Ryan Reynolds Will Reportedly Have A Bigger Role In Hobbs & Shaw 2

Ryan Reynolds

If any studio had the opportunity to add Ryan Reynolds into their franchise, then you can guarantee that they’d take it, especially when free time on the actor’s schedule is more limited than ever following the news that he’s circling a new action comedy that’ll re-team him with The Proposal co-star Sandra Bullock in what will mark the fourteenth project on a ridiculously packed slate.

Universal seems to be aware of this, too, and luckily for the producers behind the Fast and Furious series, they’ve got the ideal opportunity to capitalize on the burgeoning bromance between Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, who are currently hard at work on Netflix blockbuster Red Notice. The duo have been good friends for around fifteen years at this point, and the world’s highest-paid movie star roped in the person that occupies the number two slot to shoot a cameo in Hobbs & Shaw as CIA agent Victor Locke.

dwayne johnson ryan reynolds

Reynolds didn’t exactly have a lot of time on screen, however, and his role was largely played for laughs that focused almost entirely on bouncing quips back and forth against the leading man, but with a Hobbs & Shaw sequel in active development, there’s every chance the Deadpool star could end up with a much more substantial role the second time around. In fact, we heard as much from our own sources over a year ago, and now insider Daniel Richtman is claiming the same thing.

“A sequel is in the works and they are interested to bring back most of the cast of the first one and give them bigger roles. Like Reynolds,” says the tipster.

The script for the pic is currently being hammered out, but with both Johnson and Reynolds among the busiest names in the business, Hobbs & Shaw 2 won’t be getting in front of cameras anytime soon. Still, bringing Ryan Reynolds into the Fast and Furious sandbox without having major plans for him somewhere down the line seems highly unlikely, even if his cameo was just a favor for a friend.