‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ already breaking pandemic-era box office records

Those living in the United States may have to wait until Friday to see the most hotly-anticipated blockbuster to come around in a long time, but many international audiences will have already seen Spider-Man: No Way Home by now, maybe even twice.

There’s no other outcome by the time the dust settles on Sunday other than Tom Holland’s third outing under the spandex landing the biggest domestic, international and global opening weekend we’ve seen since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker landed in December 2019, with records already starting to tumble.

No Way Home landed a $5.28 million haul from its first day playing in Korea, a number that’s far and away the highest single-day figure for any pandemic-era release. On top of that, it’s also 11% ahead of predecessor Far From Home, which hit theaters when times were much more certain and a whole lot more precedented.

In the long run, Korea was the second top-earning overseas territory for Far From Home behind China, which bodes well when the threequel still hasn’t been approved for release in the latter. No Way Home is now screening in multiple territories including the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Mexico, and Italy, which means this will be far from the last benchmark Spider-Man: No Way Home exceeds by Sunday.