The House That Inspired The Conjuring Is Up For Sale For $1.2 Million

Conjuring 2

If you just can’t get enough of The Conjuring horror film universe and have some wealth to your name to spare, you could be the proud owner of the supposedly haunted Rhode Island home that inspired the first film.

Homeowners Jenn and Cory Heinzen have listed the Harrisville, Rhode Island property for $1.2 million, reports Wall Street Journal. The three-bedroom, 3,100 square foot property that supposedly is occupied by an angry demon has been rented out to paranormal investigators for a night’s stay over the years, a business the couple said they hope to pass on to the next owner.

Though the home is almost 200 years old, dating back to 1836, it gained true notoriety in the 1970s after the Perron family’s stay. Tormented from what they said was a paranormal entity, the family eventually enlisted the help of supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are depicted in 2013’s The Conjuring by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively. Their investigation was the inspiration for the dramatized events of the film.

If you can’t get enough of The Conjuring universe, but don’t have the kind of cash to burn on a house the film takes place in, fear not. A Conjuring universe TV show spinoff is reportedly in the works, and a fourth installment to the franchise and sequel to The Nun are also speculated to be in talks for development.

However, if you really need to wet your pants with jump scares sooner rather than later, we’ve conveniently laid out a guide to watch the entire filmography of The Conjuring films, in chronological order.