#RIPSebastianStan Trends After Cancellation Attempt Leads To Rumors Of His Death


The machinations behind cancel culture are bizarre to say the least, when realistically all it takes is one person with an axe to grind and a decent-sized social media following to get the ball rolling, especially since modern online opinion tends to operate by the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ model.

Even stars regarded as almost entirely wholesome in the eyes of the general public have found themselves targeted on occasion, although it tends to be forgotten swiftly. The internet came to the defense of John Krasinski when he ended up in the crosshairs last year, while there was that one day where Elizabeth Olsen was being branded as a racist, although she wouldn’t have been aware given that she distanced herself from social media after so-called ‘fans’ essentially bullied her offline by swamping her accounts with negative comments because she didn’t post a public tribute to Chadwick Boseman following his passing.

Sebastian Stan is no stranger to the phenomenon, either, with a fleeting attempt to cancel him occurring many months back for something his girlfriend said, and as you can see from the reactions below, somebody managed to get #RIPSebastianStan trending once again last night, which led to false rumors about the actor’s death circulating.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star has won himself a new army of fans thanks to the hit Disney Plus series that showcased his emotional range, not to mention his burgeoning bromance with co-star Anthony Mackie, but being a popular part of a successful TV show from the world’s biggest and most beloved franchise doesn’t insulate anyone from the wrath of a batch of angry keyboard warriors, despite the hashtag circulating for an entirely different reason than the one intended.