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These are the best gifts for ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans

If you have a friend or family member who's openly obsessed with 'Lord of the Rings,' here are 10 gift ideas sure to make their holiday.

Lord of the Rings
Image via New Line Cinema

J. R. R. Tolkien is one of the most famous writers in western history. Often considered the godfather of the fantasy genre, his books The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have mesmerized and delighted audiences ever since The Hobbit first hit shelves in 1937. 

The books enjoyed a whole new bout of popularity when Peter Jackson brought The Lord of the Rings to the big screen in the early 2000s. These films, while following the books very closely, ended up becoming classics in their own right, creating a whole new generation of Tolkien fans. 

If you’re looking to give the LOTR fan in your life a gift that doesn’t need to be thrown down a volcano, here are 2022’s best Lord of the Rings and Hobbit-themed gifts. 

Middle-earth woven tapestry throw blanket

Lotr Middle-earth woven tapestry throw blanket

No Hobbit hole is complete without several warm blankets to keep you snug during those cold winter nights, and this blanket will make your couch look amazing, as it features a beautiful rendition of the tapestry map of Middle-earth. This map is packed with detail and features all of the famous landmarks you know and love, as well as a lovely aesthetic that makes it instantly recognizable. 

The Middle-earth blanket is 48 by 60 inches and weighs about 1.5 pounds. It’s made from woven polyester and features tasseled sides for extra comfort and warmth. It’s also machine washable, making it perfect for someone who wants a warm, aesthetically pleasing blanket without worrying about complex or costly care. The blanket retails for around $30.

An Encyclopedia of Tolkien: The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien’s World by David Day

Lotr An Encyclopedia of Tolkien The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien’s World by David Day

Tolkien’s worlds are both sprawling and fascinating. Every place, no matter how small, is brimming with details and links back to our own world. “An Encyclopdeia of Tolkien” covers all of Middle-earth, giving you the detailed histories of everyone and everything. It also discusses Tolkien’s personal history, inspiration, and why he laid things out the way he did. 

David Day is an expert on Tolkien, and his book is packed full of information while also being easy to read. “An Encyclopdeia of Tolkien” will help you see the story in a whole new light, giving you a deeper appreciation for Middle-earth and Tolkien’s writing style. It retails for around $15-30.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack

lotr The Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack

Howard Shore’s soundtrack for the Lord of the Rings films is rightly considered some of the best music ever put to film, and this set contains all of the epic pieces, iconic themes, and catchy leitmotifs that helped catapult this score into legend. This includes the charming “Concerning Hobbits,” the epic “Ride of the Rohirrim,” and the wonderful but often overlooked “Roots and Beginnings.”

While this grand collection is available on audio CD, a vinyl version is also available, and its the perfect gift for the audiophile in your life who is looking for a premium retro music experience. The audio CD version still offers a glorious experience. No matter the format, Howard Shore’s music is a treasure that fans will come back to time and time again. The Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack retails for around $115.

Weta Workshop Ringwraith statue

Lotr Weta Workshop Ringwraith statue
Image via Weta Workshop

The Ringwraiths are some of the most iconic foes to be found in Lord of the Rings. Their unique design is wonderfully memorable and their terrifying nature makes them some of the most fascinating creatures found within Middle-earth. 

The versions found in the Peter Jackson movies are even more striking and terrifying, and is perfectly captured in this stunning statue by Weta Workshop. This sculpture is delightfully detailed, and the shading on the material perfectly brings out all of the details and shadows in the fabric, making it an extremely stunning piece that will look perfect on a shelf or a desk. 

This isn’t the only statue Weta makes. They also sell beautifully detailed sculptures depicting Saruman, Gandalf, Gimli, and Aragorn. They also make sculptures based on locations and props from the movies, making them an excellent source for stunning gifts for your favorite Lord of the Rings fan who is looking for a collection centerpiece. This statue retails for $349.

Hobbit feet slippers

lotr Hobbit feet slippers
Image via Amazon

There’s nothing a Hobbit likes more than relaxing by the fire after a long day of eating. Hobbit holes, however, can get rather chilly, and thus a good pair of slippers can be a godsend during the cold winter months. If you know someone who really wants to live the Hobbit life, then these slippers are a fun and charming novelty item.

Not only will they keep you warm, but they’ll also make you look just like a world-weary Hobbit who wants to avoid unexpected parties and adventures of all forms. These slippers are made of machine-washable fabric, and they should last for many winters to come. They also have non-slip rubber bottoms, so it’s safe to wear them on slippery wood and tile floors. They retail for around $30.

Recipes from the World of Tolkien: Inspired by the Legends by Robert Tuesley Anderson

lotr Recipes from the World of Tolkien Inspired by the Legends by Robert Tuesley Anderson

It is often argued that Tolkien’s attention to detail, especially when it comes to food, is part of the reason why Middle-earth feels so alive, as cultures are so often defined by their cuisine. In fact, it’s hard to read bits of the books without getting hungry, but thankfully this recipe book will help silence the balrog in your stomach. 

