New Star Wars Re-Releases Headed To Blu-Ray, Covers Revealed


We’re only a few months away from the debut of Disney Plus, the House of Mouse’s new streaming service that’s set to feature each one of their animated classic movies, most entries in the MCU, and over 600 episodes of The Simpsons. But, for Star Wars fans, one of the biggest draws will be the ability to stream hours upon hours of franchise content, from The Mandalorian to all ten movies – many of which are streaming for the first time anywhere. Yet, for all of those who still prefer aligning the discs on their Blu-ray shelves, a brand new physical re-release is coming to stores next month, with digital copies, too.

This is great news for those who may not want to rely on the fickle nature of online streaming, especially if you live in an area with shoddy internet coverage. Nothing kills the moment like an awkward buffering blackout right in the middle of Luke’s Death Star trench run or Anakin slaughtering all of those younglings.

Now, you can bring home the entire saga (as well as the pair of Star Wars Story flicks, Rogue One and Solo), featuring brand new artwork, as seen below. It’s unclear if these will include any new special features, but they’re at least really nice to look at.

Prior Blu-ray editions usually paired both of the earlier two Fox trilogies together, or in a larger complete saga boxset, most of which had pretty garish cover art. If you wanted Episodes I-VI individually, you’d have to settle for expensive Steelbooks that featured extreme close-ups of villains like General Grievous or Emperor Palpatine – or Yoda, for some reason? These new releases, meanwhile, all have a colorful uniform look, equally composed of important characters and moments from within the series.

However, if you’re interested in bringing home the complete set, it may be worth putting off for the time being. Rumor has it that the entire Star Wars franchise will receive 4K Blu-ray upgrades sometime after Rise of Skywalker’s release. Plus, since Disney now owns Fox, it seems more and more likely that we may be seeing non-special editions of the classic trilogy sooner rather than later. Again, these are just rumors, and the above Blu-rays are a sure thing, so it’s really just a matter of patience. After all, as Yoda says, “You must learn control.”