Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Lots Of Dark Humor In Deadpool 3


The Merc with a Mouth’s signature brand of humor has often cut pretty close to the bone, so it’ll be interesting to see just how much Disney and Marvel Studios are willing to let Deadpool 3 get away with when the fan favorite comic book character finally returns to the big screen, which admittedly isn’t expected to be until 2023 at the very earliest.

Kevin Feige may have confirmed that the movie is retaining the R-rated nature of its predecessors, but he also said it was official Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, which could theoretically lead to the Mouse House’s top brass putting the brakes on some of the riskier material. Then again, there’s been such a huge number of conflicting reports since the project first entered development that we’ve got no idea who’s even calling the shots.

We’ve heard that Ryan Reynolds has been handed complete creative control, but there’ve also been tales of behind the scenes disagreements between star and studio over censorship. Similarly, the actor was reportedly furious with Disney and didn’t want anything to do with them, which was followed shortly after by the news that he was said to be impressed with Marvel’s ideas for Deadpool 3.

The point is, we’ve got no idea what’s going on as the Molyneux sisters feverishly hammer out the script and Reynolds barrels through the countless projects on his docket to free up his schedule to get back into the suit, but insider Daniel Richtman is nonetheless claiming that the 44 year-old wants the threequel to have lots of dark humor, which is about a sure thing as we’ve heard so far.

It’s still a Disney production, though, so we shouldn’t expect things to get too dark, but as long as Wade Wilson’s new owners don’t water him down or sand any edges, Deadpool 3 stands every chance of living up to the hype.