Here’s How Robert Pattinson And Vanessa Hudgens Could Look In The Batman

Batman Gotham

Now that it’s been confirmed Robert Pattinson is our new Dark Knight, DC fans are desperate to find out the rest of the cast who’ll be populating Gotham City in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. For one, what would Bruce Wayne be without Selina Kyle? Catwoman is said to play a major role in the movie, and one actress in particular has lately risen to the top of the pile.

Rumors of late have pointed to Reeves looking to cast Vanessa Hudgens as the cat burglar, something that a lot of fans have already got behind. We’ve previously seen art depicting the Sucker Punch star as Catwoman and now, this new piece from Will Gray on Instagram imagines Robert Pattinson’s Bat getting close with Hudgens’ Cat on the dance floor.

So, what are the chances that the actress could be Catwoman? Hudgens is certainly interested, as she recently shared a lot of fan art of herself depicted as the character, making clear that she’d love to play the iconic heroine and has been a fan for life. Josh Gad, of course, has been doing something similar in his long-term bid to play the Penguin. Interestingly, the same report that linked Hudgens to Selina Kyle also pointed to Gad being in the running for Oswald Cobblepot.

The Penguin and Catwoman are thought to be the two main antagonists of The Batman. We Got This Covered has informed you that the Riddler will fill the role of the tertiary villain and in total, six super-criminals are meant to be making Battinson’s life a misery in the movie. The roll call could be filled out with Two-Face, Scarecrow and Bane, but for now, we’re still waiting for some official announcements from Warner Bros.

In the meantime though, tell us, do you think Vanessa Hudgens would be purr-fect as Catwoman in The Batman? Have your say in the comments section below.