 41 year old married father of 2?

      6. Tinesays:

        Wow. It’s amazing how much you can depict from a series of pictures taken and one public apology. I don’t think you know this but, the number of incriminating pictures released in the internet will never be enough basis for you or anyone else to judge the events that transpired between the involved parties before and after the said pictures. So, please, stop over-working your brain, trying to come up with a believable hypothesis that you can pass off as truth. The reason her fans are over it is because Kristen owned up to it and apologized to the people involved. Surprise! She’s human and she makes mistakes just like the rest of us. Who knows what else she did privately to right her wrong. Don’t get hung up on past grievances. Especially if it’s not directly your business. Sure, Rupert could have been your boyfriend, father, or whoever close to you. But it’s not, so please, get over it. You are only stressing yourself over something that is not even worth hassling yourself with. And I didn’t say that because I don’t think what she did wasn’t a big deal. I said that for three reasons: 1) Kristen didn’t do it to you or anyone you know. 2) It’s in the past. and 3) She apologized to the people involved (i.e., not you). And for the record, you don’t know whether or not Kristen’s fans would be singing the same tune if that happened to them. So, again, stop judging w/o really knowing anything. As for me, I don’t know what’ll happen. I’ll probably be pissed for a long time. But, like you, I don’t know for sure what I’m going to do or how I’m going to react unless I’m in that situation already. Let’s just leave it at that.

    2. honestsays:

      W H A T Talent..her lipbiting her stoned stare her open mouth gaping , come on someone has to see that there isn’t anything appealing in her performances. Her Swath acting was like she needed to pass gas.

  65. kristosays:

    Did she pay you to write this?

  66. Brizsays:

    Goodness, this article is amazing! Thank you for this. You get her just like her fans do. <3

  67. daloveleesays:

    Let’s establish some facts. This article was posted in Jennifer Lawrence newsfeed on IMDb… I was not searching for this blog and seeing the ludicrous title is geared towards those who don’t love her… Once reading this blog the writer invites posters and all opinions. Apparently the writer wants to hear from those who aren’t enameled with her hence the article was written to prove why we shouldn’t hate her IF YOU are a fan you would not need convincing not to hate her

  68. thank you! very well said! my words exactly!

  69. These mindless people, do not hate Kristen Stewart because she did Twilight, or because it is a bad actress (it is not), HATE her, because she has Pattinson.
    I read messages on Twitter and FB of people (women aged 25 and over they have website dedicated to Robert) make you vomit.
    The people (of that age) should have more brains and instead have none.

  70. suzysays:

    I’m suprised by how many haters are so interested in Kristen Stewart,that they had to posted a comment on this article. They all must have taken the time to watch her movies,which is also a suprise considering they don’t like her.

    1. cocoapurlsays:

      Who cares what they say about her? Look at all the love she’s getting here. 😀 Focus on the positive. Kristen hasn’t changed. She’s always been warm. She still curses (to my delight…lol). She dresses the same. She has always smiled. The perception the media has painted of her has always been false. Those that hated her bought into it because it’s easier to believe the worst in people than to stop and think for yourself. This anger is a result of jealously, powerlessness, laziness, gullibility, and ignorance.

  71. ruthsays:

    Its hard to respect someone who calls herself a miserable c__t and wishes that life fcks her over. Even the death threats she yelled at the Photographers in Europe , her constipated looks and her awful interviews laced with swearing are a huge turn off

  72. Chersays:

    Completely correct!

  73. Arjunasays:

    Wow…this is really kind of obvious, isn’t it? (LOL!)…Stewart ‘s PR paid you to write this, plain and simple. Stewart was just listed as one of the most hated celebrities on the planet (granted, I thought that was a bit much but still, there it is). Stewart doesn’t have any real major projects happening right now and her team is scrambling. Of course you mention Jennifer Lawrence because not only is Jennifer Lawrence critically acclaimed (two Oscar noms, one win at 22…a total of 46 awards to her credit), very much in demand, etc.,but Lawrence is also the biggest competition any actress in Hollywood has right now from 20 to 35… but, and this is just as important, Jennifer Lawrence is beloved. Attitude matters. Jennifer Lawrence also has the respect of A-List directors because of all those things and that is why Jennifer gets the best scripts (sure, Lawrence has a great agent), but she is also very easy to work with on set. I actually laughed out loud at the “punk rock” comment…punk rock??…being rude and dismissive about the industry that you work for doesn’t make you punk rock…Stewart has finally come to that realization and is trying to fix it. Smiling now at public events, trying to seem warmer, more relatable, etc. so, is Stewart still “punk rock”?.

    It might also interset

  74. It is so interesting that all of you that hate her seek out every internet story to leave a barrage of insults. As many have pointed out, if I don’t care for an actor then I am not interested in reading or commenting about them.Who would care what I think? You people have made it your mission in life. Where does all that anger and the need to put down someone (that you do not know, but assume to)come from? If you believe everything written about these celebrities (including quotes taken out of context) then you are quite gullible. There isn’t alot of integrity in journalism anymore.
    I think all of the young actresses mentioned are talented. I prefer some over others. Do I feel a need to shove my reasons in your face? No, again who really cares ? I came here because I like Kristen Stewart as an actor and that is what the article was about. I also feel that she has been treated viciously by the press, other celebrities and most of all you mean little people hiding behind their computers. That anyone feels that there is any justification in doing that to any person is truly sad. Bullying, plain and simple.

    1. Let's Be Truthful...says:

      Very well said, BG!!

  75. marysays:

    Good Article. Everyone can have an opinion about someone and i think yours wasn´t biased. It was a good point of view. I am a huge fan of her and i know she is far from being perfect, she has make mistakes but i think all people bashing her in the comments section must be perfect and complete angels because WOW! Don´t even bother in comment. I won´t read them. I think we should use social network to promote what we love instead of bash what we hate. And we wonder why there is so much hate in the world? congratulations for spreading it. I am a well educated woman and not a rude girl like most of the adult women in the hateful comments think all of kristen´s fans are. Such a sad situation when women are hating on another women, one that could be your children age.

