‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Fans Much Prefer Electro When He’s Not Blue

Electro Spider-Man

Jamie Foxx is an Academy Award winning actor with a litany of acclaimed performances under his belt, but it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that his role as Max Dillon in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 definitely doesn’t rank among the top tier.

As the goofy, fanboyish scientist, it’s an overly-hammy turn that doesn’t establish him as much of a threat when he becomes Electro, who then came in for criticism after being relentlessly compared to a member of the Blue Man Group. With that in mind, it wasn’t surprising that the first thing Foxx did when he was announced for Spider-Man: No Way Home was confirm that he wouldn’t be sporting the same color scheme.

We finally got our first real glimpse of the returning star in last night’s second full-length trailer, and based on the reactions you can see below, fans are much more receptive to an Electro that’s an imposing antagonist as opposed to an eyesore.

It hasn’t been established how large Electro’s role in the movie is, though, but based on what looks to be an epic third act showdown between at least one hero and five villains, we can assume that it’s substantial enough to cause Tom Holland’s Peter Parker serious problems in Spider-Man: No Way Home.