Stan Lee Wants To Clean Up The Mess Made In Avengers: Infinity War


Possibly being the last person in the world to see Avengers: Infinity War, Stan Lee took to Twitter this week and in his inimitable style, reacted to that devastating ending. “Holy smoke! I go out of town for a few days and when I get back I find out that Thanos has destroyed everything!” said the comic book legend.

Well, only half of everything, but let’s not split hairs. Continuing on, Lee stated:

Before you know it, I’ll have our friends up and at ’em and if I were Thanos I would start getting out of town! Excelsior!

In fact, don’t just read it, you can hear the rest of Stan Lee’s message for the Mad Titan below:

What’s that Stan? No mention of the three-point-something billion civilians who died in the process, too? Hmm…

Of course, Stan Lee’s referring to the Mad Titan wiping out half the population of the planet with just a snap of his Infinity Gauntlet-clad fingers. A truly shocking number of characters turned to dust in a matter of seconds, with perhaps Spider-Man, Black Panther and the majority of the Guardians of the Galaxy being the most eyebrow-raising.

With Avengers 4 slated for a 2019 release and Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 (possibly titled Spider-Man: Field Trip), Black Panther 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to follow, let’s all hope that Time Stone gets put to good use, eh?

As for whether Lee’s got any actual work to do in the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War, well, it seems pretty unlikely (unless you count cameos), as no doubt Kevin Feige and co. have it all under control. But the man just likes his banter and where’s the harm in that?

Now, if only he’d tell us about the big surprise he was hinting at the other day!