Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Developing New Movie For Him And Dwayne Johnson To Star In

Ryan reynolds

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds clearly enjoy each other’s company, having teamed up for a brief scene in Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw before co-starring in Netflix’s upcoming action blockbuster Red Notice, and they’ve also been known to repeatedly needle each other on social media just for kicks.

There’s an air of inevitability surrounding the two highest-paid stars in Hollywood reuniting again somewhere down the line, then, whether it’s in sequels to the aforementioned projects or something else entirely. And insider Daniel Richtman now offers that Reynolds is developing a new movie for Paramount and he’s hoping to have The Rock star in it, but that’s about the beginning and end of the tipster’s information on the matter.

Of course, Richtman is no stranger to linking the pair of A-listers to one another having previously mentioned the Black Adam, Fast & Furious and Jumanji franchises as potential destinations for future collaborations, while he’s named Reynolds in conjunction with upwards of a dozen other properties over the last few months. He’s already got at least eight features of his own in various stages of development that he’s attached to in an official capacity, too, and it’s not as if Johnson is known for resting on his laurels, either, as the self-proclaimed hardest worker in the room that tends to back up his words.

It’s best not taking this one as gospel quite yet given the dearth of details, then, but it’s not as if Ryan Reynolds or Dwayne Johnson are above signing on to as many movies as humanly possible looking at their respective schedules over the coming years, and fans of both would definitely love to see them continuing to buddy up if their offscreen chemistry translates into a positive reception for Red Notice.