Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Blu-Ray Release Date Reportedly Revealed


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is nearing the end of its theatrical run and fans are already wondering about the release date of the Blu-ray edition.

While the last movie in the Skywalker saga has been successful at breaking even and passing the $1 billion mark, no one can deny that the movie has performed underwhelmingly when compared to the previous two installments. Even the divisive and controversial Episode VIII managed to gross $1.33 billion before ending its run. Though we should maintain that The Rise of Skywalker turned out to be just as divisive as its predecessor, if not more.

Suffice it to say, things aren’t looking particularly rosy for that galaxy far, far away. Even if we ignore the huge and unprecedented box office drop for J.J. Abrams’ pic, the fact that Episode IX has been pulled from 1,200 theaters in the United States is not good news for the folks at Disney and Lucasfilm.

But if you haven’t had the chance to catch the movie or didn’t care enough to watch it in theaters, we might have an idea of when you can expect the Blu-ray and digital editions to hit the market. According to several online listings, the most likely release date is April 14th, while a digital release of March 31st has also been mentioned.

Best Buy, Target, and Zavvi are currently promoting different versions of the film, too, which you can check out below:

As of yet, we don’t know when the movie arrives on Disney’s streaming platform, but the House of Mouse might want to sell some physical copies first.

In addition, some fans are wondering if the Blu-ray edition will include scenes that were cut from the pic, and whether Lucasfilm will decide to use this chance to release the alleged “Abrams cut” of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Until firm confirmation, this is all up for speculation, but it’d certainly be wise to include some of the director’s deleted material on the home video edition.

Source: CBM