Thor: The Dark World To Visit All Nine Realms?

While we got a brief mention of all nine realms that inhabit the Thor universe in the 2011 film, only Midgard (Earth), Asgard and Jotunheim had any real screen time. Lucky for us fans, Thor: The Dark World is looking to change that.

Reports coming out of Russia’s annual Cinema Expo say that concept art shown would seem to suggest that Marvel is looking to expand its universe with the inclusion of all nine realms in the next film.

A translated excerpt from Kinopoisk describes what they saw:

“At the presentation, we were presented concept art from which it was possible to understand the scenery of the film will fill the space. The film promises to cover not only the Earth and Asgard, but also all the nine worlds. The studio hopes that the director Alan Taylor, who has experience creating fantasy series, perfectly cope with the task of building the mythical world in the new movie about the god with the hammer.”

Not much info, and maybe a bit of speculation, but it’s certainly possible we’ll see an expansion into at least some of the surrounding worlds that make up the Thor universe.

For those not familiar with the comic series, Asgard, home of Thor and Loki, is only one of nine realms. Others include the Frost Giant inhabited Jotunheim, Muspelheim ruled by the demon god Surtur and of course Midgard (Earth), where most of Thor’s adventures take place.

One world we can at least expect to see is Svartafheim, home to the Dark Elves, as it’s rumored that the Dark Elf Queen will be played by Alice Krige. Another possibility is a return to Jotunheim, as a tie in to Loki’s heritage.

Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) will take over directorial duties from Kenneth Branagh for the sequel, which hits theaters on November 8, 2013

Did the first film leave you wanting to see more of the Thor universe? Does the inclusion of the other nine realms have you excited to see Thor: The Dark World?

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