7 Things We Learnt From The Second Wonder Woman Trailer


7) There Will Be A Framing Device

Wonder Woman 1984

Unlike the original trailer, this one opens with a scene of Diana in the present day. We see her visiting the Louvre in Paris and looking at an old photo taken during World War I (the same one that Lex Luthor had in his possession in BvS), as she tells someone about her origin story. “I used to want to save the world,” she says. “This beautiful place. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within.”

This heavily suggests that Wonder Woman will have a framing narrative of sorts, with the bulk of the period-set story told in flashback. This makes a lot of sense, seeing as we’ve already met Diana in the present. As such, the film probably won’t be your standard origin story, instead working to fill in the blanks of the character’s past.


Her ominous dialogue also hints at the tragic reason that resulted in her retreating from Man’s World for a century before the events of BvS. Given the way she’s tearing up at the photo, it looks likely the reason will involve a tragic fate for Steve Trevor (as played by Chris Pine).

We’re also wondering just who Diana is talking to in these modern scenes. Seeing as she and Bruce are closely working together in Justice League, could Ben Affleck be turning up for a quick cameo? It would make sense – after his appearance in Suicide Squad, he seems to be the connective tissue of these movies now that Superman is temporarily out of action.

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