Relax Your Pants! The Justice League Reshoots Are Normal


Another day, another meltdown over run-of-the-mill industry news. It’s like bloggers versus stans is the new Joker versus Batman, as they do battle over every tidbit and morsel of information about Justice League and its imaginary “problems.”

The latest clash is over popular fan site Batman-On-Film’s claim that there are massive reshoots taking place for the forthcoming DC ensemble movie. As with all these reports, it’s always an unknown, but supposedly reliable, source that’s provided the big scoop and we should all believe this anonymous oracle of truth, because reasons. This time, though, the fans (and even some big-time bloggers) are calling BS on the rumors, citing the logistical impossibility of it taking place.

Now, whether Batman-On-Film’s sources are correct or not, I cannot confirm. What I can say is the following: relax. Reshoots are part and parcel of any production nowadays, so why fret about it? Even as recently as last month, producer Charles Roven confirmed there will be additional photography for Justice League. Warner Bros. Pictures president Toby Emmerich reiterated the message, too, saying Joss Whedon will be doing minimal directing and “it’s the same characters in some new scenes.”

So, no reason to panic. But just in case you need more reassurance, allow me to explain why these reshoots are nothing to worry about.

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