Ryan Reynolds Teases His Return As Deadpool With Cryptic Photo


Ryan Reynolds is without a doubt one of the busiest stars in Hollywood, and yet we still can’t get much concrete news on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3which is understandably beginning to worry some fans. Especially when you consider the sheer number of other projects that the actor has on his plate.

So far, all we know for certain about the Merc with a Mouth’s MCU debut is that Bob’s Burger alums the Molyneux sisters have been tasked to pen the script, which Reynolds will presumably help out with, while Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has confirmed that it will be both R-rated and official canon. But that’s the extent of it.

However, it now seems like some big news could be coming soon, as Ryan has taken to Instagram this week to share a cryptic photo – with no caption – teasing his return as Wade Wilson, and you can see the pic down below.

So, what could this mean? Like we said above, presumably Reynolds is hinting at an announcement that’s on the way regarding Deadpool 3. True, he could just be sharing a shot of the mask because he feels like it, but you have to imagine that the actor is aware of the anticipation surrounding the project and how eager fans are for an update.

He also might be trolling us as well, getting folks all excited for nothing. But given his typical social media nature and interactions, it does indeed seem like this is a tease for something that’s coming soon. The only question is, what will it be? Could Marvel finally announce a director? Is a big co-star being added in the immediate future?

Only time will tell, but definitely keep your eyes peeled over the coming days for more news on Deadpool 3.