Ryan Reynolds Reveals That He’s Still Got His Green Lantern Ring


Ryan Reynolds may have been mercilessly mocking Green Lantern for a decade now, but it turns out he’s had a cool keepsake from the 2011 DC movie all this time. To mark both St. Patrick’s Day and the eve of the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut, the Deadpool star finally bit the bullet yesterday and decided to watch Green Lantern for the first time ever, live-tweeting his reactions along the way.

The best revelation of his Twitter thread turned out to be that Reynolds still owns his Green Lantern ring from the film. The Canadian actor dropped the bombshell by sharing a short video of himself pouring out another glass of his Aviation Gin, with the iconic ring seen on his finger as he lifts the cup. In case some people didn’t catch it, he then shared a pic of the ring in a close-up.

Reynolds’ other reaction tweets were just as hilarious as you’d expect. He mocked Hal Jordan’s cliched childhood trauma sequence and trolled wife Blake Lively – who, of course, starred opposite him in GL as Carol Ferris.

On a more serious note, he praised the star-studded cast of the flick, as well as admitting that he’s still proud of his performance when uttering the legendary Green Lantern oath.

The star wrapped up his thoughts by surprising us all and being pretty kind to the infamous stinker. Reynolds made sure to credit the hundreds of “amazing” crew and cast members who worked on it and stated that he won’t wait another 10 years before he watches it again.

Green Lantern may not be a great film, but DC fans would still love to see Ryan Reynolds return to the part of Hal Jordan in some form. Our best bet is likely 2022’s multiverse-hopping The Flash movie, though the actor’s busy schedule – which includes making Deadpool 3 for Marvel – might prevent him from popping up for a cameo. But hey, he’s already got the ring ready to go if Warner Bros. needs him.