    Anyway. Thanks for the article. Very refreshing. i agree with what you say. There´s a bright future for Kristeni n the horizont.

    Bless your heart

    1. dadasays:

      everybody is just talking about her private stuff , as an actor you want more, she is on the same level as the Kartrashions

      1. Common Sensesays:

        Yeah, she’s definitely famous for nothing, has no skill in the business and made a sex tape. Are you slow or…?

  76. nenasays:

    Thank you for this nice article about KS!!!! I wish the people who have responded here with hate would remember that “Blowing out someone else’s flame doesn’t make yours any brighter.” And remember that Judging a person tells more about you than about them, so make sure you are perfect before you judge!!! These people also need to make sure they know the facts, the truth in this case not what the vile lying tabloids say. Do they know that tabloids DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT THE TRUTH? If people want the truth go to justiceforkristen.wordpress.com for the truth. I dont agree with his “why” it was done but agree with his RESEARCH! Tabloids rely on people who hate KS for alot of their stories, the haters just proved this by making up the story that the valet driver in the pics last week was RS, they tweeted it to every tab and many many printed it with out checking and finally Hollywood Life checked and took the article down!!!!!!! Do not believe anything abt KS or RP that is in the tabloids!!! SHE DID NOT CHEAT EVER!!! GO TO THE SITE AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF!!!

    1. They have eyes but do not see. Nor read. No hope for them.

    2. Her Delusional Fanssays:

      This kind of commenter just proves how crazy her fanbase is. They are so delusional, they think the 55 photos of her and Rupert Sanders were all photoshopped or it was a giant conspiracy to ruin her. Why?

      Why can’t they believe her public apology in People magazine? Why don’t they use their brain and know that if she hadn’t have had an affair, she would have sued US magazine for running the photos in the first place.

      Her fans worship her like she can do no wrong, even when confronted with dozens of photos of her adulterous behavior, and her own public apology. They can’t deal with reality. These are the kinds of people she attracts. And you wonder why so many people don’t like her (and her fans).

      1. Let's Be Truthful...says:

        Let’s make it simple: Not 55 compromising pics; not all photoshopped; not known if it was actually her apology; photos don’t equal affair or adulterous behavior; KS (& RP as well) do not ever and will never respond to any BS tabloid story.

      2. Tinesays:

        I agree that some do worship her and thinks she can do no wrong. However, there are those who believes that she’s entitled to commit mistakes just like everybody else. She apologized and I hope she learned from her mistake. Please don’t generalize her fans. Every fan base has those crazy ones who worship the ground that their favorite celebrity walks on. But not everyone is like that. It’s sad that after reading so many logical and reasonable responses from fans here – who didn’t seem delusional, I might add – people still generalize Kristen’s fans as crazy people. But I guess it’s a matter of how you want to see things. You certainly didn’t want to count the numerous fans who weren’t oblivious to her mistakes. If that’s what you want, go ahead. But please don’t go around, blowing things out of proportion. Since you’re in the business of stalking people and waiting for them to say something wrong so you can jump in and call them delusional and shallow, I should point out that you just made a mistake right there. You generalized Kristen’s fan base as delusional people only. That’s faulty generalization right there. I think you should apologize. Just saying.

      3. Tinesays:

        I meant Hasty Generalization. Sorry.

    3. Girishsays:

      Many sensible people don’t care whether she cheated or not actually. We are just interested in her movies and in her general well-being.

    4. Girishsays:

      Many sensible people don’t care whether she cheated or not actually. We are just interested in her movies and in her general well-being.

  77. Monsays:

    Thank you for writing this beautiful article. Kristen is a genuine individual and a talented actress and this is refreshing in HW. What you stated are the reasons why I love her. People are so judgmental to towards Kristen because they get used to HW pretense and BS. Kristen does not act like those typical HW barbie/sell her personal life like most do. These makes them uncomfortable, then comes all the ignorance, tease, mean comments and bullies. They don’t get Kristen? Never mind, it’s their loss. I pity their lack of ability to appreciate realness, profoundity and true beauty.

  78. RLivingsays:

    Thank you Darren Ruecker, your Kristen article is excellent. I also enjoyed your Jennifer Lawrence post. Some of us think that it’s possible to appreciate both of them as talented actresses and refreshing non-celebrities. I would love to see them work together, and if their agents would get out of the way, I’d bet they would work for scale to have the opportunity to co-star with each other.

  79. jayman419says:

    If you look through her pictures, Kristen Stewart actually smiles quite a bit. She may not beam at paparazzi, but there are still plenty of other occasions where she seems comfortable and happy.

    1. gagasays:

      she smiled the most while getting dry humped from Rupert Sanders , she was blissfully happy

  80. Tigerlilysays:

    You forgot to mention “The Runaways”. She was terrific in that film.

    1. jamsays:

      she sucked compared to Dakota . Dakota carried that Movie while Stewart was Bella in grunch clothes

      1. Common Sensesays:

        Dakota was meh at best. Joan handpicked Kristen.

        Grunch clothes? Oh, you mean what Joan wore? Lol, you must be fresh out of middle school and too green to know much about Jett.

        Stop trying to bash Kristen for no reason in a movie she was perfectly fine in just because you feel a need to hate her.

  81. Interesting to read number 4. Who is her agent? You are right to question that, or who is also her PR. Kristen should fire both side and start hiring a good one, who really care for her not her money. There’s a rumour of an upcoming movie, partner with a controversial actor, she should be very careful on accepting a project that might cause another stir about her relationship with Rob. Producer/director don’t care what will be the controversy to her reputation as long as the movie makes money at the box office. She should distant herself of this sort, if she want to clean
    up the gossip.

  82. Francessays:

    I agree completely!

  83. I’m going to say something very controversial.

    I would take a thousand foul mouthed K-stews to the vapid Megan Fox.

