Sylvester Stallone Fires Back After The Internet Tries To Cancel Him


Just a few days ago, the crosshairs of cancel culture aimed their sights at Sylvester Stallone, who became the subject of some online ire after it was reported that he’d joined the exclusive and very expensive Mar-a-Lago club owned by controversial former reality TV star and The Little Rascals actor Donald Trump.

The 74 year-old action icon recently bought a home in the Florida area, and men of his age are known to have a fondness for playing golf, but instead of simply being a case of Stallone wanting to hit the fairways, in the eyes of cancel culture he was outing himself as a racist, fascist, white supremacist, with many Twitter users labeling him as a traitor, scumbag and many more derogatory terms.

Stallone has never publicly revealed his political leanings unlike his close friend and contemporary Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served as a Republican Governor of California but was highly critical of the previous administration, and it seems that all it takes is one tabloid headline to ignite the fury of the internet these days. The problem is that the story isn’t true, with the Rocky and Rambo legend taking to his Instagram account to address the situation, and you can read his caption below:

“I would like to say to everyone that this never happened. This is just not true. It NEVER ever happened.. I mean no disrespect to anyone, I’m simply not a member.. So Keep Punching Folks.”

Possibly the single worst thing about the cancel culture phenomenon is that it’s very much a case of guilty until proven innocent, made clear by Sylvester Stallone having to hop online to give his account of things. One unconfirmed story surrounding his alleged membership of a private club was all it took for people to throw all sorts of insults and vitriol in his direction, without anyone even bothering to look into the facts. Luckily, Sly has stepped in to do it himself.