Snake Eyes Star Teases His Own G.I. Joe Spinoff Movie

Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe prequel spinoff Snake Eyes was only released theatrically in several major international markets including the United Kingdom yesterday, but Paramount’s latest attempt to reboot the would-be franchise is already available on VOD, after the surprise call was made to send Robert Schwentke’s blockbuster to on demand just 25 days after its domestic premiere.

A lot of that no doubt has to do with the fact Snake Eyes is an undisputed box office bomb, even by the standards of the pandemic era, having earned just a shade over $35 million globally. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently revealed his pitch for a sequel was shot down, and with each passing day it looks more and more likely that it’ll be the third consecutive one-and-done outing for the Joes.

Eventually, Paramount are simply going to give up on the property, but that day isn’t coming anytime soon with a Lady Jaye streaming series currently in the works, while the handful of fans who actually enjoyed Snake Eyes wait on tenterhooks to find out what the future holds for Henry Golding’s enigmatic and very verbose hero.

As solid as Golding is in the title role, he’s almost upstaged entirely by the charismatic and undeniably badass Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow. In a new interview, the actor revealed his hopes that maybe he’ll get a solo film of his own, as well as teasing ambitious, if potentially misguided, plans for an entire Snake Eyes trilogy.

“I think there’s a lot to explore with that. It would be cool if there was a Snake Eyes film, a Storm Shadow film, and then a finale where they clash. Who knows, man? I don’t know!”

The entire cast of Snake Eyes deserved much better than the project they ultimately found themselves in, but time will tell if it’s the end of the road for the crew, or the studio goes for broke and reboots G.I. Joe all over again.