  84. Jo Josays:

    This article is nothing more than inane drivel.

  85. M Msays:

    What? Kristen is one of the worst actresses ever. Twitching and shaking like a neurotic freak is not acting. She’s done the same act since panic room. She’s terrible. Just awful.

  86. Let’s play a game. How many of you actually act? Thought so.

    1. Carolyn Hogansays:

      Yep, most of these people probably don’t act, which obviously means they’re all incapable of telling the difference between a good actress and a terrible one.

  87. A great piece – congratulations 🙂

    I wasn’t that keen on Kristen until I saw her in The Runaways and then Snow White And The Huntsman *ducks just in case*, and I didn’t like the Twilight movies almost on principal, which is unfair I know, but not exactly rare in this case. I only started watching them because Michael Sheen was to be in them, as personally I think he is one of the finest actors of his generation and sorely underestimated. But I’ve now watched them all and I can see the appeal they have, but it’s not for me really.

    There are definitely 2 bandwagons for Kristen – the love and the hate – and it’s not simply based on her acting or choice of role or even her behaviour in her PERSONAL life (will say something further down about why I capitalised that).

    Both camps can be so vociferous and over-bearing about what they think of her that they constantly fuel each other further down the road, convinced they must be right. It’s unfortunate that her fans don’t understand that slavering rabidly at every mention of her, or the franchise she’s best known for currently, just makes the haters dig their heels in refusing to consider another point of view, while deliberately needling them for a reaction. In a lot of cases, I just can’t believe it’s simply that the detractors feel so strongly about her, especially as when asked if they’ve seen the Twilight movies, they generally answer “Oh no they’re rubbish.” (or words to that effect!) If pressed further on what they’ve seen her in, they often slide into mumbles before picking up the thread of their patter again, repeating themselves without any actual specifics to back it up with. They just “hate” her.

    But let’s not throw too many rocks in the wheels of THAT bandwagon, because coming in the opposite direction is Camp K-Stew. All aboard, next stop Hysteria Lane! Fueled by a burning need to defend their idol, they declare their undying love and support of her, while praising her up possibly beyond reason at this stage of her career and saying she’s better than so-and-so, often comparing her to actors which are realistically so far above her on the acting ladder that it’s like comparing apples to a Bic biro. But as you said, she’s young and still learning her craft all the time, while still getting to know herself as she grows up. When you look at what she has done so far, she’s achieved a heck of a lot and should be given at least some credit for that – it doesn’t necessarily have to be gushing high praise; just recognition. While I admire anyone who cares passionately about something (it can be anything; as long as it harms no one, then passion for anything is a positive thing) some Twilight and K-Stew and/or R-Patz fans do go so far over the top, unfortunately often becoming shrill and almost scary and it’s a shame.

    So they’re as bad as each other in my opinion in that respect. However, I actually find that those who love(like) her are far more articulate about why they like her; they have some solid and thought through reasons, whereas those who hate her cite things like her hair! It makes me wonder if they just feel they SHOULD hate her, perhaps because Twilight is something they’re supposed to hate, therefore so is Kristen.

    Just a quick reference back to why I capitalised PERSONAL back there. It seems an unfortunate tendency these days to love nothing more than building someone up simply to tear them down again and take pleasure in it. It happens to so many celebrities – in fact anyone people can get their teeth into. I’m a firm believe in “Just because someone is in the public eye, that doesn’t make them, and everything about them, public property! Once again, you have some from both camps hard at work regarding her personal life; people who love her either hounding her, or watching the results of her being hounded so they can fit just another drop of her into their lives, then being hurt, shocked or offended if she doesn’t behave exactly the way they want her to, and lashing out as a result. Then you have the people who hate her taking huge, cruel satisfaction in seeing and hearing her pulled to pieces, hoping maybe they’ll get the chance to watch her come apart at the seams, slowly and publicly. With such an overwhelming lack of privacy and frequent attacks coming from all sides including her fans, which at best must be bewildering or exasperating and at worst hurtful, a huge knock to her confidence, and depressing.

    She IS only young, and even well-established actors can find it over-whelming when they’re lucky enough to drop on a role which is part of an overnight, runaway success global phenomenon. They take time to adjust and find the coping strategies they need to survive the glaring spotlight on every aspect of them and their lives. I know the franchise has been running for a long time now, so some may say she should be used to it by now, or that she chose this life so she has to live with it, but it’s just not that black and white. In fact, the name of the franchise is Twilight … let’s hope people learn to see the grey a little more now that the franchise has come to a close on big screen, and either support Kristen (and the rest of the cast) in their future roles…or just don’t watch her movies. This isn’t Clockwork Orange territory – no one is forced to watch her work, or read about her life.

  88. Sorry – I got carried away

  89. Sorry – I got carried away

  90. Sorry – I got carried away

  91. I disagree with the writer.

    I think her acting in “The Panic Room” was awful. But as she was so young, people keeps getting confused about the quality of her performance. I mean, it was as good as dakota fanning’s interpretation in the Cat in the hat. She didn’t showed any feelings at all, and it seemed as she was falling asleep in every scene. I mean, Come on!!!

    Her acting in other films i’ve seen from her is far away from a good performance. She ALWAYS seems to be the same character. It’s like Michael Cera, but with a disgusting personality.

    And at last but not least, her interpretation on Bella’s Twilight was a butterfly of awfulness. One could only ask -all along the movie- WTF does everyone sees in that boring, ugly girl? Such a bad attitude. I mean, you could not understand her father trying to be nice with that, that crazy vampire in love, all those friends who were so supportive. Dear jesus, she was annoying as hell in that interpretations. It didn’t make sense at all.

    I don’t know how she is in “the real world”, but i don’t think anyone should care about that, cuz she is a horrendous actress, therefore, she doesn’t deserve media attention.

    And BTW. People is not jealous of her, yet it’s a little bit disappointing all the resources and oportunities given to this shitty actress, that could have been well exploited by a talented person that has no fame (that’s why there is hatred around her).