“Recipes from the World of Tolkien” contains recipes inspired by the meals of Elves, Hobbits, and Dwarves, and is organized by the time of day, using the six mealtimes mentioned in Tolkien’s works. Anderson has done a great job balancing authenticity and modern convenience, so while the recipes feel like the ones found in the original texts, you should be able to make most of them with things found in your local supermarket and the equipment found in a modern kitchen. This is one fantasy-inspired cookbook you’ll actually be able to use. 

“Recipes from the World of Tolkien” is also an excellent coffee table tome with lovely descriptions and stunning photography, making it a fun read even if you’re not planning on cooking anytime soon. The book retails for around $20.

Noble Collection Lord of The Rings Chess Set Battle for Middle Earth

lotr Noble Collection Lord of The Rings Chess Set Battle for Middle Earth

Recreate the epic battle for Middle Earth with this stunning chess set made by premium gift firm The Noble Collection. This Lord of the Rings classic chess set features some wonderfully detailed pieces and a specially designed board. The white side features Galadriel, Aragorn, Frodo, and Gandalf the Grey. The black side has pieces representing Gollum, the Nazgûl, Saruman, and Sauron.

This is the perfect gift for the chess fan in your life as it blends aesthetics with playability, making this a decorative chess set that can be used as a regular gameboard without fear of it becoming damaged or losing its luster. The detailed game pieces also makes this a stunning display piece that will look amazing in any Lord Of The Rings fan’s home.  

Exit: The Lord of The Rings: Shadows Over Middle-Earth

lotr Exit The Lord of The Rings Shadows Over Middle-Earth

The world of Middle-Earth seems the perfect setting for an escape room, as there are plenty of puzzles and riddles to solve. If you want all the fun of an escape room without leaving your house, then this is what you need. Made by Exit, a brand famous for its top-quality home escape room games, Lord of the Rings: Shadow Over Middle-Earth is an escape room in a box that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This makes it the perfect thing for parents who want to give their kids a fun introduction to the world of Tolkien, or for families who love to solve puzzles together during the cold winter evenings. 

Middle-Earth Six-Film Ultimate Collector’s Edition 

lotr Middle-Earth 6-Film Ultimate Collector's Edition 

Peter Jackson’s epic film version of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have quickly cemented themselves as legendary pieces of cinema. Because of that, you can buy many different versions of the films. If you want to give the Hobbit in your life everything the film series has to offer, however, then the Middle-Earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition is the way to go. 

This mammoth set includes all three Hobbit movies and every Lord of the Rings movie in spectacular 4K resolution. It also comes with a disc of special features and a booklet detailing the creation of this grand saga, all contained in a beautiful collector’s box. The Middle-Earth Six-Film Ultimate Collector’s Edition set retails for around $250.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

lotr The Lord of the Rings The Card Game

When the legendary Fantasy Flight makes a game, you know to expect great things, and Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is no exception. This game is a cooperative card adventure game. Players gather heroes and resources and try to complete various scenarios, overcoming encounters and unexpected events as they do. 

Thanks to the random nature of the decks and the fact you can tweak your own deck to better suit each scenario, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has tons of re-playability, and there are also expansions available that let you have even more fun. The game also comes with rules for solo play, making it great for strategy fans who want a physical game that they can play alone. The base game retails for $40.  

The Lord of the Rings by the Tolkien Ensemble & Christopher Lee

lotr The Lord of the Rings by the Tolkien Ensemble Christopher Lee

One of the most unique things about the Lord of the Rings books is Tolkien’s use of songs and verse to convey a sense of place and explain the world’s rich history to the reader. While these were often omitted from the movies, those who want to experience them have a few options. 

There is no better way to experience them than via the Tolkien Ensemble. Over their long and storied career, this group has put every poem and song in the series to music, all with the blessing of Tolkien’s estate. This box set contains all four of their albums, covering the entire book series. The final album in the collection also features the late Christopher Lee, whose magnificent voice makes the epic verses seem even more epic. This set retails for around $50.

The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings boxed set

lotr the hobbit the lord of the rings boxed set Alan lee
Image via Harper Collins

The Lord of the Rings series has been re-released many times over the years. If you want to treat the Lord of the Rings fan in your life to a stunning collection that can hold a place of pride on their bookshelf, look no further than this set from HarperCollins. 

Containing all three Lord of the Rings books as well as The Hobbit, this series also includes beautiful watercolor art created by Alan Lee, the conceptual designer on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films. This includes a stunning one-of-a-kind box that will look amazing on any shelf and keep the books in top-quality condition for years to come. This set retails for $180.

Any of these Lord of the Rings gifts are bound to give your Tolkien-loving friends and family members all the Middle-earth feels this holiday season. Which one(s) are you most likely to gift? Let us know in a comment!

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