Spider-Man 3 Filming Location May Reveal The Movie’s Main Villain


It appears that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man just can’t keep himself out of the news. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has certainly had a whirlwind twelve months after appearing in the highest-grossing movie of all time and headlining a second solo adventure that made over a billion dollars globally, before becoming the center of a tug-of-war between Marvel Studios and Sony, where for a while it seemed as though the web-slinging superhero was about to be wrenched out of the MCU for good.

Luckily, a new deal was agreed upon between the two rival studios, and Spider-Man 3 was soon announced for a summer 2021 release, but not before Kevin Feige hinted that the character would also appear in Sony’s own comic book universe, with the recent glimpse of him in the background of the Morbius trailer indicating that the Sony-verse is directly tied to the events of the MCU’s Far From Home.

It seems Spidey won’t have time to catch his breath, either, because Jon Watts’ threequel is set to start shooting this summer, with the plot reportedly following Peter going on the run after not only being framed for the murder of Mysterio, but also having J.K. Simmons’ returning J. Jonah Jameson reveal his secret identity.

Much like the previous two installments, the bulk of shooting on Spider-Man 3 will take place in Atlanta and New York, but there’s another location as well that could offer some hints about who the movie’s villain may be. Reports have surfaced today that say the production is also set to pitch up in Iceland, which seems like the sort of remote place a fugitive could hide out without being discovered, unless the person that’s after them is the greatest big game hunter on the planet.

Yes, as you’ve surely heard, Kraven the Hunter has been heavily rumored to be Spider-Man’s latest nemesis for a while now. In fact, We Got This Covered first told you he’d be the villain of the threequel last year. Watts has also admitted that he’d love to bring Kraven into the franchise, and having him stalk Peter through the frozen wilderness could make for some exciting set-pieces.

Of course, the character is of Russian origin, but Iceland has doubled for the country in countless movies and could also potentially be used to depict Kraven’s backstory. Given that Spider-Man 3 will follow the title hero going on the run, Sergei Kravinoff seems like the ideal foil, and introducing a villain that’s never been seen on the big screen before will also go a long way towards continuing the trend of Spidey’s recent solo outings bringing a fresh perspective to a character that’s already been featured in ten live-action films.