    1. Girishsays:

      Ugly… You sound like you’re just a butthurt hater. She used to be tomboyish, but now she’s simply gorgeous.

      1. mailsays:

        she is as far away from being gorgeous than Whoopi Goldberg but at least Whoppi has personality and smarts, something Screwart is missing

      2. mailsays:

        she is as far away from being gorgeous than Whoopi Goldberg but at least Whoppi has personality and smarts, something Screwart is missing

      3. mailsays:

        she is as far away from being gorgeous than Whoopi Goldberg but at least Whoppi has personality and smarts, something Screwart is missing

  92. Long before Twilight was ever on the horizons of worldwide popularity (and hate), I had loved Kristen as an actor first (and foremost) and for the range of movies she did. Panic Room, Speak, Cake Eaters, Into the Wild (all before Twilight) are unquestionably great movies and the majority of them rested on her young shoulders. Her performances are brilliant. Her recent indie fare have been a treat to watch.

    I still don’t understand the unjustifiable hate against her, but thankfully she does have tons of sensible fans. She’s already a major ‘movie star’ and I hope she gets the critical respect that most of know she deserves.

  93. lucascottsays:

    Stewart might not totally suck but she’s far from the best actress out there. She’s B Grade, maybe A minus.

  94. You’re right, she doesn’t give a damn. In acting, professionalism, or married guys.

  95. I love some of these comments. Not a single one of you know anything about her personally. Maybe she’s just a bitch. Or maybe she has every reason to do what she does. Who are any of us to judge? I like her. I think she is a good actor. And I don’t give a @#%$ what she does in her personal life.

  96. I love some of these comments. Not a single one of you know anything about her personally. Maybe she’s just a bitch. Or maybe she has every reason to do what she does. Who are any of us to judge? I like her. I think she is a good actor. And I don’t give a @#%$ what she does in her personal life.

    1. malesays:

      she certainly is much better in lying and manipulating than other young actresses , almost the same level as LOHAN. Watching her interview where she can’t complete a sentence because she spaces out is painful. After all the years in the business , she knows whats going on but u can see there isn’t a lot of brain . Now she does whatever it takes to stay relevant in clinging on to Robert Pattinson . This isn’t a pleasant woman

  97. Talibsays:

    This article is like running in circles going nowhere, sorry not persuasive

  98. Clearly a die-hard wrote this article and didn’t look at her honestly. All of her performances were forgettable and were justly so forgotten. Twilight was really what got her seen, but not in a good way. Her roles have always been awkward and she’s been slipped into the same role too much, to the point where it’s become too hard to take her seriously.

    And the first rule about critiquing an actor is to not critique them outside of their role. Actors are exactly that, people who act. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from or who you were before, whether you are a rich stuck up or a film extra, it doesn’t matter. You either do a good performance or you don’t and nobody should care about who they are outside the movie they’re in.

    While I will take a step back and say most of the hatred towards her is really odd and unbecoming, I will not support her either. She’s a terrible actress and, unfortunately, her work in Twilight, if you could say she even put any work, is one of those things that will follow her around forever. It’s a true principle wherever you look with actors. It’s somewhat unavoidable and even more unfortunate is that there are dozens of under-par actors whom are better then she is. I wasn’t even aware of her existence for the most part till Twilight and then I recalled her in those movies before it. That’s how bad it is. She just filled the space, not giving memorable or note-worthy performances. Twilight just gave a name to the blank character.

  99. justAgrlsays:

    I would just like to say, calmly, that if Kristen didn’t want to have to deal with all the Pap and publicity, then she shouldn’t be acting. You have little or no private life once you become famous, and thanks to her disgusting role in the Twilight saga, she will never have privacy again. She should deal with it and move on, or fake her death and buy a private island or something.

    PS… you can’t compare Jen Lawrence to Kristen Stewart. Jen is a multi-dimensional actress already, even at her age. She can play angsty-introverts, sarcastic and witty, sultry seductress, and badass action star. PLUS, she’s just an all-around people person! I’m excited to see what more she does with her (quickly becoming illustrious) career.

    …So far all “K-stew” has going for her is angst (which worked well for “The Runaways”). Everything else seems just awkward and forced (unless she keeps quiet and lets some guy make her look good like in “Snow White and the Huntsman”.)

  100. Oleosays:

    My opinion is that K-stew has an incredibly limited range as an actor. Not in terms of her “talent”, per se, but in terms of her emotional availability onscreen. Simply put, she’s “too cool” to be a decent actor: too inhibited, too guarded, too aware of how she/things appear on the screen.. And to me acting is like learning a foreign language, meaning, “unless it’s embarassing, you’re not doing it correctly”….and I think that K-Stew’s self-awareness or self-consciousness about WHAT she is doing actually gets in the way of her doing it, and….so she pulls back (so as not to appear “uncool”???)…- In other words, she’s never going to dork-out, or achieve any sort of fever-pitch emotionally during any of her scenes, because with K-stew, what you see in real-life is what you get on screen. She’s a “screen personality”, not a “method actor”.

  101. I’ve always loved her this just intensifies that for me

  102. Amanda Glaubsays:

    I think she is great. The way I see it is she’s real. She doesn’t change the way she is because of money or roles or because fans don’t like her. She is who she is and so what is people don’t like her. I’m sure she doesn’t lose sleep over it and she will continue to live her life the way she chooses! You Rock Kristen!!!!

  103. Never saw a Twilight, never want to. I liked this article, but you can’t love or hate anyone without working with them and living with them. I’d like to add a little depth to her resume as well with the ability to sing. She did a great job with Joan Jett in The Runaways and did a pretty decent job with a John Prine song in Into the Wild. She also did a good job in In the Land of Women, totally underrated movie.

