Robert Pattinson claps back at fans who think he’s too skinny to play Batman

You’d think that weight would be the least of a fandom’s concerns when a new actor comes on board to portray an iconic character, and one of Batman’s caliber at that. But it seems that Robert Pattinson has gotten into more trouble in this regard than he’d care to admit.

Back in late 2020, there was a whole lot of scuttlebutt about Pattinson being at odds with Matt Reeves over his workout routine. The Twilight star even joked about not taking his schedule as seriously as he should, though he has since admitted that the jest came back to bite him in the backside.

Now, considering everything we’ve seen from The Batman so far ⏤ including a recent promo pic that gave us a good look at the Dark Knight from up close ⏤ it’s safe to say that the Lighthouse star is absolutely jacked and doesn’t seem to lack anything in terms of physical prowess.

In an age where even a superhero like Doctor Strange has to be ripped for his film, a lot of folks might need more convincing than that. Pattinson, however, has a candid response for everyone who still thinks he’s too small or skinny to play the role.

“A lot of Batman fans are like, ‘He’s tiny, he’s tiny!'” he told GQ in a recent profile. “I’m not fucking tiny! I’m, like, a large person. About half the time, I’m trying to get skinnier.”

In fairness, the Caped Crusader is supposed to be a vigilante, not a world-class bodybuilder. As such, we don’t suppose the majority of fans would mind if Pattinson wasn’t entirely swole in The Batman, which comes out in less than a month on Mar. 4.

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