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The Rock, ever a hype man, finds silver lining in a ‘Black Adam’ problem

Johnson is turning problems to good PR.

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam Trailer
Photo via YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

Tomorrow, Black Adam will finally be out and we will all get to hear Dwayne Johnson stop talking about it and move on to the next project in his busy schedule. Until then, though, there is more selling to do and now, Johnson is turning problems into good PR.

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The 50-year-old tweeted the above today in response to a fan claiming crowds were loud and proud when watching the latest entry in the DCEU. Johnson wants people to have fun, is saying here what he has often said in the past and, while several of the replies to the post are spam as of this story’s filing, legitimate-looking users are indicating they are going and may make it a huge hit.

Though Johnson has proven himself to be a public draw, others, perhaps aware of the reviews for the movie already trickling out, have criticized the actor for utilizing similar comments he made after another film came out and was ultimately raked over coals.

Black Adam has a budget of $200 million and has been a journey of a decade for Johnson to get made. At one point, he says Warner Bros. was so opposed to the idea they offered him any other project he wanted, but he ultimately declined the gestures. At one point the film was also rated R, though this was cut down in editing to the frustration of some now aware of the different take. The film also includes a major scene after much of the main action which brings back a certain former DCEU player in addition.