  104. Op… I will be exceedingly polite and simply tell you I disagree.

  105. D. Justinsays:

    Whether Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lawrence are doing the same thing roling their eyes and being insufferable is still no excuse for rudeness, and bratty attitutudes. If you didn’t want the attention then you shouldn’t have chosen acting as a career. For once your light shines the pats on the back will follow. Not to mention, the millions of fan dollars that you deposit into your bank accounts which allows you to live very well where some of your fans do not. Suck it up and get over yourselves. This goes out to all of the whiners out there… for you just don’t know how blessed you are.

  106. Kaitlynnsays:

    Regardless of what you say or believe, Kristen Stewart is an annoying, talentless hack. And pretty much the whole world agrees with me.

  107. I’m sorry, but no. This list is terrible.

    All of her characters are literally the most annoying characters in this very reasonable list of the 20 more annoying movie characters – and that’s because it’s Stewart and her inability to act.

    It’s no surprise she is also one of those “actresses” that always looks the same in every scene and every photo ever taken. As a matter of fact, the only time I’ve ever seen her face change was when she was giving two guys handjobs in On the Road.


  108. HowardTheDecksays:

    Ballsy post – I like it. I’ve been defending Stewart for a long time in a sea of detractors. Good list!

  109. manfacesays:

    Lost me at good actress

  110. manfacesays:

    Lost me at good actress

  111. raphaelsays:

    you know what’s funny about your reasons? you can apply them to Hitler…

    1. Beasays:

      I know this is a bit old but if I had a trophy I would be handing it over to you. I can’t believe I’m actually using this phrase but you’ve won the internet.

  112. Carolyn Hogansays:

    So you’re saying the fact that her real self comes through in her performances is a good thing? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of, you know, acting? But, since she’s “seriously punk rock” and totally badass…
    She might be real, but unlike the writer of this article, not many people admire the cynism, sarcasm and the f*** the world attitude that K-Stew loves to so publicly exibit whenever she gets the chance.

  113. GeoGirl2008says:

    I’ve seen most of her movies, and she is the same in all of them. Its not so much Kirsten Stewart in the role of x, but more of x is Kristen Stewart. She is not a good actress.

    1. Tinesays:

      Thank you for sharing your opinion w/o being snide. And it’s Kristen, by the way, not Kirsten. Thanks.

  114. Autumnsays:

    I’m on the K-Stewart wagon all though I don’t know how if feel about that whole K-Stew nick name… I mean, I have been a fan of her since she was in a spy kids movie before Panic Room now I’ve never heard of a couple movies that you’d mentioned in there but I certainly will look into em. I wonder why you didn’t mention her role as Jone Jett and how she nailed that role as snow white in “Snow White and the Huntsman” It was her playing Bella where as if she was reading her diary basically having alot of lines yet I’m this movie she captivatingly captures your every attention and with only her acting, she barely had any lines but you completely understood whatever she was trying to convey… I am and will always be actually look forward to being her fan. KEEP IT UP JUST THE WAY YOU ARE KRISTEN YOU’RE BESUTIFUL AND NOT JUST IN PICS, YOUR WAY MAKES YOU JUST THAT! ! I don’t wanna wait any longer to see more from you and it offends me how people speak ill of your awkward yet I love how you know you can be and you own it..
    So, whoever took their time to write this website or whatever this is thank you and if anything negative were to be read about her It’s only written by someone that’s most likely jealous that they can’t be multi-talented, real, smart,beautiful and just meant to be exactly where she’s at…

  115. ???says:

    Wow, people look. We’re all getting antsy over someone elses beeswax. Stick to your own life.

  116. Jackie Jormpjompsays:


  117. booboosays:

    I think your article was great. I think Kristen was great in into the wild, and I really liked her in snow white and the runaways. I agree that she should not be judged by her acting in twilight. I really liked the books, which of course made me see all the movies, and did not think they were that bad…my opinion. Kristen acts to me like someone that is shy. she’s not very good in interviews, or with anyone outside of her circle. she shouldn’t be judged by that. being shy is awful, and makes you socially weird. I hear a lot of actors/actresses say that they were shy and that’s why they chose acting as a career. I think with age we will see her grow into a good actress. she seems to have potential.

  118. Kellysays:

    Great piece but can you stop busting on twilight, i’m not saying i love it, i only saw all the films about 2 months ago but i didn’t hate them and i thought Kristen was great anyway but i don’t think that’s why people hate her i mean what about that thing with Pattinson where she cheated and he took her back, there’s badass, then there asshole!

  119. Kelpiesays:

    She’s shit. End of.

  120. Mandalore42says:

    Well I’ll admit it get’s me to think more of her than “That stale twilight girl who also plays that slut in the other movie”, she actually kind of sounds similar to me, being rather socially awkward. And I couldn’t care less about her being “rude”. I’d be way worse. I couldn’t stand being in the spotlight all the time. Which is why I never considered acting despite actually receiving a lot of professional training in it early in life. I’ll give her a shot. Even with the twilight blemish. After all, I did give the other guy(you mentioned him in the article but I don’t remember his name) a chance and he’s doing well with it in revolution.

  121. Sarahsays:

    100% AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Lizzysays:

    Well said. I love her and think she was genius in “Welcome to the Riley’s” and on “On the Road”. She’s fantastic.

  123. Santossays:

    go home Darren Ruecker you`re drunk , and write your article when you`re not drunk …and i will hate her till my dying day

  124. Jessica L Smileysays:

    Not a K-Stew fan, although i did know who she was before the disaster that is Twilight. She isnt a wonderful actress and her perpetually uncomfortable in her own skin awkwardly cute routine is overdone.After being the mega star that she was during the Twilight hysteria, one would think she would learn to deal with the lime light. In her defense however, Twilight was the WORST series i have ever read, and it blows my mind that such a literary piece of trash could warrant such a following. In the books Bella is whinny, insecure, lacking all confidence, and totally obsessed with Edward, to the point that she falls into a depression boarding coma. The relationship between the characters is completely inappropriate (17 and 100 something) can we say statutory rape on an epic scale?), and all consuming. Her father has more than every right to be concerned about his daughter. Perhaps K_Stew was just that good that she brought this horribly written character to life in a way that has stained her till the end of her career, but i dont think i have seen her in anything where i felt that she was truely acting in such a way that i saw range that i would consider talent!

