‘The Batman’ viral website offers up another set of riddles for fans to solve

Image via Warner Bros.

Now that The Batman has made waves in theaters around the world, you might think that the promotional website for the film would be done releasing Riddler-style clues for fans to unravel — but you’d be wrong.

It seems the story of Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton is nowhere near finished, according to the official Twitter account for The Batman.

“How does a man become a Riddler?” the Twitter account wrote, alongside a link to the tie-in URL that had been stumping fans with riddles in the months leading up to the movie’s release, rataalada.com.

The first riddle you’ll find on the website is as follows:

“The famous crave me. Others protect themselves from me. No matter how you define me, I always end with certainty.”

We won’t spoil the answer for you in case you’d like to solve it yourself. But upon getting the answer right, you’ll be presented with a couple more riddles. If you solve those, the award is the cover to what we assume is a forthcoming comic book tie-in from DC called Riddler Year One.

‘Riddler Year One’ artwork is the latest reward from rataalada.com.

Previously, the website provided a whole entire .zip file you could download that featured all of Edward’s conspiracy-confirming evidence files, including his nine page diary.

In a previous interview, director Matt Reeves divulged a little bit about how long the Riddler worked on his plan. It turns out the character was a lowly forensic accountant who stumbled upon the paper trail that confirmed a conspiracy of corruption among Gotham’s elite.

Around this same time, Edward began seeing the news reports of a masked vigilante — Batman — beating up criminals in darkened alleyways, which is actually the thing that inspired him to don a mask and start taking a warped justice into his own hands.

We must admit, it actually does sound like a compelling backstory worthy of a one-off graphic novel. Frankly, we’re excited to read what we assume to be a prequel to the film whenever it comes out.

The Batman is in theaters now.