Two New Robert Pattinson Movies Will Now Release In August

Robert Pattinson

Fans might have been getting a little concerned with how Robert Pattinson had been handling the Coronavirus pandemic after one of his recent interviews went viral, but now that the movie industry has started taking the first tentative steps towards getting back to business as usual, he’ll need to start hitting the gym again with The Batman gearing up to resume production.

The Dark Knight’s latest reboot was just weeks into shooting before it was shut down due to the growing concerns surrounding the global health crisis, and as a result has become one of the countless high-profile projects to be hit with a delay. However, those desperate to see the former Twilight star on their screens again won’t have to wait too long, with Pattinson appearing in two movies that are set to arrive in August, and they couldn’t be more different.

The first is literary adaptation Waiting for the Barbarians, which is heading straight to digital despite boasting Pattinson, Johnny Depp and Academy Award winner Mark Rylance among the cast. The movie originally premiered at last year’s Venice Film Festival, but reviews have been mixed, and even with a star-studded ensemble, the current circumstances mean there’s little point in pursuing a theatrical release.

Waiting for the Barbarians

The other is one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year, with Pattinson taking a key supporting role in Christopher Nolan’s mega-budget Tenet. Nolan seems adamant that his $225 million espionage thriller be the first major studio release of the post-Coronavirus schedule, but after originally being slated for mid-July, it’s since been pushed back twice and will now arrive in the second week of August instead.

Over the last decade, Robert Pattinson has worked tirelessly to distance himself from the franchise that made him a star and establish himself as one of the most versatile and exciting young actors working today, and lending support in a lavish period piece and a time-bending action blockbuster that are both getting released in the same wake will certainly show the breadth of his talents.