    1. Tinesays:

      If you haven’t seen her most recent movies, I don’t think you should be judging her acting skills to be honest. I think that we are only as good as our last products. People improve over time. You might want to see her newer films. If you still think she’s not a good actress, then so be it. Your opinion is respected.

  125. Tiltlinesays:

    None of this is accurate, I’ve seen her movies, I know all of her betrays, please. Who are you trying to lie? Us or yourself?

  126. purplerose1887says:

    im sorry. Kristen Stewart has shown some decent acting in the past. but her horrible acting in the twilight series can not be blames on her agent nor the producer director. although i can’t believe they let that stammering rubbish pass as acting in the film. theres plenty of other good acting in the film of less famous roles played by less famous actors so what went wrong when they were filming her. the fact that it always seemed that she could never form an intelligible sentence to me proves that the previous acting from miss Stewart was a fluke or some good luck. i mean the twilight movies were bad to begin with i think losing many of the decent qualities from the books series but how can you read the book and then lay down the same character in a movie and they almost seem as if the didn’t read the book at all. this was one of the best examples that the movies is almost never as good as the book. but i think Miss Stewart’s acting was one of the worst in the movie. the bella from the books i would say to break it down was shy, quiet and brave.. incredibly brave for that matter and somewhat selfish. but the stammering hot mess that Stewart portrayed was just awful. now i’ve just been touching on the acting part of what i’ve seen of miss Stewart but honestly if you are going to bring how she behaves in public for her defense then i have something to say to that as well. her previous decent acting aside clearly having lost what ever touch she had in the past dose not give her the excuse to be down right rude. this does not make her look edgy or in any way better. i have seen many other actors/ actresses who have been treated much worse in the public eye and hounded for more viciously by the paparazzi and handled them selves with far better grace, and i know what you will say oh she’s a kid she’s young no excuse. when you get in to acting modeling, music you are in the public eye. guess what that means for all intents and purposes you don’t have a privet life. do i think that is right no i don’t think anyone has the right to invade anyone privacy but that is on the paparazzi on other media hounds. it is however the person in the spotlight to act how ever they wish themselves be portrayed in the public eye. im not a Robert Pattinson so my opinion has nothing to do with her supposed affair with him i could care less. but as far as acting goes she was terrible in twilight nothing more can be said. her public behavior leaves much to be desired. now i agree that some of her acting was much better after twilight everyone has the right to have a crap film or 3 tho her acting got better towards the end of the twilight movies. i thought she was good in snow white and the huntsman. i even thought to myself oh my god she’s back. i still don’t think that gives her free range to act the way she dose in public. paparazzi are bullys to be sure. but when most of us were kids how were we told to handle bullies. i know some were told to fight back, many other including myself were told to ignore them because they are not worth your time nor worth getting yourself in trouble. and in essence that is how her behavior in public has gotten her in trouble she only makes herself look bad when doing the things that she does. not helping her image unless we are not to start respecting rude foul mouthed people.

  127. shinsays:

    I, too, am incredibly glad about this article. Because she has become such a popular meme, it really is tough to defend her without sounding like a joke. I started off despising her work because of her choice to star in Twilight, but as I watched her performance in The Runaways which made me recall that she was in Panic Room (and how young she was in there and was starring across Jodie Foster), I came to appreciate the subtlety in her acting- it’s something so quiet, understated, controlled yet she always expresses her characters so clearly.

  128. I’ve seen a couple of her movies (besides twilight) and I can honestly say that she was a much better child actor. seriously compare her acting in Speak with her acting in Adventureland. I don’t really like her as a person mostly because of an interview where she say being photographed is like being raped.

  129. Clare Asays:

    I’ve always loved Kristen Stewart. There’s something about her… She fascinates me. I also saw her in movies long before Twilight and I agree that she should not be pigeonholed for the franchise alone. I love her don’t-give-a-damn attitude, it certainly is refreshing!

    1. 4241752033says:

      I love Kirsten, as well she is very talented , Robert, has lost his mine you know Riley, is not royalty and her grandfather was not I, AM 69 YEARS OLD THIS WAS MY ERA AND I KNOW he was never the king of rock and roll. don’t forget where you came from o and Kirsten helped you get to the top.Kirsten was not married to you if it had not been for Emily DE RAVEN YOU DROVE HER TO CHEAT WHEN YOU ADMITTED YOU CHEATED . stop trying to hurt Kirsten all of this mess was over last year, she has done no more then you.you should pray that she will take you back. Your career in the movie is about to be over..vivian ray

  130. gurlonfiresays:

    You finally get it. Kristen is The Cool Kid in your high school…which means you probably don´t know her or get her. Maybe you called her the Goth girl or a weido, but she´s just ultra-cool. Her own brand of cool. Seen in her professional choices.

  131. Rachsays:

    I’m sorry but that just seem to be going over the same stuff. The reason I don’t like her isn’t because I don’t think she is a talented actress but because I think she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself for instance she was dating a young man when she started in Twilight and then went on to dump him for Robert Patterson which seemed all too close to be not considered as cheating. She then went on to break Robert’s heart by cheating on him with the producer. I think she has made people hate her for her actions and I am one person that can’t abide cheating in any sense.

  132. Adexsays:

    She has show us her boobs. More boobs please

  133. nanotolerancesays:

    15 trillion in debt…neverending internal strife….aggressive foreign policy, namely against a people who aren’t afraid to blow themselves up for sky genie number 4,256…

    And we’re going to argue over people we neither know, nor will ever know.

    Darwin awards all around. Hope Perez Hilton’s death is particularly agonizing.

