Right on cue, MCU fans are calling for Henry Cavill to be Reed Richards

Fans pick out perfect MCU role for Henry Cavill
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images / Marvel Studios

With the crushing news to many, including the actor himself, we found out that Henry Cavill will not be back to play Superman despite him having announced only weeks earlier that he would be. The actor took to social media to share the news that had many somewhat confused as they sympathized with how Cavill must have felt having had the role dangled in front of him only to be taken away. Now that DC has “done him dirty” as some may believe, Marvel fans are finding a way to shoehorn him into the MCU.

Cavill’s dismissal from the role comes as the new co-CEO of DC, James Gunn, decided he wanted to move in a different direction with the character after taking over the reins at the studio. With Cavill’s near-superhuman physique and good looks though, it feels like such a waste not to have him in a superhero role of some kind, leading to many wondering, ‘well if DC won’t have him, then maybe Marvel will.’

It wouldn’t be the first or last time an actor has worked with both studios, with Idris Elba, J.K Simmons, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy, and Michael Keeton, to name a few, having had fun on both sides of the fence.

In typical, and somewhat unimaginative, fashion, a handful of fans are fan-casting him in a role that has left many speculating for the last few years, Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic.

Many aren’t too sure about this casting choice, and mainly down to the fact that the actor looks… well too superhuman.

Many feel that the character of Reed Richards should be lankier, he is elastic after all.

If we want to have a diversity of sizes when it comes to our heroes then a leaner Mr. Fantastic is probably the way to go.

This user suggests another character the actor could play, Miracleman, though a bleach job may be necessary in that case.

A slim down may be required from Cavill if he is to meet these fan expectations.

This user does make a good point though, actors can change their physique to fit a role, and we know the actor can play a genius after seeing him as Sherlock Holmes in the Enola Holmes movies.

And of course, there is the other side of the coin, the idea he could play Mr. Fantastic’s nemesis, Dr. Doom.

Cavill’s Superman days may be over but perhaps his superhero days are not quite behind him yet. That being said he may already have his hands full as he works on adapting the game Warhammer 40,000 for television as he leads the Warhammer Cinematic Universe over at Amazon.