    1. AJ2449says:

      all that happening, and you still wasted the time it took to at least skim the article and then Comment on it…
      Shame on you —

  134. nanotolerancesays:

    The Runaways was awesome. She really became Joan Jett.

    I like her. She smokes pot, wears very little make up and personally…I find her attractive. Plain Jane or not.

    ANYWAY…15 trillion in debt. Could you dig up a freshly dead relative and eat it? A little grandma stew?

    I’m sorry, let’s get back to the more pressing issues…like gay marriage and whether or not Kristen Stewart smiles enough for you. Brilliant.

  135. Kathysays:

    She was brilliant in The Runaways, Adventure Land and In To The Wild. I don’t know her personally, but come on she is in her twenties. If someone followed me around with a camera in my twenties…my family would have disowned me.

  136. Destiny Lin Gabbssays:

    She’s still insufferable. I think you’re some guy trying to rationalize masturbating to K-Stew. Nuff said.

    1. Allanasays:


  137. clod hoppersays:

    I didn’t know she played the boy in the panic room.

  138. Emilio lizardosays:

    This is satire right?

  139. Livin out Loudsays:

    Thanks. Back on track. Onward and upward. : ) Peace

  140. NavySealsays:

    Well Said!!………….Kristen Stewart is an EXCELLENT ACTRESS!!!………..Kristen’s onstage work is Awesome.. shes a very Talented Lady and will go very far in her career.
    I like her style its her own!! shes not a fake an she is One who will tell it like it is…………She keeps it REAL!!
    Im so sick of people knockin down this poor girl cas she had a fling…………BIG FUKIN DEAL…………..WHO CARES!! She is only human besides her an rob never made it public they were a couple cas they both kept thier lives private the way it should be. She is more mature than most Older Adults today.
    as for Rob everyone is making him out to be a poor victim , please give me a fukin break. He is far from innocent. but when a man cheats no one says jack shit until a women does it….NOT COOL!!
    Also if it wasnt for Kristens talent Rob wouldnt be where he is today, cas Rob sucked in Harry Potter and he wasnt that good either in any of the Twilites either.
    He cant acted. and have you seen his Dior latest Photo……….he looked like an idiot with a crooked smile………….that has to be the WORST Photography work I have ever seen on an Dior AD………….

    Kristen we love ya hunny, keep on doing it YOUR WAY………cas your doing it RIGHT!!

  141. Amanda Ozzsays:

    I totally agree she is hated so unnecessarily. She doesn’t come off that well off camera but I believe it’s just that she’s not interested in fame. It’s not because she’s rude. And though I don’t think she has a lot of range, she is very good in certain roles.

  142. Windrammersays:

    I like kristen stewart.

    And fuck this site. So stupid listing them on multiple pages where oyu have to hit next to load a diff page. Just put the shit on page.

  143. JBAsays:

    Don’t care one iota about her personal life or relationship to public . She does in fact have acting assets but so do Emma Stone or Scarlet Johansen but thoe actresses seem to lack an attitude that I can only describe as “I can still portray a hot teenage girl but you can’t” When I’ve seen her first “Monster”, I may start believing she’s serious.

  144. anonsays:

    As you said, she is young and have more years to improve her craft. Will support her future movies.

  145. Leesays:

    Kristen is now in Berlin filming Sils Maria. She is the 3rd highest paid actress in Hollywood. Why are we even having this conversation. Just a few people who are jealous of her accomplishments. The general public love her movies. Her box office receipts are proof.

    Mostly women read and post on gossip sites. Women bashing other women is why women have less opportunity in the workplace, Men stick together.

  146. If you’ve met Kristen in person and don’t like her then your opinion is valid. Not liking someone based on media fabrications and lies and awkward interviews is ridiculous. Not everyone has to like her acting, but judging her personally has nothing to do with her acting skills. Don’t like her acting don’t see her movies. Her personal life is not her professional life. But may I say, no one who has ever worked with Kristen has had anything negative to say about her. She is one of the most highly followed and badgered celebrities in her personal life. She gets called names and taunted while doing something as simple as going to the bank. If you had a heckler while you went about your daily life, regardless of how much money you made, you’d lose your temper every now and then.
    Thanks for the great article and valid points Darren.

  147. Stephanie Annesays:

    I LOATHE Twilight and did not like Stewart as an actress at all. Mostly because all I could see was Bella. Then my bro in law started telling me about other roles she was in and how Jodie Foster always sang her praises. I admire and respect Foster A LOT so if she is backing someone…maybe time to take a second look.

    Reading this…ok. I was maybe WAY too harsh judging her by a seriously terrible role. I’d only ever seen her in one other movie (The Messengers i think it’s called) and I had liked her though thought she was a bit wooden.

    I will check out a few more movies and REALLY see her range before I decide if she goes into my mental pantheon of actors I admire.

  148. Danny Munrosays:

    I am so thankful for this post Darren.
    I’ve been a Kristen fan from the beginning and I’ve been defending her talent and her as a individual for a long time.
    I trully feel she is hugely misunderstood.
    She is a phenomenal actress and deserves way more credit that she is given.
    She is stunningly beautiful and talented beyond words.
    More ppl need to read this!!!!

  149. Robert Mark Campbellsays:

    I love to hate K-Stew!

  150. Pope The Rev XXVIIIsays:

    I will make babies with her someday

  151. Chrissays:

    I am seriously not a fan of Stewart. And I’ve unfortunately seen her in more than a few things. To be fair, my sisters are huge fans of hers (and I’ll give you one guess as to which franchise that is because of) and I try my best not to hate where it is not deserved. So I read this article despite myself and I’m more than a little underwhelmed by it.

    Honestly, I was expecting details about how she always takes the time to get to know the crew of every movie or something like that, not things like “if you don’t think she can act, you haven’t watched her enough”. No one should have to watch an actor’s entire back-catalog to see if they’re a good actor. It should be readily apparent within a few parts that show their range. And most good actors make parts their own.

    And citing things like “there is no one else like her” comes off too much like a fan musing over how great their fav actor is, as opposed to really exploring what makes the actress great — I also think your comparisons in that section were too far reaching.

    If you like the actress, great. But having taken the time to explore this article, given my initial feelings toward Stewart, I expected something more concrete and defined as opposed to how swooning this article comes off as.

  152. Anasays:

    Personally, I do like Kristen and I really don’t care what anyone has to say in response to that. But I’m reading through these comments (cause the arguments that occur are pretty funny) and there is just one thing that gets me: why is Stewart always getting much more hate than necessary about the affair she had but you never hear about the other party (idek know his name)? I mean he was an older, married guy. Why was it not as shocking on his part?

    1. Anasays:

      It kind of reminds me of Miley Cyrus dancing on Robin Thicke. People are like “I can’t believe she would do that on TV to a married man.”but there completely disregarding how he us a married older man and he’s letting her dance on him like that.

      1. Anasays:

        Last one here guys. I am dying over the fact that I put “there ” instead of “their “. I apologize.

  153. Did you miss her as Joan Jett in “The Runaways”? That should be listed as #1 under “this girl can act”. Loved her in “Into the Wild”, but she played Joan Jett spot-on. Can’t believe this wasn’t in your article.

  154. Travis Sparkssays:

    This article actually makes some decent points and makes me rethink my perception of Kristen Stewart. Twilight still sucks, don’t get me wrong, but just because she’s in it doesn’t make HER suck. I think people have confused the shallow, vapid, emptiness of “Bella” with wooden acting on her part. It’s the CHARACTER that has the personality of a wet dish rag, NOT the actress. The best actor in the world can’t bring a boring character to life no matter what they do.

  155. A. Arcadesays:

    I feel like this article really only states the roles in which she’s really sexual or horny in.

    I also think Amber Heard is a better version of Kristen Stewart, although I like both.

  156. 4241752033says:

    Robert need no help , he will take his self down Kirsten don’t brush her teeth once a day and some time not at all,Robert , said that so he may be bad in bed he don’t keep girlfriend long,

  157. amandasays:

    I have to say I totally agree, she is an amazing caress who I think will invest in her own indie film company and start directing/producing/writing her own movies…. I have seen all her movies and have to say she can act, cake eaters was amazing and wow she blew me away on that, welcome to the Riley’s was another amazing movie.. And speak was another one…. Adventureland. Ferce people is another one
    Into the wild. To be honest even the messengers was a good film. .
    I may be too much of a fan to judge her, she was good in the twilight movies but remember if you have read the books she played bella exactly how she should have,,, she is a big fan of the books and gave everything in those movies,,,,
    I am hooked on the girl and can’t wait for her next lot of movies.

    I have nothing but love for the girl, xx

  158. Delphinesays:

    Kristen is a homewrecker. She’s fake and has no ethics. So I can’ t admire her and cannot have any fun looking at her movies. I don’t care about her personal life but being respectful is apart of being a good actress. and she failed for that part.

  159. maddysays:

    I want to bless you for this article. I don’t know why people hate Kristen Stewart or anyone for that matter. Judging her for her private life or that one movie in which she acted badly is just plain wrong. I admire her for being her shy awkward self. All these haters who have commented below, well God bless their souls and rid them of so much hate. I am also genuinely pleased to see that there are so many openminded people here who can look beyond a person’s exterior.

  160. Christine Silversays:

    C3P0 has more facial expressions than Stewart

  161. Hitchslappedsays:

    Your first point is the most important one. I don’t care how an actor is in real life or all that stuff. I only care about the on-screen performance and there is no doubt that she is one of the best actresses of her generation as of right now. Sure, Twilight wasn’t something to be proud of but she has so many films where her performance was just amazing.

    Another reason why she might have a bad reputation here in Germany might be that movies get dubbed over here and her voice-actor is really bad. But do people listen to me when I tell them to watch the movies in English? No they don’t.

  162. Ravi Olisays:

    She appreciates a good foot massage.

  163. V.C. Priviterasays:

    Good God, that’s your 4 reasons for why NOT to Hate this girl. Gimme a break, her acting sucks, she plays the same character, with the same personality (Awkward-Young Adult).
    The fact she says she,doesn’t want to act anymore, but still continues to do so, just solidifies everything against your notion of: She works hard, blah, blah, friggin blah…
    Then she says she Hates the whole Media Circuit, interviews, etc…yet, why does she do Magazine Covers & continuously exploit her own self. There are plenty of Actors who don’t do Interviews or Magazines, or even more annoying Red-Carpet Events.
    You say there’s nobody like her: ummmm, I believe Theresa Palmer is the exact Look-Alike of her, only much hotter & more talented.
    She’s literally a spoiled rich-kid, maybe growing up with Wealthy parents catered to her present pissed off attitude.

  164. Romeo Garciasays:

    Give me a break!!!..she can’t act at all! simple! she’s always the same.Always the same caracter! she is not like jennifer Lawrence or shailene Woodley or Dakota johnson,,,at least this girls try to act..but stewart….boring!

  165. I’ve watched all the movies listed in the article. I don’t really care about any of the paparaz crap or her personal life. With respect to the movies she has acted in, she lacks versatility. She has the same mannerisms and facial expressions in every role she plays. You know what that’s called? It’s called being a shitty actor.

  166. D PZsays:

    This was a horrible list. Number three, seriously?? There is no one like her? That’s a reason not to hate her? I mean doesn’t that technically apply to all of us? She has the acting range of wet cabbage.

  167. My Namesays:

    If you think she’s anything less than the worst actress alive, then you haven’t seen enouh of her work

  168. Norris Zetessays:

    At first I was apprehensive that I could even read this long of a post. Your writing style has captivated me. Your content was outstanding. Great Article Neil. It was fantastic! I just went through it, but didn’t leave any comments. However, I think this article was worth reading to warrant a thanks. I’ll be applying some of these tips soon to my websites.

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